My Top Tips in Curing De-Sensitisation From Prone Masturbation!

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  1. 1) Yes, i coated a small amount of lube on my penis, as well as inside the flesh light. My main problem after i learnt the conventional method is that I gripped too hard (death grip), and the flesh light definitely helped me get over it. If you can afford it, then I highly recommend you buy it to help you in your journey.

    2) The correct method to use the flesh light (in our case) is to put it in between your bed and mattress, then you'll be able to get on your knee's and thrust into it. In my opinion, you should not use the flesh light until you learn the proper way to masturbate. You want to learn this first because in your life you won't always have access to a flesh light and it may tempt you to prone masturbate in the future. So learn the conventional method and then in 1 month, purchase the flesh light. Also, it will be close to impossible to cum in the flesh light after just one week because you are used to much higher pressures. You will most likely feel nothing and lose your erection, just like how you would in a vagina!

    3) Sildenafil can be useful when you are first learning the conventional method (Week 1-3) and when you are first having sex (after learning the new method). I don't think you need it though to be honest and it won't really help with your addiction. The key is to stop masturbating for 7 days. This should do the trick for you. Also, once you learn the proper way, you won't want to prone, so the key is to learn the new method.

    4) Drinking is fine, but understand that it can effect erection quality when you over do it. Just make sure you haven't drunk anything when you are practising. It is fine to drink after. Also, I was a student when i was learning, and i drank a lot. It wasn't really a problem, unless i was hungover.
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  2. Mmm... I'm not sure how to feel about this. I am a prone masturbator by default, have been ever since I knew how to masturbate. I've only ever done it normally once on my first 40 day streak when I noticed I was more sensitive. I've heard about the detriments of prone masturbation, but figured I could combat it by just giving up porn and masturbation as much as possible.

    Your plan seems pretty well thought out, however, there's a few flaws in it. The first being is that it encourages the reader to masturbate at all. As someone that has spent a lot of time staying away from porn and masturbation and isn't comfortable with the thought of returning to it, following this plan seems like a big risk to take to achieve something that only a stranger on a forum says. I'm not saying you have a lack of credentials or anything, that would be irrelevant, it's just I see no reason to trust you. The second thing that I'm skeptical of is that the website you linked believes that men should masturbate, which I completely disagree with.

    Now I haven't had sex with a girl yet, so if I were experiencing problems in that area, I'd be more open to maybe trying this training out for a while and the thought has occured to me a few times on simulating the way I masturbate with a girl. I can't. But I'm still skeptical on potentially setting myself back by looking at porn way more often than I do now. Plus, you state you did this training prior to going 70 days clean and having sex with a girl that lasted 20 minutes. That sounds to me like you didn't need to do this training at all and instead, just focus on staying clean. But you did mention that NoFap is still a good way to recover and that it's just to ensure you don't have an urge to do it prone.

    So while I won't be doing this training program, you've encouraged me to give up prone. Should the absolute worst happen, I'll try to do it normally. I think you're right in that area, jacking off would better simulate a vagina rather than pressure.
  3. Hi DeservedCriticism,

    I appreciate you commenting on the post and questioning certain things (I always like to hear different perspectives).

    My main aim with this post is to stop people doing prone masturbation, because what i suffered, led me to depression, anxiety, embarrassment and it really fucked up my relationships. The problem is, not everyone is strong enough to quit masturbation and porn permanently (like you are trying to) comes to the point where they eventually relapse, and how do they do it? By the prone way. In my opinion, it is important to first unlearn prone and learn the conventional method (which is what i have done). After learning this method, one of the main advantages I have found is that I no longer have any urge to prone masturbate ever again. Its fully behind me! Also, the conventional method can be helpful in the bedroom..I assume you want to pull out and cum on your girl?? How are these guys meant to do it, when they have limited experience in doing it?

    But I do agree with you on masturbation and porn, in fact I am currently on day 14 NoFap and I don't want to go back either. The problem is that it is very difficult to learn the conventional method without porn (in the early stages). When learning, many will lose their erections very easily, even with porn!, because they are used to such a high pressure of stimulation (via prone) and their penis simply isn't getting enough stimulation (via the conventional method). It is therefore important to maximise arousal. Furthermore, I did list at the end, that once they learn the method, they should free themselves from masturbation and porn permanently or at least until they are happy with their sex life.

    Regarding the website, healthy strokes has a similar aim to me..they are mainly trying to help people overcome prone and also help young people/teens learn about their bodies. Lets face it, every teen is going to masturbate, so why not at least be aware of the correct method and avoid any unhealthy habits. But whats your opinion, is your opinion and i'm not trying to change that.

    It is interesting you haven't had sex yet to really see where your at. But, I hope all goes well when you do get to that point. Your right, the training will set you back a bit, but in my opinion it is worth it in the long run. Yes, you are correct in your message.. I came with a girl after 70 days, solely due to NoFap. But what happened next is that I eventually relapsed, and I only ever knew masturbation via the prone method. So I ended up having a marathon of prone masturbation. Then in my next sexual encounter, I returned to having ED and feeling nothing!. If only i'd had learnt the less damaging conventional method back then! Do you see what i'm saying

    But look, I'm just glad you found some value in my article and that you are on the straight and narrow. All the best for you bro. Just don't ever do prone masturbation again. If you do happen to relapse, masturbate by the conventional method, with a light grip and slow speed.
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  4. Yes, this is desirable, which is why I'm not fully writing this plan off, not yet. But as of now, I see no reason to switch horses while I'm still in the middle of this race.

    Yup, that's the plan. Thanks for sharing this program at all. Made me reconsider my strategies a bit.
  5. Yes, that is correct, I did it for 10 years. Sexual relationships are now good bro, but it took time to improve. I experienced ED even when i had learnt the conventional method. You won't just become normal when you learn it, you need to give your body time to heal and time to adapt. You also need to get used to a light grip and a slow speed because it is likely that the masturbation style you learn is close to the death grip. If you keep using the death grip, nothing will change and you will have the same problems.

    Condom's did bother me at the start tbh .. but most men I know say the same thing. I did have ED a few times with them, but this was when i first returned to sex after learning the new method. But this is normal, and after a few attempts, I was able to cum within 10-15 minutes.
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    ive been proning since 8. please read my log for how i cured it
  7. I actually used a condom with the flesh light a few times, but I can't really say if it helped me or not. But don't get too caught up on the flesh light bro, the main reason for its use is to get use to a lighter, more realistic grip. It should only be used short term really.

    To get to good sex it took me a good 6-8 months, but it shouldn't take as long as this. I only took this long because i was really enjoying the new method, then I had to tackle the death grip and I also had some psychological problems because of prone. Everyone is different though bro, but in general i'd say 4-6 months.

    I don't get what you mean in the last question. It shouldn't be a problem, it seems very normal to me. and yeh Sex Ed really needs to be re-assessed, because we'd never have to deal with this BS if we were aware of this.
  8. Where can i see this log? I can't seem to find it, just the one on the dead dick
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    Hi There, first of all Congratulation for your achievement. I have been engaging initially in prone masturbation since childhood but after a point started by hand also. Now the last time I relapsed from nofap my condition is such that I masturbate both by prone( via blanket) and hand. But I also have 11 months of nofap experience with many relapses in between and my longest streak was 110 days hard mode. So in my case, should I continue on hard mode as I am right now , in order to recover?
  11. The waves of ED is all part of the learning bro.. when you used to prone you effectively taught your penis that it doesn't need to stay hard to achieve orgasm. In fact with prone, only like 40% is required, so that is your default erections at the moment. To return back to getting hard erections you must only masturbate when you are hard. If you are like 50% then stop and wait for the opportunity to arise. When i tried lube, it was definitely easier, but yes, I did lose erections at times. As you become more familiar with the technique however, this should go away. Yes, I am circumcised to (unfortunately), so lube was a great help and definitely helped me during this learning period.
  12. My advice is to first get rid of prone from your lifestyle. If you already know how to do it by hand, then good, it means you don't have to do the training. I'd suggest continuing hard mode, or possibly doing the death grip plan. But this depends on your current problems. Are you able to have successful sex now? that is ultimately what the aim is.
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    Hello @theconventionalmasturbator.

    /I’m going to try this method but I have some story and questions.

    I started prone masturbation when I was 12 years old and I heard about masturbating but nobody told me how it works. So landed in prone. It felt great at first but overtime I started feeling desensitized and learned the negatives of watching too much porn. So in high school around 15. I started cutting back on the amount porn I was watching. In middle school it was everyday but in high school it was every couples of months. But I continued prone. Fortunately I eventually learned it’s supposed to be by hand when I was 18 and did masturbating properly when I was 18. Plus it was more natural though that same year I was annoyed I go back to porn every couple months so I completely quit porn and didn’t watch any all year. But for the past year I keep relapsing prone in my sleep when I have a rough night or sleep bad. I tried regularly masturbating again not prone the natural way in the day to stop it in my sleep. But I noticed I am really tired all day if I do it in the morning or afternoon and I have school so I worry it makes my motivation not good. My question is

    1)if it is true that masturbating for 30 days. When would be a good time to do it? I don’t want to in the morning or middle of day when I have work or school and the tired part of masturbation will be make me slow. Should I do it in the evening though I heard it’s 2 hours to get an erection I’m worried I will loose track of time and go to sleep really late and feel bad the next day. Should I have an bed time to relax afterwards then go to bed.

    2)how am I supposed to know when my erection is back to normal? I’m a virgin so I can’t practice with somebody so is there a point where u feel back to normal?

    3)is the flesh light necessary? Because I have never used sex or masturbation toys. Plus when I fix it should I throw it away?

  14. Hi Leto, welcome to the forum,

    1) There is no specific time which is best.. As long as you are not overly tired, your good, so i'd avoid doing it when you first wake up and when it's late at night. The best time to do it is when you have a free house (some privacy without being disturbed), where you can focus on each sensation and when you feel like masturbating. Who care's if you have a bad day the next day, we got work to do lol, and it's 2 hours max to achieve ORGASM and thats only on the first time you first learn. It's not essential you go 30 days in a row anyway, just try to do it when you can. This is an irrelevant question tbh, just get it done bro

    2) Well you'll know your erections have improved when you masturbate, they will be notably stronger. When you first learn, you'll lose your erections quite easily. This should be gone when you learn. Well if you haven't slept with anyone then its hard for me to sort of say, because we don't know the extent of the damage. My advice is to just learn the conventional way, work on a lighter, slower grip as you improve, do NoFap, try meet some girls and see what happens.

    3) The fleshlight is not essential, but is a useful tool for guy's who are finding it difficult to loosen their grip. Some guy's end up with the death grip after learning the hand method, and the flesh light is a great way to help them get over it. Well it's not a disposable device, you can use it as many times as you want. But my personal advice is to throw it away after, so you can focus on real women.
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    Oh thanks for the feedback! I don’t think I have death grip because I don’t have a strong grip when I do that stuff. I usually play around or pull different directions. Personally I don’t want to but a flashlight because I don’t like the hassle of cleaning it up. I will try the hand way and look up ways to masturbate naturally. Though if it doesn’t in the beginning and I do actually have death grip then I’ll get it. Though good news is it’s easy for me to quit masturbating and porn since I have lots of distractions. Since 2017 the only times I’ve masturbated are in my sleep unconsciously. But that’s every few of months when I go to sleep awkwardly But I’ll return to it for 30 days with this method and go to bed better. Thanks for this post it’s very useful.
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    Thanks a lot. It was great
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    I was successful with a 50mg dose for the first time. But that was only after 5 months of following the healthystrokes program and abstaining from prone. I was actually such a bad case of ED that the first couple attempts at sex using sildenafil were still unsuccessful for me, even with help from the drugs. I had to get used to the feeling of sex after a few years of not having a partner, and I also learned that I responded best to the sildenafil about 1.5 hours or 2 hours after taking it, not the one hour that most pharmacists indicate. I've been using less and less each time.

    Lately I've been using less than 20mg. I'm optimistic later this year I'll be able to perform without it. My erections have steadily improved since giving up prone, and there does not seem to be any physical problem, just a desensitization issue.

    One thing that I'll add to the discussion is that I did not notice serious improvement in my erections until about 6-8 months after giving up prone. I remember feeling hopeless about the situation and thought that not even medication could help me. It's true that this condition is reversible over time as long as you give up prone completely and permanently
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    Can I get just like 90 days of nofap and from there start masturbation without porn?

    I don't want to get back to porn at all. To be honest not even masturbation, but will do if I have to.

    I wanto to go a few months free of everything to let my brain, dick and testicles rest and cool down.

    I did prone, but from 2 or 4 years ago (really don't know for how long), but definitely not from the begining.
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    Bro, you saved my life, I always knew I'm kinda different cause I couldn't orgasm with oral(I never tried pussy yet)
    But when I tried for anal several times I had ED and I was so embarrassed about it. I thought I was alone and I'm weird af lol. btw I haven't M for 3days I want to get to 7 days and start that M with hand. (sry for my awful English)
    thank you so much
  20. Well yes, you could do that if you would like. But in reality, how likely are you to get to 90 days?.. If you have the discipline, then it's a great alternative plan. However, even after 90 days, masturbation by hand will still take time to get used to. Watching porn is not essential of course, but for myself as a heavy prone user, it helped ensure the erection was strong, which is very important. Be very thankful, you've only been doing it for a few years. You should easily reverse this and your plan should be effective.
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