My transformation (2 & half years)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, Sep 6, 2020.

  1. Nofap hasn't changed anything for me I couldn't see any benefit to be honest
  2. Thats disappointing
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    bro....great post! Good stuff! I will save this post!
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    I relapsed around day 40 - 60, my brain is trying to trick me.
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    Amazing bro, our true nature is always authentic and abundant. Look at how you were as a little kid, fearless and adventurous always exploring and having fun laughing enjoying the moment. Society I should say modern society instills fear and need to focus on destination, destination addiction, I will be happy when I have a big house nice car lots of money etc... that thinking will never make you happy NOW. There is only NOW.
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    Has your brain fog gradually gone away? I am on a streak of 9 months and still struggling with brain fog.
  8. Diet + Workout ans your "Brain fog" is gone. Nofap has nothing to do with it :)
    Also It is there because you lack self confidence and self esteem probably.
    Meditation, overcoming your fears, doing things that scares you and makes you proud everyday. That's the key
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    Of the 3000 girls you approached, what's the worst reaction/outcome you've had?
  10. There have been girls who have completely ignored me. It's not really a reaction since nothing is happening. But it must have happened to me maybe 6 or 7 times not more. It always hurts less than you think it does.

    Once a girl told me that she didn't like what I was doing (approaching girls). When I asked her why she couldn't answer. It was an unpleasant time to live but we can't please everyone.

    99% of the time it goes very well. girls are happy to be approached. Even if it's awkward. As long as the intention is good.
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