My story and my two cents after two months

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    Hi guys,

    I am 24 and I think I have a little odd history but I decided to try nofap after I got separated with my ex, but more interestingly when I decided to fully focus on her and stop porn or masturbation in our relationship problem started to appear like low libido, no desire for woman and things like that the interesting thing is it happened 5-6 month after we were together in the meanwhile everything was fine and I had a huge sexual appetite but then one night I was having a naked girl and could not lift (made a doctor appointment check my testosterone and everything and it was very high even checked prolactin and again ok, so I accepted everything is fine with me on a hormonal and health level) it so I decide to do a hard reset but as most of you I relapsed to masturbation and from December I decided that I will do no PMO without any relapse , it has been two months already and morning wood is not something I see everyday and sometimes sexual throughout bring me a erection and fully devour my mind but I just try to ignore them I had one wet dream after the first month and most probably another is coming because I assume wet dreams once a month is required so my body clear its fluids.

    I sport and take some supplements to support the process like vitamin d and multivitamins.

    I wonder how do you know a flatline is gone because I currently feel I can live a life without thinking about sex at all, do you ever masturbate after the hard reset ? If not how is then libido expected to comeback would'n testosterone levels dropped if abstaining more than 90days without any masturbation (for example thinking about naked woman ?), but then again before I was watching normal porn, but most of the time hentai and I've been doing that for years so I am not impressed I have to wait and just leave it be but i was interested what is your experience guys even the one that passed the 90days milestone.

    Its interesting because I thought that having a woman next to you when you make a regular sex should help heal and align with the sex and everything but for me real sex was the one that introduced me to PIED or ED.

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