My Pied is killing me... Advice?!

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    Hello NoFap Community,

    i am a 19 year old Guy. I've been addicted to since young Age, Hardcore addicted since i am \~15 years old. It went from fapping once a day, to fapping 3-5 Times a Day. I relapsed a couple of Times on my NoFap Streaks (longest was 14Days) but this Time i'm even more motivated to pull it through, i am ready for it. I have some Worries though about my PIED aswell my Dick Size. During my Porn Addiction i developed many weird fetishes (findom/fendom, foot fetish, shemales, piss, anime/hentai shit) and i literally found pretty Girls IRL not interesting and had 0 sexual attraction, its still the case btw. I know i don't really like all those fetishes IRL, because for example i tried findom/femdom and foot fetish IRL, of course it turned me on a little since porn made me addicted to it, but then i realized i don't really like it and that this is not me. It literally didn't really turn me on as much as when i did it with Porn at Home. While on Porn i love all this weird shit. I wanna get back on Track, date pretty Girls and have normal sex Life. Now, i've read that for some recovering from PIED took "only" 3 Months, for some years. Also i heard it depends on age and how much you used to fap? I really badly wanna rewire and just wondered how long it could/will take?

    How long will it take to get rid of these Fetishes aswell PMO/PIED and does anyone have experiences with having fetishes like that or other weird shit? How was your recovery?

    I am really afraid of it, because i don´t get Morning Wood ( for the last like 3 Years i didn´t have one ) and i can´t get hard when seing hot Girls IRL and i couldn´t get slightly hard when intimitate with a Girl (like my Ex), i barely even got hard when experiencing my Porn Induced Fetishes in Real Life ( Foot Fetish, Femdom, etc.)

    How long could it for me take to get rid of my PIED completely? Especially with having weird fetishes also. I really would love to get rid of it and have Morning Wood again which stays for like an hour or so :/... Is there any Possibility i recover "faster" because of my young age? Also what is your experiences Guys and do you have any Advice for me in order to get my PIED under Control?

    The second Thing that concerns me is my Size. When 16 y/o my dick was \~13cm/5inch long errect and had good thickness and i was totally fine with it! But now after the 3 years its shrimped down to 10/4inch and literally zero thickness. I'm really afraid i ruined my Dick and will never regain my Size. I don't need like 6cm/3inch extra on Nofap, i would be happy to regain my old Size. And if possible of course a little extra, since from Age 15 to 19 there should also be growth (which i fapped to death). Whats your experiences Guys? Also what about the Death Grip that gave my Dick a slight bend to the left?
    I'm overall concerned about PIED/Size, rest is fine because i know i look good and anxiety will get so much better with NoFap etc. I'm just useless when it comes to my Dick...

    And yes! I know size doesn´t matter and stuff, but yet i´d like to regain in Size as i just mentioned. Don´t get me wrong here.

    I hope some will answer to this Post, i'd be very thankful Guys!

    Stay Strong!
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  2. Hi, my friend. I have suffered from the same fetishes 5-6 years and my condition was similar to ED. After 15 days streak(now I am on 26 day) I am having all my morning woods and they become bigger (until this I often had morning wood but not always). So I bravely can say it really helps. I remember when I was on 36 days streak in January. My penis was then almostly completely regained and I had huge orgasm after this, similar to the first time when my penis elevated by an angle of maybe 120 degrees. But yeah, still my penis was really hard attracted to women's body, but my mind was starting to like normal stuff.

    Everything now goes fine. I gained 5 kg (to me is really hard to gain kilos) in 3 months and masochism's mind is almost disappeared (but femdom shit is left, but I try as hard as possible to destroy this).

    I can't offer what you should do, just talk about what helped me.

    To me, it was to limit internet and technology usage (trust me, YT and social media fucks everything in our life, it is so huge addiction that may have an influence on your addictivity level; why you should have this shit?), meditating and taking a cold shower every day(first it will be easier, but then it won't be so bad and you will be really proud of yourself - I was always afraid of coldness), starting to train my body and having just time to sit and staring to window think about my feelings and demons. Try to change your mind, try to be more positive (I know it is really hard, but you must try this!). It is really important to find yourself in silence. It could sound stupid, but if you would really try it probably could help.

    Think about yourself after year, 5 years and 10 years. This shit may destroy you completely if you will give up. You must to refuse this shit. Especially speaking about that feet fetish and femdom. I saw thousands of videos and were really addicted. I felt everything that you felt. I can say it isn't worth while have been abstaining 26 days from this shit.

    GL buddy. You can always write to me. I wish somehow my writing will help you. Move forward!
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    You have to quit this habit for ever. I am being honest, 14 days is nothing... After a couple of months it starts to heal... Get yourself something to do... There s a long way but in the end it pays off. Have in my mind that you have been m for so long, 3-5 times a day is a lot to me, you won t be able to get rid of it soon. You gotta be patient and stick around!
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    Try to Complete 90days no porn , no masturbation ,no orgasm just stick to that , if it's really shrinked that much u may gain some length bro.
    R u frm india.?
  5. Iwantfreedom820

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    No i am not from India, what makes you think that? :D
  6. 1. You won't have morning wood that lasts 1h ever.
    2. Your penis does not shrink from masturbation nor from porn.
    3. You won't get 6cm penis size from nofap. You will get exactly 0cm from nofap.
    4. It is completely normal that penises aren't completely straight and yes they bend sometimes.
    5. Concerning your fetishes : you have to find the emotional root cause for these desires. They are connected to porn addiction but in my case they reside deeper in my psyche.

    Nofap helps you to overcome porn addiction and fetish addiction. Thats what you should look for. Watch the videos in my journal they contain a lot of information.
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  7. Man your size will be back don't worry. And yes your size can shriking because porn and masturbation , because you will have less blood flow. After your reboot your blood flow will be back and so on your size.
  8. Iwantfreedom820

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    What do you mean with 1.? That i´ll never have Morning Wood again?
  9. You can be sure that you have a lot of nocturnal erections (during sleep) if you are healthy. Having morning wood is a good sign of sexual health but you should not overemphasize this.

    You can have sex even if you don't have raging morning boners... Your goal should not be to get 1h morning woods you know... Your goal should be to get over your addiction to porn and femdom...
  10. Man, you're young! There's hope for you to get rid of PIED for good if you start now and cut out all the PMO and freaky fetishes shit (tentacles, etc). I am all for fetishes and encourage you to explore your sexuality with lady friends who also shares the same interests, but for now it is best to stay away from all porn. That is, all sexual stimulation that is not a living, breathing human.

    As for size, it's likely smaller due to reduced blood flow. This is due to desensitization to porn; your brain just doesn't get as aroused as it used to from the same old stimulation (hence, seeking increasingly graphic or shocking fetish content). Of course, it is very common that you weren't able to become aroused with the real life femdom because, at least to your brain, she's not the same to the pixelated femdom you're used to. This will all change once you reboot (no porn, no masturbation, no organism) for a few months.

    The hardest part is keeping up with the discipline. You cannot peek at sexy photos, or read erotic literature, or stimulate yourself sexually. Your body needs the absence of artificial stimulation (porn) to become sensitive to the real thing (human intimacy).

    Start slow, if this is all to much. If you use porn 3x a day, then reduce to 1x a day. Then, go from masturbating 4x a week to only 1x a week. When you're ready to make the full jump to 90 days, you have a whole community of people here who are on the same journey :)
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    Yeah i am doing my Best, currently on Day 11 HardMode. But the total absence of artificial stimulation is hard when surfing on Youtube and Stuff with all those stupid (porn kind of) ads and stuff...
    And also the porn induced foot fetish is hardcore since its summer and all girls are wearing sandals etc. I know i don´t really enjoy the fetish IRL but since my brain is used to loving it on pixels it always gets interested in it IRL when Girls with sandals and bare feet are outside. Its so hard...
  12. ewartie

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    I can so sympathise.
    I started all of this around 9.
    I'm now 25, I have a spandex/ sports gear fetish, have zero interest in sex IRL (and I never did through my entire teenage years)
    I have always been self-conscious of my penis size, both length and girth
    I have never had because I know for a fact I won't perform
    My last relationship ended because I kept making excuses not to have sex.

    I was convinced I was asexual (who knows i might still be) until i found this site.
    I would love a relationship ans family some day but can't see it happening due to my exclusive fetish and performance issues.

    I am on day 4 right now and I will be sure to tell you how it goes!
  13. IWantMyErectionsBack

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    Bro I am literally living the same life you described. I also am sot of worried about my dick size and the Dick's condition is also the same lol. It was 13 cm and now it shrinked to like 11.5cm. I also am 19 and I was also worried if me jacking off too much effected the growth of my dick. Please do tell me also if you seem to recover bro. I'm on my 10th day of nofap, hope it works.
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    yeah, i get fears of that stuff to, its sketch i dont like it, i just hope it passes and stuff as time goes on
  15. drkarim

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    Is there any news?
  16. TantraMan

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    Do you believe that you'll recover from PIED by just waiting?

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