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    Greetings, I am a male aged 20 and I've struggled with pmo for 6 years now. I have tried to overcome pmo many times but I have failed as many as 40 times and as time has gone by, I've seen my streak length improve but now it's time to go further than that. I'm currently on my 9th day abstaining from pmo and I thought it would be good idea to improve certain aspects of my life, so I gave myself some time to think about whether this is something I really want or not and this was to avoid not taking the whole idea seriously. I'm still giving the idea thought but the most important thing was starting, I'll update this thread when I find a way of presenting my self improvement activities.
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    For 7 days, I will commit to the following things and see what works, what doesn't , what I'd like to continue the rest of my journey and what adjustments I'd like to make.

    Reasons For Seeking Self Improvement

    1. My Christian life took a steady nosedive as my pmo addiction grew and now I'm looking to re-establish a relationship with God. I'll keep my progress in this area to myself, the main focus of this journal will be the second reason

    2. Mental sharpness. I've struggled with mind fog for a long time and I'm a 100% sure that it's pmo related and as the days go by it will lift but I don't want to stop there, I want to experiment with popular trends regarding the brain and see if they will improve my focus during study sessions.

    3 Curiosity. I've never ever experienced my full potential and what I mean by this is ever since age 14/15 to 20, I've been battling pmo and losing badly, at that 14, I was still a solid A student, not the best but I certainly pushed and tried as I was often in the top 4 of my class now I wonder what would happen if I quit pmo? I could rebuild my life and achieve my dreams. Spiritually pmo has also nullified my effectiveness as I have often felt like I could not preach the gospel while battling this because it would be hipocrasy. In short, I want to see what I'm capable of

    Self Improvement Activities [7 Day Experiment]

    Meditation: I'd like to meditate at least once a day, focus meditation using the simple habit app.

    Dieting: Nothing over the top, just 8 cups of water a day as well as a particular food product which is high in omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and carbs etc (not a nootropic but simply a cereal like product made with the intention of improving your brain by supplying it with the nutrients it needs). For now, I'll only consume those two for financial reasons but from time to time I'll add different foods like bananas, fish, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, green vegetables etc. I can not try a ketogenic diet because I feel it is too demanding and financially challenging so I'll stick to this simple diet and hope it produces results.

    Brain Games: I'm not so sure how effective they are but it's worth checking out.

    Light Exercise: A couple of push ups per day using an exercise app. 1 hour will a day will be devoted to meditation, exercise and brain games.

    Getting Rid Of Other Addictions
    I sold my ps4 to get rid of my gaming addiction and focus on rebuilding my life. I recently noticed that I also have a YouTube and mild social media addiction, I'll avoid using those apps unecessarily and only when I need them. In my opinion, it would be pointless to go through nofap only to be addicted to something else which still consumes the same time as pmo.

    If the activities are too many and become overwhelming, I'll cut some that aren't relevant.
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    Nofap Day: 10
    Self Improvement: Day 1
    I managed to do everything I said I would but I don't feel any different. As time goes by, I'm sure I'll begin to see the benefits.
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