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My poem for all my homies! Love ya maj brothas

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by blunt.ever, Dec 21, 2021.

  1. blunt.ever

    blunt.ever Fapstronaut

    The street is an open front and if you don't see what it happen, you deserve to enjoy sunshine with my gun in your head,
    If I'd give the time back, what woud I do? I don't start of my thug life and heroin
    Drugs are the real problem of our society and the poverty is a prison too, my brother
    Do you understand that? Cause my brother went up when he found out me in kitchen
    I'm very high and POPO is on my feet, the cowards don't give up with me
    And know what? Fuck that girl whom suck my dick in highschool
    She was my slave but now I don't have crave so, you know
    My father says often "When the life gives you lemons, you must to search me right under balls of issues"
    Cause I'm a psycho and don't have mercy of fellows who don't got my back, so fuck off
    Suck my toes and wash your tits caus my feet smells as chees after runing in the place
    When police appears by the corner, are you ready to die? little piece of shit
    Haha what would you do? If I knock off in your front door and I let my trigger go
    Plow! Bye-bye, you feel me? I steal your pants then I make up a courtine for my dad's frog collection
    I call the inchisition, militia is all cops are bastard, remember! brothers and persons, but I sell it yourself with 70 percent
    So where is my part, after all my risk is sustenable? Like a person when a snitch
    Put a target on your head, you have to know that your home is a garbage in flames
    I'm a legend in terror like phosphor, and the pussy which I love it is stinky like the Bosphord.

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