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    (I'm a 16 year old male)

    First off yes it works! It really does I wouldn't recognise the person I used to be and personally hate the 'old' me that person make me laugh every time I think of what an oblivious, dramatic idiot I was who always felt sorry for himself (reasons for this in other posts of mine if you're interested) Read my success story as well to see what I gained from it

    1.No matter how much you've failed you can always make it worse

    I know how bad this sounds but really if you catch yourself watching p and m at the same time you have a choice there and them, finish and feel terrible, chaser effect etc. Or stop go through the pain of blue balls, not waste as much energy and conserve your testosterone and confidence and stroll feel amazing, picking yourself up and continuing from there

    2. NoFap does not really work without other changes

    Use the 'super powers' to better yourself

    Meditate - seriously it does wonders just 10 mins per day, try headspace app if you're unsure 10 days I'm you will feel amazing

    Excersise- Put all that excess energy and motivation to good use, buy dumbbells if it's easier to do at home I now do daily workout excersises

    Hobbies - learn the guitar, play video games whatever you enjoy within reason and keep yourself busy

    Have a focus - mine was relationships and body building

    Cold showers are supposed to really help too trying that tonight

    Use the confidence you gain to assert yourself in more situations not necessarily with romantic interests even just being more talkative furthers your confidence, start small

    LIVE IN THE NOW! meditation focuses on this but it is vital in over coming overthinking and depression and social anxiety

    3. Keep a clear focus read success stories for motivation, be active on this website, keep a track of your streak but more importantly DONT FOCUS ON IT, if it makes you feel better keep a ratio instead it's not the be all and end all

    4. Think of your mind as the enemy the cave man side of it will always temp you even this far in and lie to you to get that "fix"

    5. Enjoy the feeling of freedom but don't obsess over not getting the desired results quick enough this will kill your motivation

    6. Stay positive, you can do this :)

    7. Forgive yourself and move on if you mess up you are human after all, just keep at it and improve to try and stop it happening again it won't affect you a 1 off moment of weakness I you don't let it ( don't use this as an excuse though)

    8. Reward yourself with treats at milestones, I got myself sweets, chocolate a new video game etc.

    When I felt particularly down I also went for a long walk and got an espresso for the caffeine not the best but better than pmo

    9. If you have supportive friends, maybe mention it if a topic like it comes up it really helps to motivate you and of they don't agree with the idea of NoFap prove them wrong!

    I'm sure there's more but this post is already massive lol

    Feel free to comment, ask questions and share your own tips

    Stay strong you've got this good luck
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