My reboot story: 95 days pmo free to a brighter life :-)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Beamer, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Hi brother :),
    Thank you for your kind words :) You're doing great, i'm sure you already feel the positive effects of rebooting, it will only get better as i experienced it ! :)
    Keep moving forward and stay strong !
  2. NewLifeForGood86

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    Great job Beamer!
    Your post encourages me even more than before to reach those 90 days. I wish you all the best.
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  3. John Msun

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    I do feel those positive effects and when I think of PMO I look at how far I've come without it now that I've even met a lovely lady.:D
  4. Hi brother,
    I'm happy for you that you already are experiencing all the positivity that arises from stopping pmo ! :)
    Good luck with the lady sir ! :) All my best !
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    I ment to write "long" not "wrong" sorry about that
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  6. Jacob William Jr

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    How inspirational! Thank you!
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  7. congrats on reaching 100 days..keep strong
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  8. Hi my friend,
    I actually didn't reach 100 days, i stopped counting on 95 days, and on day 98 i voluntarily tried to do m to see how i would feel compared to before.
    It was not all positive, although i experienced much less cravings and much more willpower to stop. Despite these positive findings, i used p to see the effect it would have on my willpower, and it was not good enough in my opinion, so i decided to start the 365 days challenge pmo free to further reboot (thank you @2525! ).
    I couldn't take the chance to fall back after a while, and i felt it still was a real possibility...
    I'm currently on day 6 of this rebooting year. It is my hope that after this year i will have integrated my changed lifestyle completely in my daily habits and need no more counting, just live day by day pmo free ! :)
    Thank you for reading my story, you're on the verge of 400 days, congratulations ! I hope one day to be there 2 ! :)
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  9. Good luck friend...yah....even the urges got 10 or more times lesser and weaker..they never dissapear compleatly and they will test you from time to time....its your choice that matters
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  10. One Of The Best inspiration Story My Friend. U Wrote Very Well. thnxx for thiss
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  11. Hi my friend :),
    Thank you for your very kind comment ! :)
    I'm glad if my writings can help you even a little bit of moving forward on your journey... Thank you !
    Have a great day Sir ! :)
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  12. Son of Midgaard

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    So, what is your relationship with fapping as of now, are you gonna view it as something in the past and as you say try to stay focused on your personal development? Is'nt there triggers just around the corner?

    I am happy you feel good about yourself I am just saying beware of over-confidence it is maybe one of the most dangeorous things in any recovery process. I agree that counting days should in itself be regarded as part of the early stage (or phase) of recovery yet we still measure ourselves out of the longevity of our reboot, do we not. I mean managing another day free from this porn-bullshit is rewarding itself and I suppose it varies from person to person if you wanna give yourself the validation, I will start doing so more hands-on from now on and see it as part of my recovery and maybe one day I will not find it rewarding or giving anymore to say "hey! I may go through hard times but I still abstain from damaging myself further by adding insult to injury",for instance.

    Hope everyone reading this is doing well in their recovery, I am right now doing well I believe.
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  13. Hi buddy,
    Thank you for reading and for your comments about it, i appreciate it ! :)
    After my 95 days, i deliberately tried doing m and even p to see how well i was cured of pmo, and how it would feel different (if any)...
    It was much less compulsive than at my worst days of pmo, but i wasn't satisfied with the result: i found i was still too much "being controlled" by it, rather than i controlled it i.e. to stop exactly when i wanted to (My journal has more details).

    So, i started the 1 years challenge (pmo free), and i relapsed after 12 days (last sunday).
    I decided 1 year at once was mentally to challenging for me, and now i'm at the 7,14,21,... days challenges to reach at least 110 days pmo free. I will probably continue with the 90 days challenge
    and so on to reach eventually 1 year, which i consider a reboot time sufficient enough to count as a"clean reboot".
    After that, i will evaluate again my progress.

    Whatever happens, i know i will not return to my pmo days, i'm done with that!

    Have a good day my buddy ! All my best for your reboot ! :)
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  14. Son of Midgaard

    Son of Midgaard Fapstronaut

    Good to hear you. Thanks for sharing! I think it is very reassuring to many, at least for me, to hear it is not a "quick fix" but as it says in the "three most common mistakes" thread there; a new, improved lifestyle we have to seek. And when found never "attempt" to go back to an lifestyle that we all know has been the cause, or one of many causes, to us being less then we are and becoming destructive and emotionally scared.
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  15. Kinkster2016

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    So im a new guy on this site but an old addict that is trying to get over his unhealty desires.I've been reading a lot of post arround and i have some questions. If someone who passed this can answer i will be forever grateful .
    1. How do you now if you need 30 or 60 or 90 days before rebooting is over ?
    2. What are the changes i should be aware in this time ?
    3. It's not the first time i tryied giving up on PMO ,but after just a few days my urges are gone,my libido is -100 and Jr. feels really limp ,like he is not there,thing that scares me .I love looking at girls but i dont feel that urge anymore.The question is,is that a normal thing in this process?
    4. Can you date in this period of time ? And if yes ,can you have sex without beeing afraid you re gonna have another embarassing episode ?
    5. What happens after you reach the goal you proposed ?
    6. How do your body reacts to sexual intercourse after lets say,90 day without ejaculation.i mean,i dont think im gonna last more than 10 seconds.How do you manage that without getting things more awkward than they already are ?

    Thanks everyone for beeing so suportive and keep up the good work guys .
  16. @Kinkster2016 : Hi buddy,
    1. You can found lots of info about rebooting and realted issues here:
    Your brain changes if you are a severe pmo addict. To undo this changes takes time: around 40 days a certain proteïn (DeltaFosB) is less present in your reward center of the brain. After this gets less, the neural p-related pathways also "go to sleep" and diminish in number.
    So for a proper reboot the minimum is at least about 90 days. If there is PIED or DE playing, it can take up to 2 years to completely recover... I noticed after some 95 days i was much better, but i decied to do another reboot of some 110 days to be sure to not fll back to pmo. Afte r90 days, you feel a lot better, but were talking a nasty addiction here, so better somewhat longer than shorter imo.

    2. See the website for a detailed overview of possibilities. Not every one experiences every withdrawal symptom ofcourse.

    3. This is called a "flatline", the absence of any sexual desire, and even shrinking of the genitals , yes. It's a common withdrawal syndrom. Don't worry, it will all be ok after your reboot.

    4. Better to abstain completely . If you have just sex, don't use p or do m if you can, just sex and the orgasm. The fact that you will be able to have an erection depends on your situation. If you are in a flatline, chances are real you will not be able to get an erection.

    5. That is your decision. Some people return to m without p. Some just go for a relation with someone and never do m again,... It's your choice.
    Important thing is: if you just start over with p and m the way you did before, your reboot will be undone very soon and you will fall back to where you were.
    The brain p-trelated pathways never disappear completely, the are just dorment.
    If you trigger them again with high speed p movies, they will come back.
    So better is not to use p ever again. Most people don't return to p after their reboot.

    6. The first time you will have a quick o. possibly yes.
    After that, things are pretty normal again like before your reboot, except you will possibly have better and longlasting erections during sex with a partner.
  17. This is a very inspirational and helpful story @Beamer - thanks you for taking the time to share it with us all, really. Peace
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  18. Hi brother :),
    Thank you for your kind comments, i'm happy if it could help even just a little to add to your progress ! :)
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  19. It has already :cool:
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  20. Inspiring. Yes we are better humans with sobriety. PMO was ruining me. I am so much happier and more productive without it.
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