My reboot story and how i plan to tackle it.

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    I had a goal of not fapping for 90 days.

    • I used to read forums everday.
    • I slowly reduced the time spent on reading forums.
    • At some point of time. I stopped reading.

    • I was having huge urges after 60 days. My mind was thinking about sex all time.
    • I started reading sex stories, started listening erotic sounds & started watching cams.
    • The sweet lie I told to myself that I am not watching porn, but actually i was consuming media similar to porn.
    • I signed up for adult websites, thinking that I could get a hook up date. LOL. My realistic mind was not working at that time.
    Things went out of hand.

    • I started consuming media more and more which were similar to porn and slowly reduced reading forums.

    One fine day I relapsed at 82 day.

    • I was not feeling ashamed, as I thought i could start over and re achieve the 90days nofap.
    I started the resolution again.

    • Habit of reading sex stories was still nested in mind.
    • I completely left reading nofap forum.

    I thought i could handle.

    The bad worm nested in mind, grew larger and affected the whole brain.

    So i relapsed again after 21 days,

    I felt ashamed , I felt there is a huge drop in self respect, confidence and zeal to live.

    I am starting fresh from today. WISH ME LUCK.

    My suggestion is to never stop reading forums.

    Read everyday, keep aside 10 mins of your day to read success stories, help nofap members, congratulate nofap members who have succeeded.

    Keep the good vibes flowing in you everyday and help yourself and others to achieve.
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