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    I will be honest, I think I am superior to most people, with my self improvement, all the things I do, my high intelligence, I am an infp, highly sensitive person, and an empath, I hate being compared to other people and I hate when people try making me feel stupid or inferior. I believe this complex became a thing when my confidence started rising, and after being told by multiple people how intelligent I am, all my life I have been bullied, so I think in my head by putting myself above others it helps me cope with ass hole people trying to make me feel stupid, when in my reality I am far surperior to them. There are only a handful of people I consider my equals, my mom, sister, grandad, life coach, my friend, no one else is worthy in my mind. Now before you tell me how fucked up all this islet me say that I fully realize how bad this mentality is, and I wish I was not like this, I just cannot stand being put down and this seems To have become me default mechanism to make me feel better, should I seek therapy perhaps?, or do you guys think there is some type of practice or meditation I can do to help?. It’s not like I can prove my intelligence so what do I do?, like earlier for example after the gym I forgot to put my work boots back on with my coveralls and everyone was like does your brain even work half the time, or are you stupid?, like first off forgetfulness is a sign of high intelligence so fuck off and secondly that’s rude.
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    Yes, as you've now recognised ..l think this alleged superiority of yours is a quite basic cope mechanism that protects you from being hurt. But don't worry ... most of us have our own mechanisms to cope with rejection/failure/... you name it. It's a great step to be aware of who you are, how you behave and why. I wouldn't go to therapy unless it's causing you problem. I would follow through that path of introspection that you've already started.

    If forgetfulness is a sign of high intelligence ... then I'm brilliant too!!! o_O

    Superiority is not going to make you happier ... and that's what our lives should be focus on ...
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    I completely agree thank you, I hate feeling like this honestly, I wish we could all just live peacefully never hurting each other, and I agree I already have identified the issue, I simply need to find a way to expressed myself to people about how I feel, even if I know they won’t listen, I need to surround myself with true friends.
  4. Forgetfulness a sign of high intelligence? Sign me up for the brilliant lads' club then!

    Kegger, in my very first encounter with you here, it wasn't your intelligence that struck me (not that I think that you're unintelligent) but your kindness, gentleness, and willingness to trust in God. I've no doubt that the few people who know you well love you very much because of these things, not primarily because of your intelligence.

    Be grateful that you are very intelligent, but don't imagine that it's anything other than a gift, which you did nothing to earn. Pride will find no place in the Kingdom of God. Always remember that if we refuse to humble ourselves, God will do it for us. Perhaps that was what was behind that remark at the gym.

    In any case, don't let yourself be hurt so easily. Don't let other people distort your personality. You don't need defence mechanisms. You just need to be comfortable with yourself. As far as I can see, you don't really have any good reason not to be.

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    Don't even worry about it.

    I can already tell by reading this that I, am in fact, superior to you. I don't consider anyone my equal. I have people I favor over others, my mom and brother come second to me. The ascending order from here starts with people who have been good to me then comes people I don't even know and then it ends with people who have been shitty to me.

    I am half kidding here but really- we are all equals is a bunch of crap. Equals at what? We don't all have equal rights... wealthy people, politicians, and law enforcement have more rights than the common man. We aren't all paid the same amount of money which we should not be because some people are superior to others at some things. You are probably superior at a lot of things but not everything. There is probably a guy with a longer streak than 7 days that thinks even higher of himself than you do.

    Ok I am just rambling at this point but I really don't think there is anything wrong with thinking this way and to some degree I think everyone does, we are all the center of our own universe.
  6. Don't worry about your superiority. The moment will come that life will bring you on your knees. However you have the chance to go on your knees (humble) yourself.
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    Everything you do in life comes back to you I believe, and in my experience this has been true all my life.
  8. I agree. What I sow is what I reap.
    But for sure we will reap a negative harvest when we walk in superiority.

    But the harvest I reap when sowing in a humble and serving attitude is a very rich one

    As said here, becâúse superiority is a coping mechanism don't expect that results will stay as it is not the real you.
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    I just had to read the first few lines to guess that you were young (then I read the whole thing). In some way it made me remember my youth. I was in a dark place when I was thinking that way and then some really bad things happened that made me realize how little and dependent I was. My brain was of absolutely no use.

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