My Plan to Change My Life (ONCE AND FOR ALL)

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  1. I'm gettin really sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. I have to stop procrastinating, stop introducing emotion. I'll look up cliche motivational videos on youtube everyday if it comes to that. I have to let go and just do it. No more laziness and no more giving up. Starting Monday, I have some ideas of how I'm going to fix myself, once and for all. I'd love feedback or advice from anyone!

    1. Up at 6. Everyday.
    2. Straight to the gym for 1hr workout 5x/week. Combining hard cardio, weights, body weight exercises, and yoga on different days.
    3. Changing diet to high protein, mod fats, and low carbs. Lots of lean meats and veggies. Some fruit.
    4. Walk to pool once per week to swim. After, I can treat myself to hottub, sauna, and steam rooms.
    5. I pretty much walk everywhere, so I was thinking of getting some weights and throwing them in a backpack to walk with.
    6. Practice guitar for atleast half and hour everyday.
    7. iTunes has language learning audio books, so I will look into these and see if some are worth getting. If so, I will use it for half an hour everyday.
    8. I have 2 audio books that I have been neglecting. I should spend a little time each day listening to them.
    9. Chores everyday.
    10. Going to my parents more and walking my dog more.
    11. I was thinking about starting meditation, but I don't know if it's even necessary.
    12. Cold showers at night if I'm struggling.
    13. NoFap everyday. I come here anyways.
    14. No more edging (physically and psychologically)
  2. I need to get out of comfort zone by talking to people more, too.
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    I made a similar plan aswell. I'm gonna try to wake up everyday at the same time too. Luckily my schedule will allow me to wake up at around 9-10, I don't like the idea of waking up as early as 6 during the weekend. I will also go to gym 5 times a week. I'm going to start skiing now too since it's the best time of the year for that. Sauna is an everyday activity, with that I will do something that is similar to cold showers: jumping in the snow naked. I should also get into books, but for a while right now I will have to study so there won't be time for that. I feel the same way about meditation. I'm already in my thoughts a lot, they aren't all positive thoughts but I try to control my mind as much as possible. When I'm done with my studies I will have more time to do other things. That will change my schedule, but for now this is the plan.
  4. Jumping in the snow naked? Probably gives you quite the "rush."
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    Lol you don't even know. Every time I feel the shock, my brain panics for the first second. We have a lot of snow here right now, so I can basically dive into that shit. Before going in the snow, I first sit in the sauna in high temperature which makes it easier to withstand the cold.
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  6. We went camping in high school once and built a sauna with a tarp and by pouring water on hot coals. We stood in there for a few minutes and then sprinted into the lake. It wasn't as cold as snow, but still really intense. It's a really refreshing experience after. Gives you a lot of mental clarity and just an overall good feeling.
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    Seems like good list. Win the morning to win the day my friend, goodluck :)
  8. Agreed. I find it so hard to force myself to get things done, but I don't have to force myself all day. Just once with the gym in the morning and the whole rest of the day is so much easier.
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    Exactly, after 2 months going to the gym it will be a habit wired deep into your brain. This helped me a lot getting started with a new daily schedule; . I listen to is daily, also you might want to check out David Goggings.
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    Glad to see you getting your ducks in an row. Having an routine is key to improvement.
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  11. Hello!, i am following a routine quite some time, already a year or something so i think i can help you a little with that, first of all my everyday routine (all seven days of the week) is waking up at 4.15 , breakfast and workout, those are static, from there to around 12 o'clock i change it every week or so, depending on my mood and the stuff i need to got done. I recommend you tu make yourself a chronogram on Excel and follow it strictly, kind of 4.30 - breakfast , 5.30 - workout, 6.00 literature, and going on whathever you like. The thing is that you make it tangible and well planned, so there is no fluctuation from one day to another. If it is strong and you are motivated you will be able to do it, otherwise you will just drop it in less than a week. Good luck!!
  12. I've actually seen the first one before. I like where he says something like: and even if you have a bad day, you come home to a made bed and a promise that tomorrow may be better.
  13. Anyone else have ideas on how to stay motivated? This is A LOT A to take on all at once and I don't want a repeat of the past where I just give up. Maybe watching youtube videos on the subjects I'm working on? Watching fitness and nutrition videos may help. I need to get some applications and try for a part time job. I'm on welfare right now, but I feel having a job would be really good for me in a lot of different ways. If I do give up, I guess I just have to get back on track, ASAP.
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    تحكم بعقلك وخطط ليومك بالكامل
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  15. نعم فعلا! لا بد لي من اختيار لتغيير حياتي ، مرة واحدة وإلى الأبد!
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    Imo you lack discipline. The thing about motivation is it comes and goes. You're not always gonna feel motivated and that's normal. Some days you will feel super motivated to do something and it's easy to get up and go do it. But discipline is the ability to keep going even when you don't feel motivated. You listed a lot of things you want to try and start doing everyday. That's a lot of stuff and I can see it being overwhelming if you ever lose motivation. I think you can try to do all those things and will be able to do it all while you are motivated, but when you lose that motivation it's all gonna stop. So choose one thing you want to change first and make it a priority. Everything else is just a bonus. So on that days where you lose motivation you can still push yourself to do that one thing instead of giving up on all of it.
  17. positive visualization. you have to envision a goal daily, a reason behind all of your hard work. pick something feasible, but just barely. something that can be in the realm of possibility with a lot of hard work. maybe you really want to end up with a certain kind of job, or a loving partner, or a fulfilling advanced-stage hobby (such as music or craftsmanship). it's a simple concept but there are some guidelines with noting. visualization can be an extremely useful tool and i have seen it work before in my life without knowing what i was doing. it can be accidentally employed in the negative sense, as well. if you spend a lot of free time doodling yourself being hit by cars and suffering stick figure death theatrics, get the idea.

    for what it's worth, i admire your determination. sometimes i wish i could meet guys in person like some of you on the nofap forums. setbacks and all, there is something attractive about a human who doesn't give up on self-improvement and legitimately seeks guidance on that difficult path. i came here for answers and i found much more than insight....... i often find myself inspired in unexpected ways when i come here. i don't see what i suppose one might expect - a lot of guys who liked porn enough to hit rock bottom in life. often, i see the fraction of the male population that has some kind of sensibility and self-awareness which led them to question something that the rest simply don't have the personal accountability to bother with.

    sounds ridiculous, i guess.....but it's a group that would stand above most demographics in a singles matching service, in my opinion. like, successfull CEO singles meetup vs. recovering porn addicts meetup......i pick the latter.
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  18. Hello man, good luck to you and you have a pretty good list. I'd just make some slight tweaks. Rather than listen to audiobooks i recommend you actually read if possible, it's really good for the brain and helps you become sharper. I also recommend you absolutely meditate every day as well as take cold showers every day, not just when you're struggling. Finally I recommend you pick a specific workout routine and stick with it, for example lift three times a week and jog twice, yoga i recommend every morning depending on the intensity of it. Other than that great list.
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