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  1. Hi NOFAPstanauts,

    I'm gonna put up all the links, material, thoughts etc... whatever I find, here in this post, in the days to come for my & everyone's benefit. Hope you Nofapians like it :)


    Never harbor any sexual thought/sight/feeling/etc.. for more than 3 sec. If you cut it before 3 sec... You have succeeded, otherwise it gets into your body and mind and could affect you immediately or in near future, like a snowball effect. So kill it in 3 sec's.


    Have you ever paused and considered what constitutes an attracting and lustful women? bones, flesh, blood, urine, faecal matter, pus, perspiration, phlegm and other dirt!. Such a filthy mess of pottage. We are fools, if we get attracted to Feaces. We don't even see/touch our own feaces, forget about the opposite gender. Physical beauty is only skin-deep go deeper,even she will go to bathroom every single day to excrete and non of it is shown in those P movies because TRUTH will ruin their industry.


    In most cases (80%) I guess, relapse happens or build up for relapse happens because we are hit by 3 arrows simultaneously which are - ( Night awake + Alone + Internet surfing ). This is a deadly combination for a perfect catastrophy , So make sure these 3 conditions are not met at all.Be vigilant NOFAPastonauts !!! :)


    I found this on a NOFAP post (rexsuccess)- "Beating pmo is like a game sometimes you Die and have to restart levels but when you keep at it, you will eventually finish. Imagine the fact that Your life is one, ONLY ONE, porn wants to use that one life you have and flush it down the toilet. Take it back from that demon and live that life to the fullest". Which means that If we let the semen out even once....we have given that one life to demon, to be flushed into the drain...our life is not so invaluable to be let it into the drain.....Remember, we have Just "ONE LIFE"


    In this NOFAP journey, on a daily basis, one needs to expend the energy that we save, in the form of a physical exercise, otherwise the energy built up will find a way out someday, in the form of MO. I do Yoga asanas daily for 1-2 hr's at least. You can play any sport/Gym/Yoga/Squats etc whichever you like. Physical Exercise cools your energies.That's my experience.


    Focus on today. Don't worry about the other days left to complete the 90 day milestone. You are always on DAY ONE. Focus on ONE DAY per day. Take it as a 24 hour block. Choose today, to end the day being PMO free. Tomorrow choose to make the same choices you made today. And Repeat....

    7) DON'T TOUCH IT!
    Sometimes we unconsciously/over confidently tend to touch our P*(genital organ)causally. Well, one must be aware that even the slightest provocation/arousal/touch/etc will awaken the sleeping demon and will disturb us slowly and eventually leading us to our downfall. So, one must not touch anything below the waist....(during bath, it's ok)


    Food is what makes our body. Pure food keeps our mind and nerves calm.Quantity of food also determines our balance of energy that ultimately influences NOFAP. Large quantity of food in the large intestine arouses us particularly in the night and early morning, see to it that we keep our bowels as much empty as possible and all times...this is a widely agreed point and as a matter of experience as well.

    9) SHARE
    Please do comment on this page.
    Share and like these positive tips...It really helps in spreading good messages...... :)

    ||||||||||||||| Follow me or this post ---> More useful tips to in coming days....:) |||||||||||||||
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  2. Destroyporn

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  3. NES-X20

    NES-X20 Fapstronaut

    Keep posting your Super Collection And Tips!!!
    Will keep checking this thread every week :)
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  4. Cool_Bro

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    Congrats on 13+ day streak Brother. :)Your tips are really helpful. 3 sec rule is the best possible step we should take otherwise fanatizing will lead to relapse.
    I hope you will go very long and enjoy a healthy life. Good luck Yogi ;)
  5. NES-X20, I'll keep adding tips, which work like gem and help you all...Please refer this page to others as well... :)
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  6. 0Cool0, Thanks bro , 3 sec rule is most powerful one. Good luck 0Cool0 :)
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  7. Son of shiva

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    3 sec rule is best
    Thanks for posting
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  8. goodnice

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    All those tips are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. especially number 1!!! I need to remember to do that. no allowance of sexual thoughts. They will be my downfall
  9. This is motivating me to keep going. Thanks for the tips. And good luck
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  11. Vansire

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    I really like this quote you used here. For me, it's easy to lose sight of the villain that porn is, thanks for the post!
  12. AidenbliZZ1412

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    3 sec rule is the best
    thanks for posting!
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  13. topjobm8two

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    Nice. I am alone, working, it is late and I am on the net. But I will be ok! I have Internet filter haha!
  14. Saber_tooth7

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    Not sure if 3sec rule will work, but definately going to give it a try.. Great post btw
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  15. hollyman

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    mostly agreed

    For what i have feelin, the main point for me is

    1. Day one = we always at day one,, porn can attack you and make u relapse even if u at day 100 or maybe 1.000,,,so no guarantee day 90 will break you free,,,this addiction will.not go away forever,, its there,,,we can only weaken the addiction and control it,, so that addiction didnt control you
  16. Hope1993

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    Muy buenos consejos los pondré en práctica
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