My philosophy to addiction.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Hank Moody 99, Dec 17, 2018.

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    So here is what I come up to.

    So when someone is addicted there are two sides of the addictions one which for no addiction ,for freedom ,love , and living life normal life other one is about addiction and bad habits , using bad substances,living not productive life ,being anti-social and etc..
    So this sides are fighting against each other every single day . And who will win depend only on you..

    So only way to one of the sides win battle between them is to feed one of them.
    So let's say if you want to you'r freedom side and against addiction you should give love to you'r new life and nourish it with passion about something you like to do and having fun socializing with people and having loving relationship in you'r life.

    But bad one is opposite let's say you don't do nothing productive in you'r life,you only drink alcohol and eat fast foods,play games all day or go on youtube binge ,not talk to anyone , fantasizing about porn (which really makes you relapse ) or going down on you'r self ,getting depressed , self-loath ... This is things which make this side stronger and make us closer to relapse and even having tougher times ..

    So commit to you'r new life and enjoy it and be excited about feeling so free and happy that you are changing you'r life to a better because every day free from porn is closer to winning and killing this dark addiction side of you...
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    Interesting idea. Your description of addiction is the parable of the two wolves. Perhaps you've heard of it. The idea is that each of us has two wolves that fight with one another. One represents oppression, the other freedom. The one that survives is the one you feed. It's a very old idea:
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  3. It reminds mi the rat park, short explanation here:
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    Yeah I heard of it long ago and its very good philosophy..

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