My Top Tips in Curing De-Sensitisation From Prone Masturbation!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    First of all, what is prone masturbation? Prone Masturbation is achieving orgasm, faced down, either by thrusting into a pillow, thrusting into duvet/mattress, thrusting into hand or anything equivalent.

    Why should you stop it immediately? It will DESTROY your sex life, leaving you with a NUMB penis and severe ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. By engaging in prone masturbation you are effectively training/conditioning your penis to ejaculate under conditions (i.e. intense pressure) that cannot be mimicked by your partner! Please Stop NOW! Yes Prone feels good,

    My Case
    23 y.o. Male, Circumcised at 17 (due to phimosis), Prone masturbated since the age of 12, Never knew anything different, Thought it was a harmless variation and had never been able to masturbate by hand! I remember briefly trying the hand method at 15 (because all my friends were making jokes about their masturbation sessions and they all did it by hand), but could never really achieve orgasm, so continued to prone till 22. Recently found it was a problem when becoming sexually active, sex wasn't enjoyable, i didn't feel much, it was almost impossible to ejaculate through vaginal stimulation and would almost always conclude with me having ED.

    If you would like to know more about prone masturbation, i recommend checking out the website 'Healthy Strokes'. This website saved my life! They also have a great Q&A section to help answer some of your questions.

    After 6 months of hard work, discipline and patience, i am now fully cured of prone masturbation and i am now planning to start the 90 day+ NoFap Challenge. The effects of prone masturbation are 100% reversible and below i will suggest my top tips.

    1) You Must Give Up Prone Masturbation Immediately and Forever

    2) Follow the Basic Plan on the Healthy Strokes Website.
    • Abstain from Masturbation (and all sexual activity) for 7 Days
    • After 7 Days, Attempt Masturbation by Hand (can take up to 2 hours so make sure you have a quiet place where you won't be disturbed)
    • Masturbate by Hand for 30 Days before attempting sex with partner
    Tips for Tip 2
    - Use Lube
    - Unfortunately, i have to recommend high-arousal content (i.e. porn) to help sustain your erection in the early stages. At times you will have ED, just wait 2 hours and try again, DO NOT REVERT BACK TO PRONE! I did this many times... especially when i couldn't finish
    - Make sure you abstain for 7 days, this will provide you with the increased sensitivity to achieve orgasm. Follow this plan, If you Orgasm in 40 Mins+ then Abstain for 5 Days, If you Orgasm 20-39 Mins then Abstain for 3 Days, If you Orgasm in 10-19 Mins then Abstain for 2 Days. Then After go Daily.
    - Contrary to healthy stroke, I do not recommend using the Super Head Honcho sex toy to tackle this Problem! IMO, it only hinder your progress, it will not provide a shortcut to overcoming prone and it breaks quickly.
    - When you see pre-cum, either grip as hard as you can or go as fast as you can (or both) to orgasm (*IMPORTANT* this is acceptable in the early stages of the recovery process but don't make it a habit or you will suffer from death grip syndrome).

    3) Follow the Anti-Death Grip Plan, to Adapt to a Lighter Grip (Strongly Advised to Purchase a Flesh Light because it's hard case prevents you from using the death grip out of frustration)
    • Abstain from Masturbation (and all sexual activity) for 7 Days (Week 1)
    • Masturbate Once Max (week) , gradually loosening grip/decreasing speed (Week 2) - Use Hand or Fleshlight
    • Masturbate Twice Max (week), gradually loosening grip/decreasing speed (Week 3) - Use Hand or Fleshlight
    • Masturbate Twice Max (week), gradually loosening grip/decreasing speed (Week 4) - Use Hand or Fleshlight
    If you opt for the Flesh-light, aim to thrust into it at week 3 and 4 which will kind of emulate the sexual experience and of course it is a great prone alternative. The best way to thrust into it is to put it between your mattress and bed! Yes i know its pretty sad & weird, i mean how has our life really resorted to this... well yes it has lol.. idc though, it is a great way to regain sensitivity. For more information check, Another way to further increase sensitivity and tackle DE is to use a condom with the flesh-light (extra safe, extended pleasure) and loosen it to the lightest settings. Ultimately, the harder we make it, and less pressure we achieve orgasm in, creates more sensitivity as less is required to achieve ejaculation.

    Extra Tips/Learnings
    - In the early stages, don't worry about how long it takes to ejaculate, However, severe prone masturbators should expect to average 30-40 minutes by week 4 and Less severe 15-20 minutes.
    - Really try to feel the sensations of this new technique and try to stimulate different areas to find your sweet spots. The mind also plays a key role, so focus on pleasure rather than continuously thinking whether you are going to cum or not!
    - Make sure you are slowly decreasing your grip strength (to a very light/soft) to speed up your progress. Start by slowing down when about to cum! Then do it a 30 seconds before, 1 minute before, 2 minutes before, etc. Until its 100% Light Grip.
    - Full Recovery should happen after 6 months or less! Remember everyone is different and it may even take a year
    - Try to arrange your sessions in a place which is undisturbed, with no need to rush! (so less of the danger Fap's lol)
    - Limit edging
    - Stick to ONE Orgasm a Day Max, Multiple Fap's Will Not Speed Up Progress! In fact they make it worse because realise, excessive fapping can also contribute to ED & DE, especially if you are using pornography as a stimulant
    - I found that the supplement Phenibut, made it easier to achieve ejaculation in my early quest to master the conventional method. Try it out for yourself and let me know if you experience the same! WARNING: It can be addictive, so either use temporarily or be very careful.
    - A good diet and lifestyle can also aid the process. Eat tuna, watermelon, eggs, have a high protein diet. Drink Pomegranate Juice! Lift weights, reduce your body fat. All this will help with the sex drive, it will make you more aroused, it will strengthen your erections, and make it easier for you to achieve orgasm.

    3 Theories for Why We Masturbated Prone & How to further improve sensitivity
    - I believe the education system and parents failed us, I was never taught about masturbation, I was never told about how to do it in a healthy manner and I sure was not taught about its negative effects!
    - I believe my case of 'Phimosis' (A tight foreskin) until the age of 17 made me more likely to develop prone habits. My case of phimosis meant that my foreskin did not retract behind the head, and when erect, this gave me great sensations when i would lie on my stomach sleeping. As a child I didn't know what was what, I just put 2 and 2 together and engaged in prone masturbation as it felt f**king great!
    - I believe that for those who are circumcised and who are still struggling with DE & achieving conventional masturbation should consider foreskin restoration. Restoring full non-erect coverage or even partial coverage at a minimum can greatly increase your sensitivity, ability to ejaculate and overall pleasure during sex. I am currently on CI-4 for foreskin restoration and the benefits already are crazy. In fact, just 'retaining' provides great sensitivity benefits and that is more or less instant! Recently, I achieved my earliest masturbation session of just 20 seconds! The whole feeling was completely different. This amazes me when I look back at that first time it took me 2 hours and my dick was numb af! This is fairly recent and I am yet to try sex in this state, but I will update you guys! I also believe men who are circumcised in early infancy or between the ages of 6-12 are also more likely to engage in prone masturbation. Alternatives to foreskin restoration - moisturise the penis - man1 oil can help.

    For those who have completed the training, understand that you are not fully cured until you rewire with a real woman! It is likely that you may still fail the first few times, but its the same principle! Go 7 days NoFap to give yourself the best chance possible. If unsuccessful, either wait another few days or try when you are feeling really horny. As you keep doing this, your brain and penis will rewire to these feelings/sensations and you will eventually achieve orgasm.

    "But Conventional I haven't got a girlfriend, so what should I do"? Well its time to enter the game my friend! Now is your time! Also let me warn you, DO NOT RESORT TO ESCORTS!! I repeat, NO ESCORTS when trying to overcome prone! This will most likely end up with you getting ED and wasting your money, not to mention more feelings of sadness, another addiction to worry about and even a prone relapse! I'm not personally against seeing escorts but I am when it comes to using them to overcome prone and DE.

    After your training is complete, go on NoFap and free yourself from XXX forever and PMO Addiction. Personally, I'm against masturbation now, because the more you masturbate, the more likely you are to watch porn, use death grip, train yourself to cum in a unrealistic way, desensitise yourself to the vagina and only be able to cum by hand, etc. Treat your urge as an excuse to speak to real women, that is its purpose after all. Get your sex life together, live happy and stop escaping through self-pleasure! Yes people will say its normal to masturbate to porn, but lets face it, us prone addicts aren't normal, we have experienced trauma that no man should ever have to face, and now we are out of the hole, lets make the most of it and stick it another one loolll.

    Also, prior to this training, I went 70 days NoFap and Came with a girl in 20 mins!! So NoFap alone is one of the quickest routes to recovery! This training programme is primarily here to make sure you never engage in the destructive practice that is Prone Masturbation!! and its unrealistic to assume you are never going to masturbate again in your life, so at least when you do, you are doing it in a somewhat healthier way!

    REMEMBER NEVER TO REVERT TO PRONE MASTURBATION AGAIN! There will be times when you are frustrated, because the new method won't be as enjoyable and it will take much longer. There may also be darker times where you feel as if you will never be able to satisfy a woman or be satisfied by a woman and just engage in Prone out of anger/sadness. But don't ever let this trick you into continuing the practice of prone masturbation. Just remember why you are doing this and that it is reversible! In Fact, take it one step further and quit pornography/frequent masturbation for good!

    New Extra Update (June 23)

    I am loving life, my sex drive is at its peak, i'm getting morning wood more frequently, I am in the best shape of my life, and most importantly, having and sustaining an erection + achieving orgasm is no longer an issue for me! In fact I can finish with a condom in as little as 2 minutes! If this was told to me when I was first in recovery, I would have laughed at the mockery, as it took me over 40 mins to masturbate! Also, i've given up on porn for about 4 weeks, I have no interest anymore, I just want real women and real relationships! So if I, a heavy prone masturbator from the age of 9 to 22, circumcised at 17, suffered depression, anxiety, ED, DE, PTSD about my failed sexual experiences and performance, can succeed, then you have NO EXCUSE! Good Luck!

    Note (Updated June 2023)
    Thank you for all your kind messages, over 125,000+ views now, and it honestly makes my day every time i get an email about someones success story in overcoming prone! I am very grateful for all your support and for the support you provide to others in this forum, i will continue to add extra tips, learnings and information on my journey throughout the years! Stay tuned and let this be a community where everyone helps one another! I try my best to reply to your messages, but I'm not on this forum very often, so expect delays (no pun intended)! I'm out here living life now, i've paid my dues, I can't waste another moment!
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  2. taaat

    taaat New Fapstronaut

    Hi, i guess those are common and good tips. But I want to ask about one product which is called "Man1 Man Oil". Will it be helpful?, anyone?, any idea?
  3. Thanks, I will be doing a more detailed article in a few weeks, so watch out for that. Regarding your question on Man1 Man Oil; during my recovery I was very interested in purchasing this product (but due to financial reasons i did not). It does look like a product worth trying if you have the money, but IMO i don't think it will tackle the problem (maybe if you are 40+ it could help slightly). TBH i think it is a sales gimmick that appeals to people who are desperate to find a quick fix and because this problem is so frustrating, we are quick to turn to this solution, rather than retraining. If you are willing to spend money, i would instead suggest purchasing a flesh light (you'll be surprised how realistic it is) and using it 3x week, slowly getting used to the more realistic sensations. The flesh light also lets you go hands-free (stuff it between your mattress and bed) which sort of provides a modified, realistic, prone-like but healthier method of masturbation. If you still have a problem after, Hard Mode NoFap is the only way to go!
  4. Mr.Mister

    Mr.Mister Fapstronaut

    This is such an eye-opener. But if I’m correct, I have to mastrubate in a conventional way in order to fix it, or will nofap alone will do?
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  5. Menace

    Menace Fapstronaut

    this didnt give much of meaning to me. i will stick to my NoFap......
  6. Powerous

    Powerous Fapstronaut

    PMO addiction is destructive.

    I wish you strength and light to overcome this very difficult addiction.

    Here is some good tips for everyone:

    Sleep early, Wake up early, Go gym/Work out, Eat healthy foods, Meditate, Read helpful books, Go out with friends,
    Visualise your success, Write a list of goals, Conquer your goals and dreams!!!
  7. @Mr.Mister IMO, i would first learn the conventional way and then do NoFap after you have learnt it. I believe the conventional way is a nice stepping stone for you to learn a somewhat 'healthy' and less 'aggressive' method of masturbation. But if you want to go all out and you have the discipline to do NoFap, i would 100% recommend it! Before i learnt the conventional way i did 70 days NoFap and achieved orgasm with a women afterwards. As long as you never do prone again you are good!
  9. @Powerous Thank You for the inspiration brother!
  10. guitopher

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    I have been using Man Oil for a couple of months and I think it is helping. Not life-changing, but subtle improvement.
  11. Meditation Monk

    Meditation Monk Fapstronaut

    oh god, the pain that I went through to cease my urges. Please, no more oil for masturbation, lol. I have already had enough time overcoming my urges and making them weaker. lol. Good thing I can weaken my urges and have more faith in myself.
  12. Mr.Mister

    Mr.Mister Fapstronaut

    Thanks for your reply! I will go for to the nofap way then. It's not that I'm totally unfamiliar with the conventional way. So far no temptations at all...
  13. Meditation Monk

    Meditation Monk Fapstronaut

    As long as you stay busy with yourself and with your time and needs and wants, then you will eventually take your mind off women, sex, and masturbating to the internet. And your urges will weaken over time like mine did.
  14. ontheroadat40

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    I am on day 52 of my reboot but prob have not actually orgasmed for about 60/65 days. Began the reboot after over 30 years of nothing but TMS. Morning wood is returning but there is a lack of sensitivity and that I think is the bigger problem. Am also circumcised which I am sure has affected my sensitivity too.

    I began being sexually active at 18 but have never achieved orgasm through oral sex or any position other than missionary.

    Today my wife gave me oral sex for the first time since my reboot started. She may as well have been sucking on my finger...I felt nothing and did not even get hard. Has anyone reversed the lack of sensitivity from decades of TMS and possibly circumcision?
  15. Sal Paradise

    Sal Paradise New Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the excellent post. Your story is inspiring and gives me hope. I just joined NoFap specifically to respond to you.

    In a similar situation but I'm 10 years older than you, regularly did prone masturbation for 10 years longer, and therefore probably have a more severe case. I've come to understand the dangers of prone masturbation just recently.

    About two months ago, I tried having sex with my girlfriend but discovered to my distress and embarassment that I couldn't maintain my erection long enough for vaginal intercourse.

    I discovered the healthystrokes website on 9/16 of this year and immediately started following their suggested program. Switched over to the conventional way of masturbating without much difficulty as I had done it that way over the years, just very rarely.

    Looking back I realize the prone issue did impair my sex life somewhat throughout my 20s, but only now in my early 30s has it been totally debilitating. Understanding how harmful it's been to me, I'm more than motivated to give it up forever. I wish I had learned about it sooner.

    I'm about 10 days past the point of completing the suggested 30 days of daily conventional masturbation from healthystrokes. From what I understand, the point of the 30-day routine is to break the habit of prone masturbation, but relief from ED might not come for 3-4 months. I think that routine was helpful to re-sensitize things like the site explains, but at this point I'm now planning to avoid all masturbation until ED is gone. I've cut out all pornography for several months now, even before I learned about the prone masturbation issue.

    I think my erections have been improving, but as recently as last weekend I still couldn't perform. I've been able to maintain an erection and orgasm from handjob, which I think is a good sign. Again, I'm about 6 weeks into the program.

    I'm still concerned about the ED, and have made an appointment with a doctor to see about getting a prescription. I'm hoping that will be a short-term strategy until my sexual function returns naturally. Many of the comments on the healthystrokes website and support group seem to be from people who experienced delayed ejaculation or anorgasmia but not the more serious issue of ED, which also makes me think I have an especially severe case.

    Anything about my case strike a chord with you? What do you think my timeline will be for recovery from ED?

    Again, thanks for putting your journey out there. I hope I can look back in a couple months and say I've achieved the same results as you.
  16. @Sal Paradise I really appreciate you sharing your journey so far and i am thankful that you signed up to reply this post. It was great reading because i could relate to a lot of things.

    My response/advice
    Its great that you have learnt the conventional method but what is your technique? Is it a light touch? or would you say it is tight/aggressive? If it is tight/aggressive, then you may have transferred to death-grip masturbation which is somewhat as harmful as prone and is likely to cause the same symptoms (i.e. ED/DE). The whole point of the training process is to essentially re-calibrate yourself to a lighter, more realistic technique that can be replicated by your partner. So make sure your grip is light and at a normal pace (not rapid)! and yes it is true, your results will improve over 3-4 months so hang in there! Trust the process

    I love that you want to stop porn and temporary abstain from masturbation. If i'm honest this method is as effective as the training process! I only recommend it because like myself, i didn't know any other way to finish and it is more of a learning stage for people in the same boat, to get to know their bodies. So good, get rid of the porn and go on NoFap for a minimum of 90 days. To overview, practice light grip masturbation and then once achieved go on NoFap and get really horny. If you still want to have sex then only have sex when you have a really strong urge to so! (rock solid erection, crazy sexual energy, etc.), it may frustrate you or your partner but in the long-term its worth it to reduce it. Give the body time to restore!

    My honest projection for your full recovery based on your info is this:
    (1 month) = Achieve light grip masturbation through the death grip plan (listed above)
    (3 months) = NoFap 90 days with no porn & masturbation, sex only on strong urge
    (1 month) = More regular sex, possibly a treatment of sildenafil for the first encounters, then slowly get of it!
    = 5 months

    and glad you went to the doctor, sometimes it isn't all mental and can be something else. Also the doctor's probably know more than me lol. Good luck at your appointment.
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  17. Sal Paradise

    Sal Paradise New Fapstronaut


    I have a light grip but don't always have the strongest erection.

    Did you experience ED?
  18. @Sal Paradise Yes that was my main problem! along with DE. I must have flopped with about 8 girls which was very frustrating and really destroyed my confidence with women.
  19. Footballer98

    Footballer98 Fapstronaut


    I am 21 years old.

    I have ED because of prone masturbation.
    I can ejaculate during the normal way now but i still cant get a full erection.
    I started to do it the normal way immediately after i stopped prone masturbation. ( i didnt waited a week first)
    So im masturbating without a full erection.
    Im doing this now for almost 2 months and i still cant get a full erection..

    Am i doing something wrong? Can someone maybe help me?

    Sorry for my bad english