My PMO tracker disappeared

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Namekian23, Oct 31, 2016.

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    I think good humor is essential to a PMO-free lifestyle!
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    Please Suggest Anyone Of Them
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    That's weak.

    I use my blade and tally my skin.


    I actually pluck 1 pube out every day pmo free.

    Jooooke again.
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    Pluck 1 pube!
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  5. What happened to the NoFap counters? One day I log on to the forum and they're gone. I miss being able to track my NoFap progress right on the forum. Are there any other counters available or alternatives to a counter? If possible could we please bring the PMO tracker counters back?
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    Your counter is still there I believe, it's just not possible to see them most of the time.
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    I haven't seen mine in a while now... as well as my gif picture I had in my signature... I don't know what's going on .
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    The counters are provided by a non-affiliated third party. We don't have any control over them disappearing, the developers seem to have dropped support on those.
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    What's interesting is the counter is just an image being displayed here. The image itself displays fine 100% of the time if you visit it directs - it's only when embedded in your signature that it doesn't load half the time.

    As a test to make sure it wasn't at the NoFap forums end, I tried embedding the counter in a html page elsewhere - the counter does show up 90% of the time, but still ~10% of the refreshes it doesn't appear.

    I feel like I've seen this issue elsewhere on another site and the problem was the DDOS protection that the image hosting site used - for some reason some of the requests send to the site simply weren't getting through the protection so when trying to embed the images etc they weren't loading. Not sure if that's the case here or not.

    For now, a temporary workaround so that you can continue using your PMO tracker AND have a tracker displaying in your sig.

    Go to like @Rubidium suggested. Create yourself a tracker. Then copy the code into your signature.. but wait!

    There's another step. When you get your tickerfactory code, at the top will be a section that says:
    Now go to the PMO tracker website - go to the section that says "installation help" and gives you the code for your PMO counter. Copy that into notepad, and you'll notice at the top, there's a similar URL section, that looks like this:

    (the actual link will be different for you - that's the link to my counter)

    So go back to the code from tickerfactory that you pasted into your signature, and replace the
    section with the url for your counter.

    So for example for me it would now look like:


    So what does this all do? Well it basically gives you a new, slightly less cool looking, counter from tickerfactory.. but it also means that when you click on that counter, you visit your old PMO counter.



    Why is this useful? Because PMOtracker tracks days/hours/etc and so is more accurate than tickerfactory. So now you've got the best of both worlds.

    Hope this helps!

    Warning: Currently to do this you will have to remove all links from your signature, because for some reason NoFap forums no longer allow more than 1 link in your signature (including your PMO tracker link) - so if you'd rather keep your journal link(s) then don't do this just yet.

    Alternatively, you can do what I did, which is just add the PMO tracker link to favourites, and add the image from TickerFactory without the link. That way I just have 1 link in my signature (journal) for now while still displaying the counter. It's an annoying workaround and I do hope the staff fix the 1 link thing, but it'll do for now ^^

    NICEDUDE Fapstronaut

    Any updates on the PMO tracker issue??
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    I can see my PMO Tracker in my yourbrainrebalanced signature without logging into that site and while I'm not a member of Reboot Nation I can still see their members' PMO Trackers. So I think the problem may actually be with NoFap and not PMO Tracker.

    I don't know if crazygopher still runs PMO Tracker. It looks like he's deleted both his NoFap and YBR accounts.
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    I agree with you. This issue will perhaps never be resolved. I don't feel like posting anymore here as I cannot track my progress anymore.
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    I use a countdown app on my phone for other purposes, but I recently decided to create on for NoFap and called it "Memes" for discretion. So instead of it counting down, I had it start on March 4th (when I started NoFap), and basically, the countdown continues to count from that point which is really useful! I'm not sure if I can link the app publicly here on the forums, but if you would like to get this app then feel free to PM me here on the forums and I'll be more than happy to link you! This is how it looks on my home screen/lock screen of my iPhone where I mainly glance at my countdowns:


    I know it's not something for the forums, but many of you like to keep something physical to track for when you started, so I feel this is something that can compensate for it. Maybe I can look into a tracker for here on the forums. I started learning Java a couple weeks ago, so who knows where that'll take me!

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