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My weird success Story with my beautiful Girlfriend...for now.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Drianus, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Drianus

    Drianus New Fapstronaut

    Hey Guys, first of all I want to apologize for my bad English. Im from Germany, 21 years old. I was fapping to porn since 13 everyday. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Only HD, only sexy actresses. It really affected me. I had this Death-grip Syndrom, that i could't have an orgasm, if i'm not doing it myself.

    I had Sex 5 times before in my life. It didnt work, I didnt feel anything, I didnt get an 100 % erection. After 10 mins my penis was limp. I never had an orgasm.

    WARNING! My Story will get sexual!

    So I met my girlfriend 3 months ago. We are now together for about 2 months.

    After 3 Weeks she gave me the first blowjob. I didnt have an orgasm and didnt feel much. My erection wasnt the best either. THIS WAS THE TIME , when I had to change my life. I found the NoFap community and decided to start NoFap.

    After 1 Week of NoFap (no PMO):
    I had a Penis erection of like 70 %. ( Much better than ever ).
    I had the first time Sex with my girl. It felt better. I penetrated her 1 hour long. But I didnt have an orgasm. After Sex she gave me a Blowjob. Felt more than the first time, but didnt have an orgasm again.

    After 2 Weeks of no PMO.
    2nd time Sex with her.
    Felt more then ever
    . Penis erection was about 90 %. Again Sex with my girl, then a Blowjob. Didnt have an orgasm.

    After 3 Weeks of no PMO.
    3rd time Sex with her.
    Penis erection was maximum hard ( 100 % ).
    Again the same. The feeling while Sex and blowjob was better and better. But it didnt work again. No Orgasm.

    The 4th Week of no PMO changed my life.
    4th time Sex with her.
    The same again. I had Sex with her, didnt have an orgasm. Then she gave me a Blowjob. And I came. I had the first time ever an orgasm without doint it myself. I felt like Im in heaven.

    The 5th Week of no PMO.
    Yesterday I had Sex with her again (for the 5th time). The feeling was insane. I nearly came ( with a condom) . But I didnt want so I stopped. I didnt want to end it so fast. So i made it slowly. After like 1 hour of penetration my penis was still hard. 100 % !!. She gave me a Blow job and i came.
    After 1 hour she blowed again. And I had an orgasm again. 2 Orgasms in like 1 hour. It was great.

    I want to thank NOFAP. It changed my life. I can get an orgasm with a condom.
    My Girlfriend will take in 1 week birth controll pills. I will have Sex without a condom for the first time. I think I will come very fast.

    Im so happy. If I did it. You will too. It took me about 4 - 5 Weeks of no PMO.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2017
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  2. Crimson

    Crimson Fapstronaut

    Sounds like a similar story to mine my friend I just warn you that you will hit a bit called the flatline where you won't want sex you dick won't work well it will work but you just can't get really turned on and your get massive withdrawal symptoms but let your gf know it will make everything so much easier
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  3. DBug

    DBug Fapstronaut

    Very encouraging! Thank you for sharing and best of luck to you two! Hope I can get there one day myself.
    LG aus Ö :)
  4. BigBlue82

    BigBlue82 Fapstronaut

    This is a great story. I'm, hopefully, on a similar path. Keep abstaining from porn!

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