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My Top Tips in Curing De-Sensitisation From Prone Masturbation!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by theconventionalmasturbator, May 28, 2018.

  1. Fullcontact

    Fullcontact Fapstronaut

    I have heard you should try to masturbate until you cum even if it takes hours. But man I don't have the patience for that which is why I relapse so often. I try to jerk off with my hands, I get hard but never cum, then I give up but having tried to jerk off I get really tempted to jerk off prone. If you don't feel like a week is a enough time I recommend trying to go as long as possible because if you fail at cumming with your hands you'll be tempted to go prone. At least that's been my experience.
  2. jack126

    jack126 Fapstronaut

    I had been masturbating Prone for more than 10 years. It has been 4 months since i had quit Prone masturbation and i am not able to reach the climax in masturbation as well as sex. I am feeling really depressed. Will i ever recover from this? What are the alternate ways out of this? Suggestions pleaseeee
  3. C0nquer0r

    C0nquer0r Fapstronaut

    Should I still do this training or just go with NoFap? I've been trying to do NoFap for three months now and the longest streak I got was only 10 days. I have been masturbating conventionally for 4 years and have done prone for a year, only stopped because I heard that it was bad and somewhat unhealthy. My orgasm time and sensation from prone is also the same as my orgasm by hand and they feel just the same. The problem for me back then is having to orgasm when I'm half asleep cuz i can just hump my bed, although this only happened for days and hasn't been a problem for me in months now because of muscle memory when sleeping. Every time I get an erection (when sleeping/not sleeping) my body quickly reacts and forces my wiener to not touch the mattress (Learned this for a couple of weeks to avoid orgasm when half asleep). I am on my 7th day now so should I still do the training or just keep doing NoFap. I'm also curious about the benefits, do I still get the same benefits even though I have proned and do NoFap?
  4. I was just like you bro.. in fact i'm almost a copy because I proned for a similar time and was depressed to the point of going on anti-depressants. You will recover from this! But it's about putting in the groundwork. Follow the article and you will be on the straight and narrow.. why you asking for alternative ways when i've provided you the answer. The answer which has work for 100s of people. It won't be a quick fix but is 100% reversible. I can masturbated by hand in 5 mins and can ejaculate during sex after 7 mins. You will be the same, but you need to motivate yourself!!
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  5. jack126

    jack126 Fapstronaut

    There are quite a few articles. Which one are you talking about?
  6. In my opinion, NoFap can be just as effective as the training method, as i, a 10 year prone addict at the time, managed to achieved orgasm during sex after around day 67. It was difficult but I did it! with a condom as well! However, what a lot of people aren't realising with NoFap it does work but eventually your going to get the urge to masturbate.. It may be day 30, 60, 90, 120, 200, etc. So we must destroy the habit of prone by understanding its dangers and replacing it with the hand method!

    It's looking like your dealing with it well, and one year is nothing bro. You are lucky you have realised at this time. If you can masturbate by hand in the same time as prone, then you can skip part 1 of the training and just go straight to the death grip plan. Where you masturbate once in a week, then twice the next week. But really try to loosen your grip and lower speed to a more realistic way. After this, NoFap 90 days should solve it all. But are you even having problems during sex? I reckon you could even be alright after 30 days NoFap!
  7. Henlar

    Henlar New Fapstronaut

    Hi all,

    So First of all i want to thank you theconventionalmasturbator for making this post, i am pretty sure a lot of people have watched this and you have helped them a lot.

    I have been doing prone masturbation for 14 years now. This 2 of january i discovered this webpage after the last prone masturbation that i will ever do in my life.

    I will follow the steps, starting by 30 or 60 days of Nofap. I only have one doubt that i am not sure if someone said something about it. Since a lot of time that i hace problems getting excited... like nothing excites me, i am guessing that is due to the PM too, but i am not sure. Is it normal to not get excited by anything at this point? It's been hard getting it up.

    P.D: also i am from Chile and i went to the urologist and he told me that there was "no bad way to masturbate", but after all these stories, I am pretty sure he is wrong... which made me wonder... is this problem not very well-known around the globe?
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  8. Diego Ann

    Diego Ann New Fapstronaut

    Hello, my name is Diego, 21 years old and I am Brazilian.
    I practiced prone masturbation all my life, and it made my penis lose its elasticity, acquire wrinkles and fine lines, dilated veins, blemishes, and abnormal darkening. In short: I destroyed my penis.
    In addition to the bad appearance the flabby and cool skin makes it difficult to put the condom, I lose erections, and although I can masturbate with my hands, I think I will hardly ever have normal sex.
    Also reported difficulty having standing erections,

    I do not speak English, I apologize for possible translation errors, this was the only site in the world I found that deals with the topic.
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  9. Thanks!

    Its definitely a mix of prone masturbation habits and excessive pornography and this has conditioned you. This stuff is like a drug, the more you watch it over time, the more stimulation you will need. That's why you see these guys watching fucked up things like she-male porn lol. Thankfully i wasn't like that and i hope you aren't either.

    When you are on NoFap, try your hardest to not touch your penis at all! Unless its for cleaning purposes. Also stop looking at naked girls on porn websites and on Instagram! All this will help get you more excited. Do this for 2 weeks, and you'll start seeing a difference.

    SADLY I HAVE TO SAY, DON'T LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR.. BECAUSE PRONE MASTURBATION EFFECTS SUCH A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF MALES, THERE ISN'T MUCH RESEARCH INTO ITS HARMFUL EFFECTS. SO SOME DOCTORS MIGHT NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS! THEY JUST SEE MASTURBATION AS ONE THING! Yes it happens to more men than you'd think, but this is the problem with our society, no one wants to speak up. Us men need to start speaking to each other instead of bottling it all up!
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  10. Hi,

    You are only 21, so I find it hard to believe you have destroyed your penis. All penis's are different as well, so it may just be what yours looks like. Was it different before? I am no doctor though, so i'd strongly recommend you speak with your doctor about this.

    Firstly, stop prone and follow the plan i have written. Difficulty having standing erections is normal for a prone masturbator so don't worry about that. The sooner you switch and give it time, that will improve.
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  11. Thomas Phoenix

    Thomas Phoenix Fapstronaut

  12. PowerfulSRE

    PowerfulSRE Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Thanks for sharing tips, I am sure that will help people with prone masturbation. I must say I heard now for this term for the first time.
  13. Affiproner

    Affiproner Fapstronaut

    My BG : i PMed since 7
    Childhood and now i am 29 years. I just consummated marriage after 7 months of failures and frustration.
    I learned about PM and its effects in 2012 but couldn't really recover or rewire my brain from it. I only got serious after getting married and learning that i am in deep shit. However, i fully abstained since then and never practiced it again. I never told my wife about this problem, instead i excused by lying that i have a disc problem in back and doctor has advised me to not get involved in sexual activity for a year. My wife compromised her desires for my problem for over 6 months, however, she couldn't sustain her desires and showed her anger o
    And frustration over my problem in Feb. I was afraid to lose her so i got compelled to take sildenafil, which i nevr thought i will because i was afraid of becoming reliant on it. I did however take it but started by taking half a pill (50mg) to see if lower dose works. It did work and i was able to have sex for first time and it so felt good of course. I fucked twice in a night but restricted the intercourse to once a week only because it would interfere with my so called back problem, to which my wife agreed fortunately.
    I did that for two weeks and then periods of my wife started. In mean time i kept masturbating with hand to help reiwre my brain to normal stimuli and to increase sensitivity of my penis. I had my wife jerk my penis with a lube. It felt so good and help a lot in restoring the sensitivity of penis that i never had lol. It felt amazingly good and she did that every day. Last night i got erection and tried to have sex which went successful. Not only that in morning i was ready again and had sex again ThAt too without pill.
    I am so happy and it feels like an achievement. I hope this is motivating for you. Pls guys trust the process. This really works. It was not simple abstinence from PM all these 7 months. Below is wwhat i did during this period to help with recovery:
    1) internet research; this article with name "neurons that fire together wire together" and "unwiring and rewiring" on yourbrainonporn website.
    2) couple of youtube channels like Noah B Church and Universal Man
    3) self mastery like visualizing and feeling how it'd would feel fucking a pussy (which i never was interested)
    4) sometimes masturbated using a home made pussy filled with lube to replicate the feeling of pussy.
    5) exercise, high intensity and compound movements
    6) never reverting to PM again

    Trust me if i can do it u can too.
  14. Great post .. well done on all your successes and I hope everyone takes inspiration from this!
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  15. jack126

    jack126 Fapstronaut

    Hi all,

    I have been on this forum earlier and i am seasoned prone masturbator who did it for 17 years and I am 37 now. I realized my mistake and had quit it 8 months back. I had tried for 6 months by quitting prone and i could not masturbate in the conventional way even once. I got married almost 4 months back and after trying for 2 months, i had to resorted to Prone again based on advice by a sexologist that my ejaculation mechanism is gone. Now i can ejaculate prone again bu conventional is far off. My wife is upset with me for not being able to have children. Is there anything else i can try for vaginal ejaculation? Will any medicines help? I feel like committing suicide for not being able to achieve what a normal person can do
  16. Affiproner

    Affiproner Fapstronaut

    Bro y
    Bro all sexogists suck at this. Dont trust them. This is so rare situation that world needs to add this in sex education for people like us to combat. I have over came it already and was in same situation as you few months ago. I am right now cured and consummated my marriage only a month ago, after 6 months of failures. PM me
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  17. Hi Jack126,

    I agree with Affiproner, in the sense that most sexologists won't fully understand this. This is past the textbook they learn from, it is relatively new in its discovery and has limited studies/research. First of all, you need to quit prone ASAP, this is only making it worse for you and is prolonging any chance of success! F**k the sexologist, he needs to be re-directed to this article if he has any hope of helping the lost 10% that engage in this act!!

    In terms of learning conventional, what you probably have failed to do is abstain for 7 days and if you are unsuccessful, DON'T ENGAGE in prone. Just wait another 3-5 days and try again! It took me 2 hours on my first attempt! Use Lube as well, porn if necessary and follow my tips in the article. Eventually you'll achieve it and then you won't look back. Prone will be a thing of the past. Alternatively, go on NoFap 90 days hard mode and believe me, you will achieve orgasm with your wife! Thats straight facts.

    Have you even followed the steps on my article?? Look if you want to practice vaginal ejaculation, you could buy a flesh light but let me tell you something, that won't fast track you to success. It is just another way, the best and most natural way is the conventional method. Understand, this is a process, you need to stay positive and realise results will come. Some people may find success early, some after a month, 2 months, 6 months, 1 year, but at the end of the day, those who put in the work find a way out.

    In terms of medicine, sildenafil or viaagra helps keep your penis hard, but make sure you feeling horny before you take it, ideally 7 days NoFap. Trust me, this is the best way, because if you are not aroused enough, you won't cum. You'll just be forever jerking. Also, I found Phenibut (a type of supplement), made it easier to cum when learning, so consider that, but moderate your intake, don't rely on it for a quick fix.

    Lastly bro, don't ever give up on yourself, yes i emphasise and relate that you feel low, but this feeling should only ever be turned into motivation. Use this now to make a real change, once and for all, if you put in the work now for the next year, you will be better than that 'normal person' because when you show the character, strength and discipline to overcome this, you will be able to tackle anything.

    Good Luck to you and everyone who is currently on this struggle,
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  18. Affiproner

    Affiproner Fapstronaut

    You need to also understand that neurologically this takes place inside your brain as you practice new habits and refrain from proning again. You need to practice mindfulness through meditation. You need to train your brain to teach that fucking a vagina is much more pleasurable than rubbing against surfaces.
    My case was so worse that i was not only proning but also always imagined only one position while masturbating : pronebone. So not only had i to recover from prone masturbation but also had recondition my brain to missionary or other sex position, for which i had to resort to porn (POV pussy fuck) for some time as a fix. My case was very complicated and i consider my self luckiest among all prone masturbators who defeated this shit on his own.
  19. ToMMy.H

    ToMMy.H Fapstronaut

    First of all thanks a lot for this thread @Affiproner.
    I am 25 and I have never masturbated by hand. Also heard about prone masturbation recently and red a bit about it.
    I now realize what was really happening when I had sex after long time. F.e. my first sexual encounter I couldnt cum and I lost erection. Than didnt have sex for about year and again the same hapenned. I managed to cum on my second attempt and I remember I took like 30minutes+. And basically the same happned everytime I didnt have sex for some time, did only prone masturbation and then had sex with partner.

    Now I finally know, why that happneed -> thx very much!

    I decided to go for NO PMO hardmode challenge so I am not going to follow the tips here, because I expect when I dont masturbate at all the problem will dissapear itself. I also know, when I mixed prone masturbation and real sex I was doing fine nad didnt have any problems with erection, ejaculation.
    I only remember that sometimes I enjoyed more prone masturbation with my filthy fantasies than actual sex.

    I make commitment with myself that the next masturbation will be by my hand.

    btw. I usually fall asleep on my belly -> is it common for all the prone masturbators?

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