My strange addiction/sexual perversion

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    This is an amazing reflection on your current state. But it’s your current state, not a permanent one like you describe. You’re trying to overcome something big in your life. You can do it. Don’t give in to the FOMO. Replace the fandom with something else important to you. Sink that energy into something constructive for yourself

    I almost did give into FOMO recently. I was recently fantasizing about what life would have been like if I’d gone to furry conventions when I was younger, like 23. Maybe I would have made friends with some nerdy, slightly overweight young woman wearing red panda ears and a tail, and maybe become more than friends. BUT I know old me would have just had a panic attack outside the convention center and not made any friends and gone back to his hotel room and cried from loneliness. So I’m glad I never had the opportunity.

    I’m still praying that you find freedom and reach your goals! Stay strong friend! <3
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  2. Yeah, the need for a constructive outlet has been on my mind a lot recently. I’ve realized that giving into fear of man/fear of the past has held me back from enjoying video creating like I once did and actually being the friend to people at church that I’d want. Negative mindsets have a long history of shooting down confidence in God, maybe today could be the start of something beautiful.
    Thank you for that honesty in sharing your approach to being anti-FOMO and encouraging true growth. Rejecting the ‘what if’s for God’s promises seems impossible (and is if I’m not trusting Him in the first place :/). It means a lot for you to support me in this rollercoaster of a recovery, your prayers and unconditional companionship are valued! I’ve been praying for a steady recovery for you as well and am excited for you having reached that amazing record!! Btw, I love your new avatar art.
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