My story with DE (I’ll update for other people suffering)

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Muzza2000, Feb 26, 2019.

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    So basically the reason why I’m doing NoFap is not for the confidence benefits or skin benefits or anything like that, but basically in my whole entire life I have never been able to O for a woman but I can whilst choking the chicken.

    To a lot of people that sounds like a great thing and don’t get me wrong, the girls that I have had sex with love it and almost see it as their own little challenge/project but I won’t lie, I’m a lazy guy and if I had it my way I will O 5 minutes in and be done with it.

    To the reason why I’m doing this. Okay, I’m 18 so I’ve had sex with a modest 17 girls and not reached the big O and the reason why I want to change that now is because I am seeing someone I really like. This girl is understanding about the problem and almost sees it as a positive because there’s a very slim chance of her getting pregnant baring in mind she’s on the pill and I don’t O and don’t get me wrong the sex is great, but I want that intimacy of only reaching O with her kind of thing.

    So long story short I am now one week (7days) into NoFap, already having wet dreams and already struggling but the end goal will be so worth it if I do fix my DE.

    If there’s anybody else like me out there with success stories or any advice please leave a comment :)
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    I’m extreme the other direction, pmo made me finish too early I think. I would think you cutting out PMO would make you golden. Do not touch yourself, save it for your lady and I think that should help you out a lot.

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