My sister took me to court

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  1. Sorry, but I'm calling major bullshit on this entire thread. I dont buy for one second that your sister and both of your parents would agree to such a thing because you yelled at someone. My guess is either that you aren't telling us a lot, or maybe you just dont even understand it yourself, but theres more to this story. I would bet the farm on that.
  2. Think I may have to agree... there's irrational and then there's the characters in this story.
  3. So... it had absolutely nothing to do with yelling at someone at a funeral, then. You explicitly broke their rules and they told you if you did that you would be kicked out, and you did, so they kicked you out. Seems very reasonable to me.

    The fact that you just casually mention "oh yeah, and also I had a gun in the house when they told me not to," says a lot. You also said...

    Seems like the gun thing is a pretty dang important detail to leave out. There must be a reason your parents didnt want you to have a gun, and given the 2nd amendment is a thing, there would have to be a pretty dang significant reason for the courts to decide that you aren't allowed to have a gun. So no, I dont believe that the reason your sister feels unsafe with you is because you yelled at somebody once.
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  4. Did you have a gun at the wedding?
  5. And yeah I agree. I feel like your sister is irrational. She MUST know that you wouldnt hurt her. And that you could get 10 fucking years. If I was the judge I would have her do community service for such idiocy against a family member. C'mon, you have arguments and fights with family but no wars. Sparring allowed, but nothing serious inside the cartel.

    My best advice is, remind yourself of the 10 year sentence and just mind to your business. Get a good job and enjoy your life in peace :)
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  6. Doesnt that tell you that perhaps hes leaving out important information? I mean I know judges make bad calls sometimes, but that would have to be one seriously degenerate judge to make that call with zero evidence. So... it's unlikely to me that that's what happened. Judges are generally trained better than that and have very high levels of education on the law. We probably dont have all the facts, here.
  7. I still feel like shes over reacting. She knows dude can get 10 years. I don't care man, 10 years is absurd.
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  8. How do you know shes overreacting when you dont have the details of the situation? We have absolutely no idea what actually happened.

    Your instinct to hearing the possible 10 year sentence if the protection order is violated is to think "wow, that girl must be insane to have done that to her brother!" My instinct to hearing that is to think "wow, that guy must have had to do something pretty dang terrible for his sister to feel the need to take him to court for that, and for his parents AND a judge to agree with her and to issue such a harsh sentence." Sorry, but I'm taking the word of the four other people (more, if you include prosecutors or police officers or whoever else may have been involved) in this scenario, not the OP.
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  9. I'm just saying, what can you do at a funeral that deserves you 10 years in prison!? there isn't really anything he could have done. You see mr Goo is open to talk here. I'm sure hes open to talk in family as well. If you make a mess at the funeral you talk it in the family. Unless of course he did criminal stuff at the funeral. Like the gun out and ... he did mention his mum don't wanna start an argument but doesn't the mom know he could get 10 years? Unless of course his mom is an italian gangster and don't care, lol.

    So if he had no gun at the wedding. Then seriously theres nothing he could have done to deserve, getting or risking not much difference, 10 years.
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    After reading this post, it seems to me that the OP is either in a state of denial or a state of psychosis. Im pretty sure he was in the wrong and can’t admit/accept it. Either way, IMO, he comes across as unstable and his sister did the right thing. So did the judge. Unstable people should not be allowed to have guns. And if she felt unsafe, she was right to protect herself from him. I’m proud of her for doing the right thing. As for the OP’s claims that his friends agree with him about his sister being wrong, I wonder how many of his friends are actually just frightened of disagreeing with him; knowing how dangerous he is.
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  11. Why the hell are you throwing words like "unstable" around? How do you substantiate your claim?
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  12. Dude, it's not about the funeral.

    I honestly can't believe what I'm reading right now that you actually think his sister got a protective order against him for something he did once at one event. Lol that's absurd... its obviously a much bigger, long-standing issue that they've been dealing with over time. Nobody takes someone to court (and wins their case!) because of something so small. Theres just flat out no way that would happen. A judge would NOT grant such a harsh sentence over nothing.

    Ask yourself what is more likely: a judge granting a man the risk of 10 years in prison because he yelled at someone at a funeral, or a man lying to strangers on the internet to try to stir something up or garner attention or vent about his sister because hes pissed? It's just common sense.
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    @LiquidShoes - You’re right. I don’t know for certain. All I know is what I read in this thread: which led me to my opinion of the OP. So I edited my post accordingly to be clear that it is my opinion, which is what was asked of

    As for substantiating my opinion; it’s all in the thread. Starts off as “I won’t share the details” then, “I yelled at some one random at a funeral while drinking” then “oh yeah, there were those few times my family found my gun(s) in their home, even after they made it clear it was against the house rules and they felt unsafe with me having them”. [all these quotes are paraphrased]

    And the fact that courts don’t just throw protective orders around for nothing; and the fact that the OP has been to prison before; and the fact that slowly, he shares more details surrounding the situation and reasoning behind the protective order rather than having shared the full story from the beginning.

    [Actual quote from the OP]: “I'm secretly a very evil person. I don't follow the law at all. I won't pretend like I want to change because I don't. Basically I'm involved with some shit that involves some shit you see on the sopranos. I live good when I'm making money but when I'm broke I'm a joke. The life I live is very high risk and I honestly only am still around because I am so cautious or I would have been caught by now. I got the police potential investigating me for some shit.”

    @LiquidShoes, I suggest you read the entire thread. If you already have, and you still think this is a stable person, I question your own judgement; which is no surprise - you’re young, and have much to learn about life. And that’s okay.

    The OP stated very clearly that he “doesn’t follow the law at all”. This guy is either involved in gangs/organized crime, or believes himself to be a gangster. Either way, anyone in his life that feels the need to have court approved protection should be entitled to it and he needs to deal with the consequences of his actions. Rather than trying to gain support/encouragement from random people on the internet who only get to hear the details that he feels are important to share; while leaving out the parts of the story that obviously led a judge to agree with his sister.
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  14. Well he did say the police follow the word of the lady vs the man. Hes also black. So, this is happening in America. And its female vs man. black male always looked down upon there and males always looked down upon in just about all countries.

    He said hes into stuff. That stuff doesnt affect his family. Also his guns hobby...lets not prejudge. I like swords. I like to study anatomy, or see it live on corpses and animals. Lets not associate gun hobby to violence. Knives are way more violent by nature of their physical contant.

    I think OP should answer did he have a gun at the wedding? Because he did "scream". If he showed gun too, at a wedding, among family, its no wonder his family got worried. Only bodyguards bring weapons to weddings. Its family not sparring friends.

    Also, I think he mentioned alcohol? If he was drunk, did he say things like i will kill you all?

    Just the obvious facts.
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  15. Bro, that is irrelevant. And he already suggested he never showed gun violence to his family. Unless otherwise. But having weapon only is totally irrelevant. Just like martial artists own swords for sword qi-qong. Or machetes to cut weeds in the nearby jungle or garden.
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    Ok I've read everything you guys said including what @Castielle said.

    Look, I was a messed up person back in the day including when I wrote what I said about being evil, I really WAS evil back then but I've since become spiritual and better.
    Also I don't think of you guys as random strangers because we are all fighting this pornography addiction together so I view you guys as friends. We support each other right?

    Now to answer someone's question about if I brought a gun at my grandma's funeral the answers is - HELL NO.
    Was I drunk? No, I was ordering a Sprite.

    @Castielle yea you're right it is bigger than just me yelling, I said we had a fight about 4 years ago when, it went like this: I was rebooting back then and I had anti-anxiety medication which my mom said should be given put by my sister so I don't 'abuse' it. Long story short I wanted some and she wouldn't give me any so I pulled a knife on her. It was a weird situation but I felt in the wrong and as a result our relationship was strained.

    Someone else said that my family and friends may be scared of disagreeing with me. I never thought of that. I guess I may come across as scary to many. So, perhaps there may be some validity to that claim. BUT, STILL!!!

    The point is my sister took me to court like a month or more after I was already kicked out the house!!! I was living miles away from her, and was no threat because when I got kicked out the house my folks (illegally technically) confiscated my gun in my room, they wouldn't let me in the house so I left. So she did this out of spite.

    I'm starting off my life, I also quit x-a-n-a-x, I am graudating from school, I have become spiritual, I have changed alot for the better. Maybe she doesn't see that but no matter fucking what you DON'T take family to court, EVER! If you've never know the hell of jail then you have no idea how bad I truly is inside a cell.
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    So I know I have issues, but it is NEVER OK TO SEND PEOPLE TO JAIL.

    They wanna kick me out the house? Fine! It's there house! I have ZERO issues with that.

    My sister wants to put me in jail? What the fuck? That's some sadist shit right there.
  18. Here comes some of that missing info. Pulled a knife on your sister... Wow. Your lucky your family didn't kick you to the curb then. Good luck with your life. Therapist or psychiatrist is my recommendation. Not NoFap. I don't think there's is much this community can do for you. Good luck.
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    I'm going to say i believe you but i don't have any clue about what happened, so this is just fictionnal advice.
    You don't need to go back to your parents. Best thing to do at this point in life is to move ahead in your life, accomplish meaningful things, get a good situation, and when you will look back you will just see a bunch of nobody who will probably be jealous of your success. Get a career or something and move on. Familly is for childhood.

    Edit: after reading all posts it seems you are in denial and hidding lots of shits... Advice is still valid though. However don't take offense but if you are involved in gettho/ Black hip hop / gangster culture, you should definitively move away from all that crap once and for all otherwise you are not even worth of my advices.
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  20. Dont think he needs it. I can totally emphasize with family overreacting. He just pulled he was never gonna do something. Still theyre being irrational over it. It hallened long time ago. Man was stressed.

    Im not a therapist but I do not think he would be the kind to actually harm his family. But his family surely would be okay with him in prison for a decade. I mean, hes in his 20s. Fixing/starting his life. Whatever you do never let a man miss first 3 decades of life. Those are the ones where humans build themselves. Sending him to prison for a damn decade will not correct anything that needs fixing. It will only actually make him need fixing being there!! And his family will never get their fix.

    Regardless my advice for Goo. Your personality and character. It needs to feed these people compassion and light because their glasses only show darkness in you. This will have to a loong and slow process of rebuilding that basic trust where youre sacrificing yourself and swallowing up the hardships. Just stay away from them, clearly your presence makes them uneasy. And over the years let that build again eaasily. I think you can still communicate online? Just keep nice conversations going in the meantime. Even if just the happy birthday and new year.

    YOU gotta be the adult here. Not anyone else.

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