My story, Important message to all wankers that want to quit !

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by VilliAmi, Jan 15, 2018.

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    If youve been jerking off for porn for a long time, I really want you to read this.
    I dont know about all the studies and advices and success stories thats out there, but I can guarantee you that less you jerk off, more you will get out of life. It doesnt matter who you are, or how deep youve been into that shit, it will help you get better life quality, unless your goal is to be pathetic porn junkie.

    Less the better, and being without pmo is the best ! It will also lead to a bf/gf much more easier, because you have less anxiety and more confidence and energy.

    What I have gained from reboot ?

    - More energy in sports and life
    - Much more confidence with girls, altought this takes some time
    - More awareness, put it simply, much more action going on in my life
    - Less anxiety; More friends
    - Better looks

    I also want to add what exactly is a wanker..

    Lets say we look at one human group from outside. If we want to simplify it even more we can imagine theyre chimpanzees, which share 99% of our genom.

    If you are a wanker thats addicted to porn or sick sex fantasies, you

    A) start to lose interest in other members of the group
    B) you wont take nothing seriously
    C) your brain starts to slow down, and ironically you get more relaxed
    D) you start to get anxious, for many reasons
    E) other members may start to bully you and you obviously get rejected

    This all happens for wankers. And when you stop wanking, things start to recover !
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    wanker life is a choice and i choose not to live that life again! great post bro. i had really strong urges but ur post helped alot.
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  3. I've got motivated after reading this. Thank you! Keep it up, my friend! :)
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    Sadly mostly very true !
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  5. Reading this make me realize that I'm on the right path. So good to have this feeling.
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  6. And this all sums up to that you basically stop living if youre a wanker :/
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    Living life I may call it. You experimce life like it' supposed to be. I love the message. Thanks and keep on keeping bro.
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    So true. I’m now into Day 72 and have beaten my previous record of 69 days. I’ve experienced almost a whole new life with the amount of opportunities in my professional and personal personas that have come my way. There’s still lots of work to be done to rewire my brain, release certain programs and thought patterns, but I’m never looking back.

    It’s all about having an abundance mentality, that everything you want in life is all within your grasp if you really want it.
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