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My therapist thinks sex is a need - valid?

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Wayfinder, Jun 9, 2023.

  1. UnholyConfessor

    UnholyConfessor Fapstronaut

    The opposite of what he said is the truth. White liberals are more likely to be diagnosed with a mental health condition than any other group, and they are also the group most likely to be atheists, while the group least likely to be mentally ill are also the group most likely to be religious.


    It's also blatantly not true that religion "denies its followers sex." Again, the opposite is true. Back when the majority of people were married as teenagers more people were having sex. The more secular Western society becomes the less sex people are having, mainly young men, but to a lesser extent young women too. Now you can easily argue that just because those things correlate it doesn't mean they are related beyond that, but seen as how the guy you're replying to didn't bother to back up anything he said, I think I've done enough.
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  2. SethLCU

    SethLCU Fapstronaut

    To me the most obvious reason is that in general things like mental health are less stigmatized among whites europeans, especially liberals*, you can see some evidence of that in the fact that nearly all the most depressed countries in the world are western while africa actually has the highest suicide rate in the world, real numbers are likely much higher as it is a taboo subject thorough the continent much, it is similar in asia as well.
    Even in the study you provided you can see there isn't much difference between non-whites regardless of their political affiliation.

    *I remember a study posted here last year that linked feminism to erectile dysfunction, it turned out that men who identified as feminist were more likely to report instance of ED than men who did not and both were much likely to do so than non-whites.

    The same thing is true for religion as well, while it is said that people have less sex now and they certainly have less kids than when they were less secular, i believe that has little to do with religion. For example Poland and the US are the two most religious countries among developed nations, they also have some of the lowest birth rate in the world whilst france is one of the most secularized country in the world and has the highest birth rate among developed nations.

    Even among muslims nations you see this, there religion has been on the rise since the decolonization and in islam sex in marriage is a right, if one party feel he doesn't have enough that is legitimate cause for divorce. Nevertheless birth rate has been declining there as well same as developed nations.

    I do know however that when the church was at it most powerful they heavily regulated martial sex, there were several days in the weeks where it was prohibited and any positions other than missionary was considered an act of sodomy.
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  3. WhiteLion

    WhiteLion Fapstronaut

    I could provide plenty of evidence of humans dying from lack of food. Can this therapist provide evidence of humans dying from lack of sex?
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  4. UnholyConfessor

    UnholyConfessor Fapstronaut

    If people died from lack of sex, the majority of people on this site would be six feet under by now.
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  5. I found long term abstinence (of sex and masturbation) easier when it was more of a novelty, and perhaps because of flatlines and so on (although in my case, "flatlines" involved mood swings and all sorts).

    Nowadays I don't often get to two weeks or beyond of full abstinence. I enjoy it for a while but eventually I tend to get consumed by urges and give in in some way. I'm thinking of attempting MO "to the feel" every 1-2 weeks, which probably won't impress many people in this section of the forum.

    Maybe I'm also demotivated by the fact that NoFap didn't solve as many of my problems as I'd like, although it helped hugely in many ways.
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  6. Rostrock47

    Rostrock47 Fapstronaut

    Well for a man it's almost impossible to not waste seed, either he's going to do it by himself, or with a woman. If he does it with a woman it's perfectly fine.
  7. being-Partkdold-Duty

    being-Partkdold-Duty Fapstronaut

    I will admit, to some degree I agree with what you say about being a slave to the vices that control you. But I believe, subjective morality plays a big role in what you say about his therapist 'trying' to make him a slave. People know not what they do. People know what other people do. Therefore, he is only trying to do what seems 'best' on a subjective basis.

    I don't know if thinking that 'sex is a need' is the best way to look at this situation. I think sex is nature. It's a 'need' as much as anything in nature desires to continue. Sex becomes a vice with the ever-growing media, internet, and need for self-satisfaction. So, yes, subjectively speaking, your therapist is absolutely right. Only, thinking of it that way is a means to an end, not a solution on an objective scale.
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