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    During your flatline is when your brain is repairing tho, I have felt myself become much more sensitive to real life women and triggers and not nearly as horny for porn but just women in general
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  2. U mean when i sleep don’t wear underwear short only wear trauser
  3. Yeah, that's what I wanted to say!
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    Does wet dream still an issue currently and if Ya, then how many times a month ?
  5. Day 389, 26/11/2020

    Today I took a cold shower, ate healthily and went out (finally)

    But still, feel like shit. That could only be flatline. I will let it pass.
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  6. I had my first wet dream after 3 months of NoFap.
    The currency of wet dreams is proportional to how many porn or arousing content you watch.
    They will fade away when you won't have memories about porn.
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    My Journal
    Can you tell some of the benefits you got after doing one year of NoFap? :)
  8. hmm u muslim hah?
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  9. Muhammad Husayn

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    My Journal
    Yes. But why?
  10. idk i am muslim too
    if u want i can tell u some tricks and some benefits that u will make a long streak like mine
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    Συνέχισε έτσι φιλε. Αξιοθαύμαστη προσπάθεια και ανάλογα αποτελέσματα. Εύγε.
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  12. Sorry for all the time I've taken to reply.
    I am preparing a detailed list with other fapstronauts about all the benefits. It will be published here pretty soon!
  13. Day 394, 30/11/2020

    Today I just feel awesome. The flatline has passed and I started this week productively.
    This morning I listened to my lessons with incredible focus (that's one of the benefits I'll mention) and felt positive af.
    Still in quarantine, though :(

    I really hope I could spend my Christmas with family and friends, like any other year.
    My thoughts are all into Christmas and the happy mood this festivity gives.

    After the flatline, I could tell that the thoughts about porn have been replaced with healthy thoughts about women.
    I found myself installing dating apps and talking to some girls,
    and then uninstalling them cause I felt the same feelings and brain fog porn or social media used to give me.

    I feel healthier than ever, hoping I will walk on the streets again,
    this time more inclined to go and talk to some pretty girl outside the home.

    I am feeling really motivated lately thanks to some friendships I made on my discord server. (link:

    This is overall a really positive period, I don't feel since summer or even last year.

    Gotta focus on my studies and avoid spending too much time on my phone.
    If only I could go out with some friends...
  14. Day 395, 01/12/2020

    I finally worked out, after a month of laziness and immobility.
    I did a cold shower, maximum cold, for the first time in my life.
    Restarted tracking my habits and added more of them.
    My addiction is controlled right now and everything is going well.
    Nothing fantastic happening in this day of quarantine and everyone knows why.

    Hope to keep on working out and taking cold showers, maybe that will be the key to survive during this quarantine!
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  15. Different Built

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    any idea how long it will last?
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  16. If you talk about the addiction,
    it will last till I remember about porn.
    When I'll forget that, I will consider myself free.

    But in today's society, it is pretty difficult, we are just bombarded.
  17. Different Built

    Different Built Fapstronaut

    Oh I meant the lockdown. Yes PM is constant battle for sure
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  18. Tomorrow our president will talk about the future situation of our country.
    I really hope I will at least be able to go out and hang out with my friends.
  19. Day 396, 02/12/2020

    Another cold shower, another great day.
    I've been able to do it again, even though I had a big wet dream last night I couldn't even prevent.
    I don't even remember the dream, It just happened.

    But with the cold shower and the workout, I did yesterday everything seems possible for me,
    even finding my energy again after cumming.

    I really hope tomorrow I will be able to go out.
    I got this quarantine under control now, nothing can beat me.

    Always remember: "You will suffer, a lot, but every little pain and scar on yourself will make you stronger and stronger, and you will become invincible!"

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  20. day 400, 7/12/2020

    Finally reached 400 days.
    400 days for wins and losses.
    400 days fo fighting for my life.
    400 days of fighting against my will.
    400 days of growth, 400 days of reborn.

    The benefits are there, and I can count many.
    But the quarantine is suppressing many of them.
    The constrictions are limiting my force and energy.

    But it will finish, I know it for sure.

    Finally forgetting porn thoughts.
    Finally replacing them with love thoughts about girls I met in the past.
    Finally, the will of watching porn has been replaced with the will of going out and meet some real girls,
    to experience their beauty, their elegance, their vital energy.
    To finally express mine, finally brought out by retaining that much.

    I finally have a lot of sexual energy to use in the search of a real woman or in my daily activities and goals.
    I feel so powerful, so energetic, so motivated, so fresh, so free, no more brain fog, no more zombieness.

    This quarantine will finish, and I will go out.
    This quarantine will finish, and everyone will see my energy, everyone will be feed by it, everyone will feel my true power.

    Becoming the man I wanted to become, "only" thanks to NoFap and retention.

    And I am the happiest I could be.
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