My way of dealing with urges.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by nick323, Jun 15, 2020.

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    Every time you get excited (it doesn’t matter whether it’s fantasy or surfing on Instagram), then look around you. Is there a sexy girl there? No? Imagine how pathetic you will look if you recur. Your brain is deceiving you. Better instead of relapse, take a walk and think about what you will do in the future. Each of you can get better. And one request, if you recur, then continue as if nothing had happened - progress is not linear. Good luck on your journey.
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    Thank you for suggestions....

    Walking jogging physical excersize helps a lot.....

    Now days, it's weird but very basic simple solution , while walking i count steps ...
    I count number plates of vehicles.....Because here vehicle number plates just contains numbers no words....So count numbers and do basic maths like addition.........
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    Side point - the person who wrote the post online isn't there either. The porn or p-Sub has something in common with the (any) forum: It's recorded content from the past.

    Could it be that we avoid live interaction whether it's with a woman or with people we could get support from as APs? Apparently some people will avoid talking to their partner on the phone because with a text you can edit it so it's just right, but with a live voice conversation you might make mistakes and you can't take it back. Apparently the basic fact that life isn't perfect isn't tolerated anymore.
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    This is a great point. Live conversation seems like the only way to go to keep it real. Thanks!
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    awesome! thanks for the suggestions.
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    Thank you bro
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  7. OhWhenThe

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    I watch a really sad video, usually kills the urge and makes me feel guilty.
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    Do you think that will work in the long run or are you open to more long-term, healthier methods of linking urges?

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