My problem with most black pill/incel men

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by StayClean&Proactive, Mar 9, 2021.

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    Some people won't because it means there are things they have to give up - like multicultural relationships
    ...Which leads to one thing - are terpers devoid of responsibility since they like to post about their meaningless hobbies
    I love women too - which was why I quit as soon as I saw - men join because they feel they have been trod on by feminism - I love to look for a partner, especially in a town where all woman are either married or single moms and I don't find anybody in my age attractive
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    Hey, I'll post cringe.


    OP is right that incels are severly depressed men who talk nonsense. In this state a lot of "bluepill" advice (be yourself, you will surely find someone, just be patient, improve yourself etc.) seems to be a lot bigger bullshit than black pill "truths". Also incels were especially after 2014 made a low hanging fruit boogeyman, which "confirmed" incel belief that society hates and villifies them, now quite a lot of people use incels as a casual slur. To general population the term "incel" have so negative connotations that nobody is really thinking how to prevent it or drag people from this state.

    This is my favourite take on the problem (the term incel isn't used, but it is pretty much about it):
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    I can't see what is wrong with this type of advice.
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    This is generic advice that is ok for people who overally are doing good and for example experienced some messier break up and are in need of cheering. They are rather meant to cheer than to really advice anyone, because they are obvious "go outside" is other example.

    We talk about often severly depressed people, often with a lot of anxiety about their look and attractiveness (most of incels are rather average looking, but they see themselves as hideously ugly), lifetime of failiure, probably social isolation and often no clue what they are doing wrong. This kind of advice can be even frustrating in such situation. They should go to therapy and fix a lot of deeper issues rather than "be themselves" and "go outside".
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