My worst memories

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    1. My crush got hit by the school bus. 2. A friend committed suicide. 3. Lost friends in a mass shooting. 4. My best friend attempted suicide. 5. My mom attempted suicide. 6. My uncle tried to drown himself. 7. A friend got cancer. 8. Got raped. 9. My father got a heart attack. 10. Got a gun in my face. 11. My stay at the emergency psych unit. 12. When I broke my neck. 13. Lost my sister. 14. Almost died from food poisoining. 15. My cousin got kicked in the face by a horse. 16. When my mothers bf cut off his finger while drunk. I fainted and woke up with a knife in my foot.
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  2. I am very shocked and saddened to hear about all this you have been through. But don't give up, keep improving yourself as a person as well as your skills. Good days are waiting for you. All the best ;)
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    I really think that you are a strong person!
    All the best.
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