MYSTERY LEAGUE 2.0- The Purge of Legion

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    Note: The remainder of the challenge will be presented along a storyline. Anything in
    grey is the story-depiction whereas anything in normal black is the literal meaning (aka if you are pressed for time, just read black and blue). Anything in blue is a change to the challenge rules.

    And so, with the fall of Aventus, the fiend Legion seized his opportunity and purged the League of Challengers into doom, forcing them to question their ideals and drawing power from their despair. Guided by nothing but their will, the remaining challengers continue their fight against the now nigh-indestructable overlord.

    "I, Legion the fiend Jester, hereby declare war against this army of Purity. I appoint myself as High-Lord and erect my throne as game master. First order of business- to weaken this army."

    And so, Legion drew his mighty sword and lay waste to their motivation. Greed and power created an aura of dark energy around the fiend and granted him accelerated MP gain as he lusted after the ultimate power. Should Legion reach the maximum power before anyone else; he will gain a power like no other.

    The Mystery League must band together to defeat this power- lest they be consumed by the darkness. With the angel Aventus gone, Legion has no equal and the balance tips in favour of darkness with every passing moment.

    The games have begun.

    The user IAmLegion is no longer a part of any TEAM in the challenge. I cannot be both a team participant as well as the moderator because that will be unfair; I am now an independent entity in the challenge.

    •Also, if you look below,
    the scores have all been modified. Your lives remain intact and teams remain unchanged- except for one difference- all scores have been minimised. In the original challenge, the team with the lowest score was assigned a new score of 0 and all other teams have new scored based on the difference between scores. This has no effect on your progress. The distance in progress between teams is perfectly preserved.

    However, there is an important effect from this: penalties against the score affect a greater portion of your score.

    The maximum score of 150 has also been modified to 101 to keep the original concept unchanged and to facilitate the early end of the challenge. This is to pay tribute to Fehr's original ideology.


    ☆The Lone Immortal
    Score: 50/101
    @Optimum Fortitude [2/7]

    The Spartans

    Score: 52/101
    @Loveless-J.R.A [2/7]
    @Camilo.. [2/7]

    The Sunset Samurais

    Score: 26/101
    @Eleanor [
    @Sammyforthewin [2/7]

    The Lone Survivors

    Score: 65/101
    @Randox [2/7]
    @Tiger uppercut! [2/7]

    The Ring Bearers

    Score: 58/101
    @What I Do That Defines Me [2/7]
    @Ginny Weasley [2/7]

    Immortality Aura [1/1]:
    The Mystery League is shielded from Death.

    ☆The Eagle
    Score: 42/101
    @Cel mai drept ideal [


    Score: 56/101
    @spaces [2/7]

    ☆Warrior, not Wanker

    Score: 44/101
    @WARRIORMAN [2/7]

    Murder of Crows

    Score: 62/101
    @M.S.H. [2/7]
    @Gotham Outlaw [2/7]

    Overlord Legion
    Score: 74/101

    @IAmLegion [1/1]
    1. Fiend's Witchcraft [5/5]
    Legion picks a party member of his choice and deals random damage to them based on the number of HEADS obtained from 2 coin tosses. (1 HEAD= -1 HP)
    •One member can only be targeted once per challenge.
    •Ability cannot be used if HP of the target is 2 or less.


    Metamorphosis will occur at the following scores:
    (i) 24
    (ii) 72
    (iii) 100+

    Red Potions x0
    Restores 2HP of the player who consumes it.
    Blue Potions x2
    Nullifies any added HP loss from any event for the player who consumes it.
    (Example: Relapse in Minefield > Drink Blue Potion > Lose only 1 HP)
    Black Potions x1
    Nullifies score stasis for the player who consumes it.

    1. Each day a TEAM passes without PMO, 2 Mystery Points will be added to their score. As per the original plan, what consistutes a relapse is as per Fehr's guidelines.

    2. A relapse by any member incurs a score stasis for the day for the team and a penalty of -1 for the participant who relapsed. Reach a score of 0 and you (the participant who reached 0) will be disqualified, leaving the teammate alone.

    Again, this is in accordance with Fehr's ideology:
    3. IAmLegion is now an independent participant with a starting score of 0 and possessing 1 HP. IAmLegion is umaffected by any and every effects added to the challenge. He cannot gain health or score outside of his normal effect and cannot use abilities granted to other participants.
    •IAmLegion gains 8 MP with every single day.
    •Even if IAmLegion reaches 101 before everyone else, he cannot "win" the challenge. But if he does, he will gain a powerful ability like no other.
    •It is in everyone's best interest to stop this from happening; any member of the league can sacrifice 2HP to prevent Legion from gaining MP for 1 day. This sacrifice also grants the team of the user a score of +1 (normal score progression applies).

    Legion laughed maniacally as he sat on his new throne and looked down on the brave League of warriors.
    "You challenge my reign? Then play by my rules , mortals."
    And so the games began.

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    And at first, there was peace. Legion simply smiled and uttered these words:

    Checking in.
  3. Check in. Awesome work, man. I knew you’d rock it. :)
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    Legion laughs.

    Ha! I like this one.
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    Checking in
    Also, It says [5/7] for me, but I only relapsed once in the challenge
  10. CTRL + DEL

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    It was copied as is from the other challenge bro. Why didn't you point it out before?
    Did you relapse during this week?
  11. Because this week is double R. Its not my fault nobody read rules.
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    Yeah i thought it was because of the double relapse.

    Frankly, if people don't enjoy the challenge's story and twists, it doesn't make any difference from just normally doing nofap. He's right everyone- we're all here to make this journey fun.

    Step 1 is to read the rules ^^
    Please don't make me spend 40+ minutes typing out stuff only to avoid it. :(
  13. Exactly, i dont want to interfere but if you want to reset the double R week, you also add one life to Mystery and Batman. Or let effect active for everyone its your call now.
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    Nah i won't reset it :)
    I'll let that penalty and its effects end along with the old challenge.

    There are a lot of twists coming up and i want everyone to get comfortable first so no double R applies now.

    All the same, the effects incurred in the past challenge will be left as is. It's like a scar that'll remind everyone of the original challenge ♡
  15. Legion's betrayal was a bad blow for Optimum Fortitude. He thought he had seen it all, but that one he did definitely not expect. He tried not to give it too much thought and looked around. The darkness was almost absolute, but he could see the dim glow of his Mystery League companions' torches in the distance. He grabbed his heavy equipment and proceeded to walking towards the light.

    Honestly I think this challenge is awesome and the new IAmLegion RPG style is epic. I wish I could more actively participate to the story's development but I am very limited in terms of Internet access and typing is quite a pain (I only have a phone and it stinks to type on it). However, I always read everything and I really enjoy the weekly challenges and everything. You may not see it across the computer screen but your karma is going way up with organizing this challenge. I feel pumped up from morning til night and it's the only challenge I ever really stuck to. I think the proof that we care about the challenge is that most people are still actively checking in every day (at least that's my understanding).
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    Haha omg I love the grey you typed! I'm very pleased to hear that you enjoy it. There is no much in store, I can't even begin to tell you :D This last month is gonna be epic ^^

    And it's really commendable that you typed all that on your device. Really. You don't have to go through the pain of that again because I understand what you mean. This sort of feedback really motivates me.

    See, i noticed that most people in this thread like games (Gotham Outlaw, you, me, Aventus, Tiger Uppercut) or are of a young age (again me, mysteryball, crept mai, etc.) or into comics/ heroes/ villains (Batman, mysteryball) and similar trends so I wanted to make the best of it.

    The challenge may get tough later on but I truly want you all to excel.

    Thanks old partner :)
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    Gotham outlaw realized he would stand a better chance of defeating legion if he worked with the other party members. He brought them to a small weapons cache nearby. It wasn't much, but it was something.

    I'm a team player.

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