My Shoulder feels like its broken.... Help!

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  1. I ended my 67 day streak on Tuesday.
    Its sunday and I cant stop. I have fapped at least 2 times a day and 16 times in total . :(
    I fapped 5 times today .
    I did 60 pull ups yesterday after fapping twice.
    I did 100 squats , 100 push ups , 35 pullups the day before yesterday (after fapping twice or thrice maybe) . During this workout after fapping , my hand muscles felt like they were numb beyond control. Even my chest muscles felt really numb. (the kind of numbness you feel if you have slept on your hand for 10 hours). I usually do 100 push ups, pull ups, squats 5-6 days a week. I dont feel a thing then.
    Today , after I finished it the 5th time at noon , (first was in the morning at 5 am) , I couldnt move my right hand. Even when I was trying to sleep , the hand hurt like it was being torn from my shoulder. The joint was making crack sounds , at least I felt like it was making cracks.
    After struggling to sleep for some time , I fell asleep. When I woke up 4 hours later , the hand was fine again.
    Last year , I fapped 4 times and then did 150 push ups. After that , I went for the pull ups . After doing 40 pull ups in total , in my fourth set I collapsed on the ground being uncoinscious after just 12 reps!! And I didnt even realize what happened . I woke up 10-15 mins later only to find out i am on the ground like -Splat!
    I have done 100 days streak , 50 days streak , 60 days , 40 days ; I mean I have tried and passed many streaks.
    But this time , Its different. How do I stop? Usually I fap 8-10 times in two days or so , and then be done with it. Move on to another streak challenge. For me , nofap is like a game . I go on streaks to make new high scores.
    But How do I stop this time??? I have done it 5 times today and still I am getting boners now and then. I could still do it 3-4 times more. :(
    Now , to summerize -
    1) How do I stop?
    2) Whats with this pain in my shoulder?
    3) Is it normal to get unconscious during workout after nofap?
    Please help me guys.
  2. anewversion

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    Education. Education. Education.

    Read and listen to things about Nofap, semen retention etc...

    Stop doing insane workouts also.

    Train with some intelligence.
  3. Thanks for the advice.
    I do push ups , pull ups since 2014. I never felt pain like this. Ever. I have even done 150 pull ups a day. I am trying to reach 200 soon. But , why the sudden pain? :/ Have I done some damage to my shoulder by fapping too much?
  4. ProtestPMO

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    Maybe you're pushing yourself too hard, your body might need some time to recover. As for the PMO, you gotta stop that brother. Good luck
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  5. WasZeusWrong?

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    Hi, Uchiha. I've also had some significant physical pain from fapping. It's almost like what they call a repetitive-stress injury. Then, when we combine that with exercise, we're likely to have the problems you describe. I went 60 days with nofap, and major problems with my legs went away. While I think exercise is important and worth maintaining, I get the idea that maybe it arouses you, gets your heart going and also your hormones (sometimes it's that way for me, too). Have you found some other kinds of activities that make you less rather than more aroused? Sounds as though you're a guy with a lot of energy and vitality and maybe you just need to find better (and less injurious!) ways of channeling that energy.
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  6. I read books , watch a whole lot of youtube , study economics (or at least try to) , play games like dumb faggot (10 hours ) . I dont play games regularly. But just like fapping , when I do it , I do it like insane.
    So , I guess these things channel energy too....
    (Actually , I dont understand what channeling means)
  7. any one else care to reply plz? Any advice ???
  8. You're pushing your body beyond limits, real life isn't anime mate, where we can workout like Goku, One punch man etc.. Give body time to heal & rest as well.. Go see a doctor to understand whats wrong, the doctor will advise you further.. Stay safe & take care!! Channelize your energy wisely, anything in excess is bad be it fapping, gaming or even exercise..
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  9. The pain is gone (for now). But it sure does come back often. I will see a doc soon. Thanks
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  10. A new day

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    You sound like you have compulsive issues. Maybe look into OCD treatments? I’m no expert but what you describe seems over the top in so many areas. Like you aren’t able to moderate your activity.
  11. I do not understand whats that. But I do some things at extreme or dont do them at all :3 (sometimes in moderation)
  12. A new day

    A new day Fapstronaut

    Obsessive and compulsive. Meaning you struggle to do something moderately. Some people obsessively wash their hands, for example, to the point that they damage their skin.
  13. no I dont do things like that. In case of exercising , I just like to set up new records or reach new levels .....
  14. I understand it's tough to stop. In my experience you pmo until you are so sick and tired physically and emotionally from pmo that it's easy to stop. Or you stop now and endure the momentary pain and urge. The second option is harder but better for you. The first option is hard because you are going to waste time and have little energy. I just relapsed too. It's got to be worth it to you to stop and you have to make hard decision and definitive goals and figure out what is triggering you to relapse
  15. Well , I suddenly stopped a few days ago and its fine now (for now)
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  16. Update - I have lowered down my work out routine . But It looks like I have decreased it a bit too much. I work out 4-5 days a week now. Dont do a 100 of all every day. BUT , I feel weak :(
  17. Update - I have stopped working out totally. -_- Man , I aint gonna try this moderation thing ever again. Its just called being lazy with excuses. I will return to my routine today at 10 (its 4am here now)

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