My Top Tips in Curing De-Sensitisation From Prone Masturbation!

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    What is wrong with prone masturbation? Why it's counts as more harmful?
    OK. I just read that position of prone masturbation puts a great deal of pressure on the penis. It also puts pressure on vital nerves found at the base of the penis.
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    in my early age i did prone mastrubation last 2021 i faced ED, but after sometime that recoverd and no ED problem for 5-6 months, but last 1-1.5 months i faced same ED thing. i think casue for last 2-3 months i did prone mastrubation. can anyone suggest me how recover from this type of ED?
    please do as soon as you can.
    THANK You
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    You just got to keep away from PMO man.
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    Question for @theconventionalmasturbator or anyone else...
    I started masturbating prone around age 11 until age 20. In that time I developed ED and became completely desensitized.

    At age 20, I became fully aware of the dangers of prone, and I switched to the conventional way. I haven't done prone since, I'm now 30.
    However, the ED never went away, and I'm still desensitized. Why is this? As far as I know, I didn't switch to "death grip".

    My theory is that I need to do a hard reboot of 9-12 months to reset. So far I'm 4 months clean...
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    Try kegel exercise mayb it work
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    I am 27 Years old male. Not sexually active yet. Started with masturbation when I was 17 and it was by Prone Masturbation. I have masturbated by hand before only 3-4 times while I was doing PMO, but I was not dedicated enough and after only 2 days of abstinence from PMO, I would try to masturbate by hand to see quick results. During that time I masturbated by hand lying down, face up (conventionally) & it would take me around 30 minutes & I had to shake it at a unbelieve speed to finally climax after 30 mins. My hands would hurt after that.

    I started to finally quit PMO last week. Abstained from any masturbation for 6 days. And after that I masturbated conventionally by hand and that too standing on my feet as I thought I should train myself to do it in all positions. I timed myself and I ejaculated in 8.5 minutes after 6 days of no masturbation as I was very sensitive. Although to climax I had to go fast (but not extremely fast like before as I mentioned in above paragraph). After this I masturbated again on the 2nd day & it took me almost 17-18 minutes & I had to go very fast again (faster than day 1). Although I was not holding the penis very hard in both the days to avoid the "death grip" but yes I was shaking it very fast. During both the days I was not fully erect & not very hard.

    Now here is my question:

    1) In order for me to climax I have to mentally force myself to have a very vivid imagination even though I looking at porn or pictures. Just shaking it does not do it for me. I might as well keep doing it for hours until I mentally push myself enough to climax. So it is not happening effortlessly still

    2) I am not very hard but not very soft too during masturbation so there is definitely ED present. Right now I am masturbating daily and it's my 3rd day as masturbating conventionally now. I am masturbating everyday now. Is it possible for me to cure the ED after 30 days of conventional masturbation?

    3) Stroking very fast seems the only way I can orgasm. Is there any way to learn climax while still stroking slowly and calmly like a lot of people usually already do?
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    yes the solution would be to not masterbate at all. You are too anxious on trying to do it normal way. Well even hand grip is not normal. 6 days are nothing. we need to restore sensitization in those parts by doing nofap. As stated by many others, no matter how bad we think we are desensitized, we can still recover by nofap. do atleast a 90 days reboot and then we can see restoration to normal behavour. If you keep relapsing within a week or so then you wont be able to recover quickly
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    First I would like to say that I feel relieved to know that I am not alone in knowing that many people like me have this addiction to prone masturbation! I would like to present my story: I started masturbating with prone when I was 11 years old, I am currently 18 and have no sexual experience, I masturbated in an unconventional way due to phimosis, as it was the only method of reaching orgasm without feel pain.
    In 2020 I had circumcision surgery, but I don't know why the hell I returned with prone masturbation, and then it never stopped, after a 1 month break due to recovery from the surgery. I would like to add a case of how prone masturbation affected me and I should have stopped after this fact, but I didn't care at the time: that was in 2021, and that day I was simply very excited and I ended up masturbating prone 3x, and in one of these, I ended up hurting my penis brake due to the speed and the strong pressure I was doing, and with that I had to stay 4/5 days without masturbating, after I recovered, instead of trying to conventional method, I went back to the prone method, and I still do it today.
    I decided to enlist your help because I am ashamed to tell my parents, friends and even the doctor and therapist about the way I masturbate, but this is really affecting me a lot, the peak for me was today.
    Yesterday, November 29, 2022, I tried for the first time to masturbate using the conventional method after masturbating 3x using the prone method, then ok, I locked the door to my room, and I put on a porn movie to watch and I had an erection in response the exciting scene, then everything ok, the problem started was that 10 minutes after masturbating I couldn't get any pleasure and no sign that an orgasm was near and, and I felt that my erection disappeared and then came back and so on and so on and this started to agonize and make me anxious, so I decided to give up and complete my orgasm in the prone method again.
    Today the same thing, I tried and couldn't, and then I had to reach orgasm using the prone method, and with that I ended up getting frustrated that I decided to turn to the internet for what the hell is happening to me until I arrived at this forum thanks to @theconventionalmasturbator And with that I would like to ask a few questions:
    - how long should i stay abstinent without masturbating from both methods? - should I buy or use any lubricant other than my hands to make it easier or is it not necessary? - how long will it take me to reach orgasm? - will I be able to ejaculate the first time after abstinence? - is abstinence also able to cure my addiction to pornography and excessive masturbation? Thank you for creating this forum, and not making me feel alone on this journey of trying to get myself clean of this damn addiction, I look forward to an answer!
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    Go for NoFap on hard mode to 6 month
  10. It's been a while since i last logged in, hope everyone is on the path to success! Your story is very relatable bro and very similar to mine.

    Read the guide i made on page 1 bro, it has everything you need. But to answer you questions.
    1. I'd abstain for 10-14 days in the beginning, and then try to masturbate by hand. If you are unsuccessful, don't resort to prone. As difficult as it may be, try to abstain a further 5-7 days, and then try again. Eventually you'll succeed bro.
    2. If your circumcised and trying to recover from prone, Lubricant is essential bro, and that may be what your missing to succeed in the early stages. Believe it or not it could take up to 2 hours to achieve your first one by hand. It took me 1 hour 47 mins lol. Before that, it was so embarrassing, where i'd think i was going to cum and then I urinated instead, but i kept going.
    3. NoFap, excessive masturbation and removing porn is the final step bro. But we must first learn the conventional way of masturbation (i.e. by hand) first because its much less destructive than prone masturbation and has its sexual benefits (i.e. pulling out, cum on the girl, etc.). Some may opt for NoFap Hard mode and not learn the conventional method, but in my opinion its unrealistic for most prone addicts. However, if you can show the discipline, and then never prone again, it will work.

    Good luck
  11. Go see the doctor just incase, NoFap Hard mode for minimum 180 days, improve your diet. Personally, i'd try using the fleshlight for a month with no porn. Maybe start with a few images, then decrease to just the feelings and sensations. Then i'd go for hard mode. Choose what you thinks best bro and update us.
  12. 1. At the start that is normal, but slowly decrease the need for it. Similar to rehab.
    2. Everyone is different bro, there is no set time. 3-6 months is more realistic and for some it may be 1-2 years to fully recover. But it's not all in the physical recovery, you need to recover mentally as well, and that can take some time. Although the physical was very very difficult, it was the mental healing was the most difficult for me. However, by about 1-2 months, you may be able to have sex successfully, however it is still likely to be a struggle.
    3. Start by going slow just when you are about to cum, then go slow maybe 20 seconds before, then 30 seconds, then 1 minute, etc. NoFap for 2-4 weeks can also help regain sensitivity, and then try again and it should be easier. A key breakthrough for me was when i learnt conventional, did 30 days NoFap and then tried conventional again. It wasn't till after this that i was cumming in 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 mins. As someone recovering from prone, this was unreal, because it was taking me 15, 20, 30 mins before that and that was with fast, strong strokes.
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    Just wanted to share my story. I am 30 years old. I had been doing prone since I was 11 (2003). Just a natural instinct so to speak, popping arousing photos on the pillow or thinking of a girl I had frisky feeling for at the time, and felt good and easy.

    I didn't do it everyday but once in a while just to let off. However, I was still able to masturbate to orgasm by hand especially while watching porn on my computer.

    However, my frequency of prone increased with very little by hand from the age of 21 onwards. It wasn't helped that I started to watch porn on my smartphone which I'd do in my bedroom, lying on my stomach. I would masturbate prone once a day, or more, and I really didn't think much of it.

    When I was 27 (2020) I started to experiment playing with men and started engaging in gay sexual activities as I had been enjoying gay porn for some time. It was when I met a guy to jack off that I realised I was unable to reach orgasm by hand nor by receiving oral sex, not even with his assistance. I was very embarrassed about this but put it down to having masturbated earlier before having met him.

    After trying to reach orgasm by hand at home unsuccessfully, I did look up this issue online and was a little horrified. I did put off prone masturbation for a couple of days but my urges kicked in and I did revert back to it simply because it was an easier fix for me. I would get into penetrative and receptive anal sex with men but neither activities were able to induce ejaculation.

    Fast forward to most recently, I decided to give it another shot. Starting from Jan 6, I went cold turkey for about 12 days, no masturbation of any kind, and largely also put aside porn. I then lay in bed at home going by hand. It was a little disappointing for a the first 20 minutes and I did end up going prone temporarily but in a very light way, and stopped myself quickly. I then reverted to hand and after a couple of light strokes I started to feel a pressure there and went faster and faster till it happened. I finally was able to cum by hand.

    I tried again three days later and was able to do it multiple times that day, including with a condom over my penis while using a fleshjack. The fleshjack really did make me orgasm rather quickly too, so gives some hope perhaps for the real act. I will take a couple of days break and try again. It is harder to achieve over a shorter period but I guess I wanted to share that it is possible to overcome prone in as little as two weeks, considering I was a hard one prone masturbator. Porn was helpful for erections, but not necessary. Once I got going just thinking sexual thoughts in concert with stroking motion helped me to reach orgasm. I am hoping this will translate to penetrative sex and oral sex as well in due course.

    Hope this helps people struggling with this.
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    I just stopped prone 37 days ago. Regained some sensitivity. Can now cum during sex; couldn't before. But it is still hard and is a marathon, and I have to wait several days after an orgasm before I can cum from sex again. So i'm still not in control of my orgasms. I am on lexapro 10mg, which causes some sexual side effects and numbing of my genitals. How long did it take you guys, once stopped prone, to get full sensitivity? I am hoping it keeps improving.

    Otherwise, my doctor is going to put me on trintellix 10mg.
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    This was an earlier post I made in October last year where I tried masturbating the normal way after 6 days of abstinence and I was able to cum the conventional way, although I had hard erections while I was lying down but weak erections while standing up. And it took some fast jerking to reach climax.

    I resorted to prone again for 2-3 months after which I finally decided to put an end to this forever.

    I am trying to do a 3 month NoFap. I started on 10th of Feb so as of today it's been 21 days (3weeks) so far, and I now don't get any urges to masturbate or do prone. I feel some increased senstion on my balls for a limited amount of time and during some specific times during a day.

    However, I am not getting any morning wood whatsoever. This was not the case when I last abstained for 6 days as mentioned in my earlier quoted post above. Also my penis is soft almost all the time. Is this normal? Should I have morning woods now? or is there some trouble.

    Also would anyone be able to advise some exercises apart from Kegels that would help me get stronger erections after 3 months of my NoFap. Does Squats and leg exercises work?
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    How’s ur recovery going?
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    I’m 30 years old and masturbated prone since I was around 10 years old. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 29 and I’ve had ed problems with the few girls I’ve had sex with. The last girl I had sex with was 3 months ago. I was 4 months into no prone masturbation. But I was still desensitized and having ed and over those 4 months that I stopped prone. I noticed a difference in my erections and felt more sensitive. I started masturbating by hand and a lot less masturbation then I did in prone. But it was not showing me the results after 4 months when I had sex. I ruined my relationship with this girl I was talking to for a long time. I told her about my problem. So it broke me mentally that I lost her from my bad habits. It’s been 3 months and I haven’t even tried to have sex again. Stopped talking to girls to focus on my recovery. I’m now 7 months in to no prone masturbation. I will never go back to it after my embarrassing experiences and not being able to please myself or the girl I really liked. But I’m struggling rn with masturbating daily and I have been seeing signs that I’m using death grip. Just kind of needed to vent to you guys about this. Im trying to stop masturbating. But I’m failing. I was doing a lot better the first 4 months but after opening up to the girl I really liked about this. It’s put me in a dark place mentally the last 3 months we haven’t talked. I can’t seem to go longer then a day without masturbation now. I know if I can stop prone for 7 months like I have that I can stop masturbation with my hand.
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    Hi bro i need your suggestions. Can u pls reply
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    I did prone from a very young age, morning wood never even started for me. In august 2022 I stopped at 19 years old. I managed to learn the conventional way my first time and don’t have any sensitivity issues to this day. However my ed came back suddenly as in after the week of abstinence from all jacking off I learned the conventional way and my erection suddenly came back to 95% and the suddenly one day it went back to a semi about 2 weeks after and it’s like this now I haven’t done prone since and have a light grip, I don’t watch porn but sometimes I do stoke a abit fast (although I don’t think this effects my ed). My question is if this normal have u heard of the ed coming back suddenly despite me not ever doing prone again? I haven’t had sex yet so I don’t think it’s in my head and because it happens all of a sudden I don’t think it’s a physical illness causing this and I don’t understand what it could be…

    there is some good news tho a few months ago so about 1 and a quarter years after completely and entirely quitting prone my erections started to improve by a decent amount in certain positions, morning wood is becoming more common too and I respond better to V1agra than I did before(before it barely made a difference on my erections strength but now it’s more effective) and I feel a pulse in my penis now in sync with my heart beat ( it’s always been there but way more noticeable now feels like my body tryna for more blood in) also the improvemts I’m seeing in erections now seem to be permanent

    So my questions are
    1 have u heard of the ed suddenly coming back for no apparent reason and do u have any idea what this could be

    2 I have a positional ed but my erection is best when standing and about the same when laying or sitting it’s not a huge difference tho so I’m wondering if this is also normal since I hear that prone makes it hard to get erect standing and I’m the opposite of this

    3 there’s been a couple times when I had a hard erection and it was when I was more turned on that usual the hard erection lasted about 10 seconds before going back to normal and I’m wondering if u have any idea what this could be or if this is normal for prone maybe I’m just overstimulated but I don’t think this is the case since like I said before I am seeing erections Improve

    4 lastly do u have any advice on what to do