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    Ok so I'm 14 and straight. Had crushes on girls and I've always been really comfortable with my sexuality. I have nothing against gay people or anything like that. So I found out about NoFap and tried it before but I was on and off. I became addicted to porn this year and I always wanted to quit because I'm religious. It eventually led to me have HOCD. I just joined this forum, because I needed support so can u give me some advice?
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    I don't have a lot of knowledge about this topic but some people say that if you're PM(O) free for a while the HOCD stops.
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    Welcome to NoFap! It sounds like you have the same story as me almost. But I found NoFap, and my life has been better ever since, which means you will probably derive the same benefits from NoFap! Here are some tips that have helped me so far:
    1. Don’t think about quitting too much, as this caused me to relapse a lot.
    2. Since watching porn releases dopamine, and makes you happy, find some other activities that make you happier, such as reading, walking or watching Netflix.
    3. This sounds weird, but smile a lot as this can reduce the stress, and boost your mood.
    4. Join a sports team, or any other social group.
    5. Talk to someone about it.
    6. Write in a journal everyday. (You can create a journal in the reboot logs section)
    All of these tips have helped me so far, and I hope they help you, too!
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