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  1. Captain Rex reporting. Hello all you fapstronauts! Now that the year of 2018 is coming to an end, the year of 2019 is coming just around the corner. I have my plan to share with you guys and gals.

    My plan is to start eating healthier. I'm going to start cutting way back down on sugar. I had way too much of the sweet stuff over the holidays. And even though I'm not overweight, I hate having those sugar hangovers. I hate the feeling of tiredness and guilt after consuming so much sugar. So it's about time I start eating a flexitarian diet.

    So what's a flexitarian? A flexitarian is a person who mostly emphasizes on eating plant-based foods more than meat and other animal products. And typically, a flexitarian would also try to go at least once a week without eating any meat.

    I'm choosing this diet because I can still enjoy eating lean meat like chicken and fish but also reap the benefits of eating lots of fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes, etc. It also makes eating out a lot easier as well. I just feel like I would have a whole lot more freedom over what I eat as opposed to going vegan.

    And keep in mind that I'm not here to start a war over which diet is better. This is not about whether veganism is better than eating meat or not. This is just a lifestyle that I want to live for next year.

    So anyways, do you have a plan for New Years? If so, what are going to do that will make next year better than this year? Got any thoughts? I would like to hear them. Captain Rex, out.
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    Nice to see your 500+ counter :). Congrats and happy new year!
  3. I actually did slip up once recently but I managed to get myself back in the groove so I decided to not reset my counter. If I did, that would only demotivate me, which would lead to me slipping up more and more so I decided to leave the counter the way it is.
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