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  1. Hi Guys,

    I hope I am posting this in the right place, I wanted to reach out to the NoFap community as I really want to rid porn from my life. I thought I should introduce myself :)

    I'm a 34 year old gay guy and I was in a long term relationship for the last 5 and half years.. Through out the entire relationship I also masturbated to porn on a very regular basis- I was also plagued with Erectile Dysfunction for the entire relationship. I combated this with the use of medication and even Psycho-sexual counselling- It got to the point that I was almost willing a "physical reason" upon myself just so I could understand why this was happening- Physically I am fine however.

    I became aware of NoFapp a few years ago and toyed with the idea on and off- last year I tried to stop and lasted for about 6 weeks and I did notice and improvement in sexual function! However I relapsed and just continued to try and fluke my way through the problem- so I could continue to indulge in porn.

    Anyway, about 6 weeks ago me and my boyfriend broke up- the sexual problems were apart of that- it was amicable and it seems this may just be a "temporary space" if it is great and if not- I will meet someone else one day and I want to be free of porn addiction and I hope this will help my problems with Erectile Dysfunction.

    I stopped Masturbating 2 weeks ago as of tomorrow (Monday 9th October) I'm really struggling just now- today and yesterday I allowed myself to look at sexy images while I was on Twitter- not all pornographic but certainly sexual- I didn't masturbate or orgasm but I feel bad for even looking...

    Do you guys consider just seeing a sexy image as a kind of relapse? Is it better to Masturbate alone without porn to relieve the stress and remove the risk of relapsing with porn- or should I just keep going?

    I really appreciate any advice :)
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  2. Jimmy5555

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    Keep going..

    It's not helpful to look for sexy images as this can escalate very quickly and also feed into the same thoughts and feelings you have with porn.

    I would view it as a minor slip up and a warning sign.

    I know you're struggling now but it does get easier.
  3. SanityOverVanity

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    it's a struggle but knowing your triggers and weakpoints is a start.

    For one, being on social media isn't always a good idea. You'll have to consider some sacrifices.

    For me, I got rid of any and everything I felt could lead to relapse, including all social media.

    Best of luck
  4. Gotham Outlaw

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    There's no way to avoid seeing sexy pics because they're all over. I think masturbating without porn is okay for most people. I would advise that you should hold out on masturbating for as long as possible, though. The reason being that I felt like it was a better experience with porn out of my system. I made it to 70 days before masturbating. We will reclaim ourselves with fire and blood.
  5. Thank you :) I appreciate the advice- I appreciate it! I agree and I think it's best I totally abstain for as long as possible also! Fire and Blood indeed ;)
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