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    So. Hello there. I am 18 old. Have been dating with gl for like 6 months. Todays my 31d and 23h NoFap journey. So, I easily fucked off fap, really. I really love her and realised that NoFap challenge made me better at "loving". I do appreciate feelings, emotions and "clean" love. We are chrisitians and decided not to have a sex before marriage, you know. And personaly I decided to stop PMO too. (Not because of religion, no. I found NoFap really interesting, nothing more)
    But there is a lot of problems:
    1. Cuddling with her is really painfulf. I always have a blue balls, cuz.. you know, guys. Its like I cannot do cuddling as long as I want to. I always interrupt cuddling to make some "rest". I find it really weird, but I dont know how to handle it.
    2. We are addicted on touches. So, its personal, but I can explain what I mean. Our bodies "miss" together. We are really good soulmates, but our bodies want more. We find it normal, but making out with her is not a solution — I get blue balls.
    3. Relegion do not allow any sexual acts. So, yeah. We tried texting our sexual fantasies, tried making out, but every time it ends one way: I get erection and HUGE PAIN because of blue balls.

    So, I dont know what to do. We dont want to lie to God. Our "ways" to make some LOVE can be considered as sins and we cannot handle it.
    We really want to have a sexual things, but did not find any "proper" (religion) way to do.
    Thanks for support! I am not native eng. This text has a lot of mistakes.
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