MYSTERY LEAGUE 2.0- The Purge of Legion

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    Actually you did log in. In my time zone, your replies fell under different days. Lucky!
  2. Cool!
    Now I understand. Thanks for clarify n_n
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    *Meanwhile at Legion's Lair*​

    The first thing the demon did after his Metamorphosis was unleashing arc lightning in every cave he came across. As he watched the hordes of dead bats fall to the ground smelling of burnt meat, he laughed maniacally and proceeded to zap their corpses as well...

    After an hour of such devilry, Legion grew tired and returned to his Lair. He realised that he could no longer fit in his throne so he enchanted the seat to twice its size before sitting down and enjoying the view of his domain.

    He looked at the Scoreboard, eager to see the damage he'd done to the Lone Warriors, but alas- when he saw that their progress had been unaffected, he grew enraged and opened his third eye to see what was going on...

    ... (Old Man gets the majority of votes)

    ... (Hermes reveals his true identity)

    ... (Hermes grants potions and reveals that he intervened the lightning attack)


    Legion's anger knew no bounds as he watched his plan dismantle before his very eyes.


    And after uttering those words, Legion checked in and took flight... approaching the League with frightening speed...

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    Come on man , I told you o wouldn't be checking in for 5 days

    Check in

  5. Checking in Monday and also Sunday sorry I think forgot to check.
  6. Unless you told him that over a PM you never posted that anywhere, the last thing you said was checking in on Tuesday which was on the other challenge.
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  8. ROFL! Haha, you come up with some funny stuff! lol
  9. Batman is gonna get you for this. Good thing they are making it a felony to abuse animals. lol
  10. I dont particularly like bats, i chose them as a manifestation of my fear, so ill let it, im coming for him anyway ;)
  11. It’s brilliant, you’ll love his zen talk and quirky character, Damian Lewis really gave it his all with that show like he did in Band of Brothers.

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    Uh. No you didn't.

    You checked in before the report so you won't be disqualified but at least don't lie.

    You never told me you'd check in once every 5 days.

    You still haven't. You've just lied about telling me you did. I have yet to receive word from you on how often you'll be free to check in.

    I have half a mind to just letting the penalties stack against you for another week until you actually tell me.

    But I don't want people saying I abuse my power so I'll go ahead and allow you to check in once every 5 days.

    If this weren't a challenge hosted by Fehr, you'd be disqualified. Keep that in mind. I'm letting you stay because he chose you.
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    With the exception of @Address007 everyone has checked in.

    To clarify:
    •Eleanor will be allowed a check in every 5 days.
    •WARRIORMAN will be allowed a check in every 5 days.
    •Loveless-J.R.A. will be allowee a check in every 2 days.

    The Ultimate relapsed and posted his report in the original mystery challenge. Meaning:
    1. he hasn't bothered to read any of the 20+ posts there discussing the termination of that challenge
    2. He's completely ignored the 2 posts in THIS CHALLENGE that I've specifically tagged him in.

    Since he has failed to check in on this challenge, he is now disqualified.

    If any member opposes this decision, today is the time to speak. This is not a voting thing. I'm asking this just to be fair so if I have made a mistake in judgement somewhere, it can be pointed out.
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  15. To be fair, I think if you’re in any challenge whatsoever on here you should be checking in at least every second day or something, 5 days is too long in my opinion. There’s no way you can be so busy you can’t check for the entire week...

    Not to mention he didn’t read anything, he just came back to say he relapsed and that was that, that’s not how the challenge works, it needs team participation otherwise what’s the point in being here? I hope I don’t sound cross but I just feel it’s disrespectful to everyone participating.
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    Exactly. That's literally the whole concept of joining a challenge.

    If people are going to be so inactive, why not just do nofap like everyone else and not take up the limited spaces in a challenge?

    But whatever. I'll shut my face and play along because Fehr was the one who chose them. If he tolerated this BS, it falls on me to conform to his wishes.

    I will do my absolute best to ensure that his wishes are preserved.
  17. I'm ashamed to have to report it, but I had a relapse.
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    Hermes saw the sad Freedom Lover report a relapse with a shaky voice.

    He smiled kindly and told her that it was alright. As long as she gave it her best effort, everything would be fine.

    "You'll be okay, young lady."

    He held out a
    Black Potion and offered it to her to drink.

    "If you drink this, your team will still gain points today. Do you want it? It tastes like tar though so drink it fast!"
  19. Is it dangerous?

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