My speech to a woman who does not wear modestly

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    I know lots of guys who like to use every opportunity they can to roam around without their shirt on.
    On the same note, I have yet to meet a guy who hasn't *at least once* tried wearing a shirt just 1 size smaller than their own just to appear a bit more buff (before you raise you hand and say you're one, I'll tell you that I'm not at all surprised.)
    Heck- i love showing off and having that occassional girl give me the looks. It's conditioning. So it stands to reason we let the other gender have their liberty as well.

    People can wear whatever the hell they like (or lack thereof) and if you have a problem with that, don't leave the house buddy.
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    Can a guy wear tux in a gym?
    cloths in swimming pool?
    Jeans while running?
    What will you wear for sun bath?
    The same way girls can't. They are actually wearing more than we do. So you should say this to boys more than girls!
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  4. Interesting thread.
    I keep wondering, in the perspective of the OP....
    Should men stop doing, showing what women find sexually attractive
    What would those traits be?
    Help from women to list those traits?
  5. Like some women find men in powerful positions sexually attractive right?
    So all men should be banned from high ranking jobs, give the jobs to women, as men don’t find women in high ranking jobs sexually attractive, well some prob do

    Ahhhhh my brains hurting
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  6. I do love The Book of Matthew, and I can go on for a while about it.

    And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?
  7. Some women I know find deep voices attractive
    All men with deep voices are now legally made to carry helium balloons incase they are asked questions by a female on the street

    Her; “can you tell me the way to the railway station?”
    Him; takes out ballon, inhales.......
    Him; (in squeaky high pitched voice) “that way mam”

    The world is now a fraction safer, thank the lord
  8. One thing I like about Christianity in general vs Islam is that it brings personal responsibility into the equation. In Islam women have to take responsibility, as if men are unable to control themselves, and women have to do things for the benefit of men.
  9. We do like flannel or tartan in Seattle. I find any woman in flannel to be attractive, and my flannel looks fly, should flannel be banned?
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  10. And who makes the standards. How short can a dress be? Or my shorts.

    When I was in Australia I found that is was acceptable to be in public in short shorts, literally 1/2 way down my quads. Here in the states, you wear them above/below the knees. Or am I required to wear pants because a woman can be turned on by my gastrocnemius?
  11. Which hairstyles?

    Asking for a friend
  12. Maybe all men should wear darth Vader suits but with a high pitch on their vocal thingy, that way women can’t be triggered
    Unless some women Find that darth suit a trigger (daddy issues, like Leah)
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  13. I think maybe women and men should be banned
    They are both way to sexy as species
  14. I got it!!!

    Everyone wears onesies and sunglasses

    And all the people with furry fetish we kill (solidarity of Christianity and Islam at same time whilst killing furry fetish people, thus solving world peace)

    Thank you and goodnight, my work here on Earth is done
  15. I disagree with the last half of this, but that first part is spot on. Men have no idea what it's like to shop for clothes as a woman. Its next to impossible to find any gym clothes that are both comfortable and not skin tight.

    I've talked about this before. It's definitely not impossible to be modest as a woman, but it is SO MUCH EASIER to not be. And I would really love to put all the men making posts like this into women's shoes for a day, and see if they would honestly try so hard to dress modestly every day once they realize how much easier it is to not do that. If I want to find gym clothes that are modest, or heaven forbid a swim suit, I might have to go to 5 different stores and then end up having to buy something online. If a guy wants to find gym clothes that are modest, or a swimsuit, you can probably spend ten minutes in one place and find what you need.

    There are so many factors to people not dressing modestly, so to jump straight to assuming the worst about a person is just crap.

    Also, you have to consider body types as well, because it's a lot easier for some people to dress modestly than others. I was pretty flat chested growing up, compared to my sister, and I could find clothes pretty easily, while she literally ended up crying every time she had to go clothes shopping because everything that wasnt a loose sack of a t shirt made her look too sexy. And we also had a lot if judgemental moms of young men in our church who would complain whenever she or anyone else wore something even slightly revealing, so that made it 10 times harder for her.

    Another thing to consider is the fact that men can lust over literally anything. The other day, I got hit on more obviously and blatantly than I ever have in my life. What was I wearing? Baggy sweat pants and an oversized sweater, with basically no makeup and the hood covering all my hair. So yeah. Dressing is hard enough for women without men assuming we're all terrible people if what we are wearing doesn't meet their own personal moral standards.
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  16. As long as its Vader and not Kylo Ren, because then I would have some major problems.
  17. Also, women have more to cover up. I mean even if a man was walking around shirtless, that might trigger some women, but for the most part it probably wont matter that much. Obviously that would not fly for a woman.

    Most mens clothes are just already made to be pretty modest. You would have to actually try to be immodest, like by wearing something two sizes too small so its extra tight, which would probably even be less comfortable and more difficult to do.

    For women, its the opposite. Nearly everything is designed to be immodest, at least by somebody's standard. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the fashion industry and the porn industry for creating this standard. Sure, women can absolutely ignore that standard and dress modestly anyway, but it's harder than you might understand, because you dont know what it's like to have that problem. And I'm not saying that to be rude or say screw men or anything like that, it's just a statement of fact. Every single average outfit you would see in a magazine or on a mannequin of mens clothes are probably going to be modest. For women it's almost the exact opposite.
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    Really KennyKenny? So good they named him twice! :D

    Why is a belly button sexually arousing and, therefore, shouldn't be exposed? :eek: :confused:
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  19. This is another problem. Everybody has different expectations of what they consider immodest. So to declare that someone doesnt care about modesty because they arent meeting your standards is dumb. Maybe they do care about modesty, but their standards are a little different than yours.

    In general, the main conclusion to all of this is just to not judge people because you dont know their heart.
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    If a woman knowingly or unknowingly uses her sexuality and appearance to manipulatively control a man/men, then that will have repercussions in her life. She will attract superficial men, and when she gets older that loss of power will be painful. Not every woman who shows here body is this way inclined of course, but many women do. I don't advocate laws or edicts for women to cover up because it triggers men, but there does need to be more public discussion about the role of female sexuality in society.

    Male abuse of power in the world is overt so is currently being challenged in the #meet too and #times up movement, and to an extent, the NoFap as a response to undeniable rise of the porn industry.

    Female power is a lot more covert, and so is clouded with misinterpretation, and difficult to discuss publicly. No excuse not to attempt to though.
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