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    I'm a 23 year old male, after suffering with a desensitized penis from loads of masturbation and use of pornography, I decided to go to the internet for some help (and found you guys). I could see that this was becoming an issue, especially after going to sleep with a girl I liked, and literally only lasting a few strokes. 3 minutes at best. Soul destroying. To make it worse that same day, the girl who I slept with decided to go off with someone else when we was on a night out drinking. I know this is kinda off topic but I feel like it needs to be said.

    So, she really killed my self esteem. My confidence shot. We wasn't in a relationship so I guess it was fair game? Even thou she knew my intentions, but anyway I'm over it now. Just after all that and with my issue, I've just put off sleeping with any girl. I use to be pretty good at sex, had many relationships. It's just I completely fell off, basically...

    So it's been a while since I've had any female contact, just been focusing on my new job and I guess doing nofap.. to try and somehow regain my manlihood as the first of many steps to a much better, happier me.

    I haven't watched any porn, or masturbated (just the agressive rub now and again lol but no climax or relapse) for 40 days today. Reason I decided to join now was because today the day I almost gave up. But I didn't give in.

    Would love to hear your guys opinion of my story so far, and wondered if I was doing okay? Am I doing the right thing? And am always down to give out support or anything.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my story so far.

    Peace ✌️
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    Welcome! I'm glad you're here. Congrats on 40 days! It sounds like you're making progress.

    If I can help, let me know. Keep coming back!

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