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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Zolo22, Jul 8, 2019.

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    Hello guys. Today I wanna tell you that I'm sick of my life. Porn has taken over and I feel like I can't stop. I met porn when I was like 10 years old with a friend. Since I was 14/15 my porn addiction/ sexual behaviors started to rise like monsters. Nowdays I consider myself a fighter, but for some reason, I keep loosing the same fight, for like 7 years! I tried everything: from exercise to meditating, eating, huging teddy bears (seriously, I thought that my sexual energy was going to flow from my body to.. well whatever), but yet nothing worked! I'm seeing specialists, and the problem keeps hurting me like a fucking murderer. Can you help me in someway? And thanks
    for reading me.
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  2. Jerky

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    Welcome! Glad you're here!

    Spend alot of time on this site,
    Post often and ask for help.

    See what works for others, take suggestions and create a relapse prevention plan.

    Join an accountability group and check-in daily.

    You dont have to fight this alone anymore.
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    Oh, that's cute. Welcome aboard.
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    @Zolo22 Welcome! Take the next step, never give up.
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