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  1. I am really nerved by the repeating tendencies of arbitrarily censorship in these forums. If these tendencies of questionable moderation, which Castielle also mentioned in a thread, continue or even strenghten in my personal perception and observation, I will have no choice, but to leave this platform. I do not need any kind of parenting, berating or kindergardening in my life, especially not by people (moderators), who are a lot younger and less life experienced than me.
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    I feel the same but leaving isn't the best thing to do but that's just my opinion which I'm not supposed to give
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  3. Of course you are supposed to give your opinion, if you feel like. Thank you.
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  4. A forum needs to have rules. And rules need to be maintained.
    Ever thought about helping the mods and become a moderator yourself?
  5. I totally agree with you about this and I do not question or criticize the concept of moderating generally. But there is a difference between responsible moderation and censorship or even silencing people, with whose opinions you may disagree. I am totally aware about the difficulty in this, but nevertheless I expect certain standards, if someone applys for this job. In the question that brought me up to write down this thread for example, I am not angered about the point, that a moderator had to react on a report, but the way how it happened. ( by erasing everything else of my comment, except the one line in question, for which I was reported) I would have done that completly the other way around, if I would have considered the report legitimate at all. Deleting the offensive line, give the user the warning information, but leaving the rest of the comment untouched of course.
    Now there stays an aftertaste to me, that the executing moderator might have disagreed with the rest of the comment too, and used the opportunity to kill it all.

    I have thought about the idea applying for moderation myself in the beginning of my participation, also because there were positive experiences too, but meanwhile having been already silenced and temporarily suspended for minor incidents by mods, like some kind of obvious satirical comment for example, I dropped the idea. In my opinion it´s wiser to choose moderators, who keep themselve generally clean of any warnings and who tend to have a peaceful temper. I am too angry and spontaneous emotional often for this job on the one hand, and on the other I absolutly have not enough time for it.
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  6. That's some good self-reflection.

    I've had just a few issues with mods, which are all solved positively.
    I better focus on my own recovery in stead of involve myself in useless discussions. That works for me.

    Take care.
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