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  1. I am a 15 year old boy from India. I joined to get over my addiction over Porn and Masturbation.
    I had started fapping almost when I finished my 7th grade. I was introduced to porn by a friend of mine. At first I used to fap like once or twice in a week. But after 5-6 months, I got heavily addicted and I started fapping to porn almost daily. Now it's almost been 3 years of me watching porn and ruining my life.....
    Now every other day I feel like I should just die. I feel like weight upon Earth. I feel like I am a human pollution.... I just don't wanna live anymore....

    My life wasn't always like this. I used to be a happy and prosperous boy. I used to top in my exams and was exemplary in my conduct. I was also a very good athlete. I used to feel emotions and used to feel every moment of life until I started watching porn. At first it was fun and I wasn't realizing the toll it will have on my body. I started fapping almost 2-3 times daily. Now I am just a sucker who sucks at everything he does. I still come in the top 20 list in studies out of 120 students, but I fell from the Top 3. I am still ok-ish at sports but all who were below me are heights above me and I don't want to live this life...
    In fact I did not realize all this until I had recently I had reached NoFap Day 8. It was feeling great but I went back to Porn. I was introduced to NoFap by Kasumi Kriss on YT almost a year ago. I have been trying NoPMO since then but have always failed. I never got above 4 days. As I had said my highest ever was 8 days....
    I don't want to live this life... I have become everything that I dislike. I lie, fap, break promises to myself and what not. I just hate this life and all who are reading this and have gone through all this can feel what I mean to tell...
    Today, 14th September 2018 at 12:45 am IST is the last fap I will have ever taken. I challenge and urge all of you reading this to take this ultimate test of NoFap/NoPMO. I challenge you to leave porn and masturbation forever no matter what the society say. I doesn't matter if you fail again and again because FAILURE is the only way to COMPLETE SUCCESS. I challenge you all to test yourself and push yourself to the limits. To break all limits and become all that you have dreamt of becoming. This is my Ultimate Challenge to all of you reading this.....

    SD signing off...
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    Sorry you had to feel like that bro. But you have to remember that you need to be harsh on yourself to succeed whether you like it or not.Thats the only real way.I know you're 15.I'm 15 as well and been suffering from this digital disease for like the last 5 years.Been on NoFap for nearly a year and been on and off porn.My highest streak was 33days.

    I swear when you reach a week or so and you see a bit of porn around you will feel one of the biggest urges.Just remember you will reset the timer sometimes,but you need the failure to succeed.

    Good luck, bro.
    Hope it goes well :)
  3. Day 1.
    Saw Porn and ended up with a wet dream. But I ain't giving up yet. From tomorrow I'll try to not even watch. After I reach Day 10. I'mma start with some workout and exercises and go out almost everyday. I know what has got me into this situation and it's me never going out what people will think of me. But now I know that it doesn't matter. All that matters is what YOU as a person think and feel about yourself. Listen to all but do what you want and don't be afraid of what people will tell.
  4. Thanks a lot !! And wise words. Failure is the first step towards success...
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  5. Yes I will. Yes we will!
  6. This is it peeps. I'm going beast mode. I won't be touching my PC for the next 20 days or any electronic device. But when I'll be back, be ready for a big review !!

    Also good luck to all reading this. Hope you have a great day ahead.
  7. Same to you @Infernapo . Good commitment. Stick with it.
  8. Well made a lil bit of changes. Will give myself 1 hour daily cause I'm going insane !!
  9. Do not give up! Failure shows what you could have improve on. So do it!
  10. Thanks a lot. I ain't giving up this easy. I'm going to stand back up and hit life harder this time. But gotta watch out for it's blows(urges). Well you know what they say, "There's another Devil on the next level waiting to test you limits !". So I ain't giving in yet.....
  11. Day 0.
    Everyday I tell myself, "This is not what I want. I deserve better." But, I do nothing to get it. This is how down I have fell. This is how pathetic PMO has made me. I accept it. I accept the fact that I have become a 10,000+ times a lot worse than I was. I am nothing that I ever wanted to be. But never understood the paint that I'll have to go through or the patience that I will need to have. That self control over my fantasies that I'll need to keep.
    So, I start once again on my NoPMO journey. This time stronger than before. Better than before. This time I will make it. So my first target is hitting 15 days.

    Peace out !
  12. Well i started back on the seven days. Gojng to work my up the ladder no skipping
    Fortuna Adiuvat!
  13. I finally know what lead me into this situation. I did not want to change when change was occurring around me. I just didn't. I wanted things to go back to the same. I just did not accept all that was happening. But now I do. In fact I am causing my own change. I am changing daily.

    Day 2.
  14. Streak since 9/24/2018, 12:00:00 AM. I don't know how many days they are. But sure does read good. =D Well I made a new conception of myself. If I can't anticipate change or change with change why don't I cause my own change ?
    That's what I am going to do. I am going to cause my own circumstances leading to where I want.
  15. Relapsed...
    Was very depressed today because of something that I did and couldn't help but relapse. Also I won't be active for a few days. I am not going to touch any device. I just want to see the number of days I can go on...
    Good luck to all reading this. (Hope you don't do any of the mistakes that I have done).
    Spoiler: A big review coming as I am back.

    Also check this guy out : Future role model
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  16. Yo man, do not check numbers. Check benefits. The same amount of days for one person, gives different benefits to diferent persons.

    Simply put, i could 30 days and you have 7, but we would experience the same thing.

    Good luck on your attempts to overcome PM. If you think devices are your weaknesses than thats a great step to counter it.
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    I think this thread should be moved in under 20 journal though.

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