MYSTERY LEAGUE 2.0- The Purge of Legion

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  2. Me too. I need to order my mind. I'm really sorry @IAmLegion , I really appreciate your effort, it's not you nor the challenge, it's a personal issue :(
  3. Check in... My training partner used to say... "Finish strong, that's what matters!"
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    Take care my brothers and sisters who wanted to leave the challenge, what matters that we are still in this great community anyway. we stay in touch whenever we need help or support. Take care.

    Check in, Have a great day everyone :)
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    In interest of preserving the usefulness of this challenge, a vote was called on asking for each player to point out their preference as to how the fate of this challenge should formulate. In the interest of those who expressed their willingness to leave, I have made the following amendments for these players:
    •Your check in deadline is now once a week. (5 days)
    •Future participation on your end will not be required. It is likely that your names will appear in the storyline but you won't need to go through the trouble of having to vote / take part in general.
    •Just sit back and enjoy as the story wraps itself up :)

    The challenge is finally balanced and I appreciate everyone's feedback. Thanks a lot guys. I'm glad I didn't have you keep your feelings bottled up :)

    Address007 is no longer a part of the challenge.
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    Quite dissapointing, but I have to report a relapse.
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    I'll take care of that, don't worry.

    Just drink lots of water and focus on not binging my bro.
  8. Check in. Have a great day friends
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    Part 2
    While Legion reinforced his powers in secrecy, the oblivious Mystery League marched towards his Lair. They were losing spirit and many of them had perished on the way. Their morale was low and quite a few of them were on their last HP.

    Things truly were bleak but they tried their best not to focus on them, although they found it near impossible to avoid. Everywhere they looked, the signs of their failures stared right back at them.

    Sammy was struggling to keep up...

    Eleanor hung her head in shame....

    Batman hadn't talked to anyone after his relapse...

    Cel mai drept ideal was walking sluggishly....

    Ginny Weasley was limping painfully...

    But worst of all....

    Worst of all, Hermes was behaving like je had no fight left in him. The jolly God everyone had come to know now seemed more like an old man than ever...

    Hermes barely talked anymore. Following Eleanor and Cel mai's relapses, he was now at a mere 10% of his power. Everyone saw that it was getting to him. He couldn't even arm wrestle with Legion in such a state...
    But they moved on.

    They had absolutely no idea what they would do when they reached Legion, and yet they moved on. It really was routine by now...

    And then Hermes stopped walking abruptly.

    Tiger Uppercut was right behind him and he hit his nose on Hermes' head and reeled back in pain.

    "What's up man?! Warn me when you're gonna stop."

    But there was no reply from Hermes.

    The God stood as if transfixed by some spell. The League grew fearful and rushed to his aid, but he signalled at them not to approach.

    He closed his eyes tightly and muttered.

    "I'm getting a message from Persephone...", he said.

    M.S.H. frowned.
    Wasn't Persephone the wife of
    Hades, Lord of the Underworld?!

    Hardly a minute passed when Hermes came to his senses again. He turned and faced the League and spoke in a panicked manner.

    "I'm afraid I have some really terrible news."

    Hermes then conveyed news of Legion's visit to the Underworld and explained the significance of the move.


    Batman had finally broken his silence and everyone jumped at the sudden exclamation.

    Hermes sighed deeply.

    "I suppose it's time, then", he said shakily as he pulled out a strangely designed flute from within a pouch tied to his belt.

    Everyone stared at the strange instrument but Hermes spoke before they could inquire.

    "This is The Flute of Divinity. It is used to summon the Gods to fight alongside us. With the power I have left, I can't even cast a spell anymore. I'm as useful as a mortal."

    Gotham Outlaw frowned.

    "Why didn't you just blow this thing when we took you in as one of us?"

    Everyone nodded.

    Hermes didn't look up. He simply stared at the flute in his hands.

    "Because this is a very dangerous ritual...

    First of all, to play the flute of Divinity, one must cleanse themselves of all sin. Fail to do so and try to summon a God and you will die. Only the purest at heart can reap the benefits of this weapon."

    Hermes looked at Sammy and everyone saw that he was crying.

    "With all of you falling day after day, I couldn't risk it...

    Using the flute of Divinity instantly sets the user's HP to 2, regardless of whatever value it was a before. For some, this is a blessing but for some it is a terrible curse. It signifies that all are equal in the eyes of God. One must be ready to sacrifice everything...

    Additionally, the flute cannot simply be played. You must cleanse yourself of all sin during 24 hour ritual for which I will play it.

    Fail during the ritual and the Gods will grow angry. Instant death (disqualification) will occur to those who sin during the ritual... so far, there have been only 2 days during which nobody has relapsed..."

    Everyone grew silent.

    Hermes wiped his face dry and looked at everyone intently.

    "But it must be done.

    With great sacrifice comes great power. In my state, I cannot help you anymore. Once Legion declares war, we will perish unless we have the Gods on our side."

    Everyone knew the truth that lay in Hermes' statement.

    "We'll do it", Randox said.

    "You bet", Spaces spoke up.

    "Count on it mate", Ginny joined.

    "One more day, eh? I can do that!", M.S.H. exclaimed.

    Everyone else nodded.

    Hermes was smiling now.

    "Then sit down everyone. We have a demon to defeat.

    Everyone sat in a circle around Hermes, who stood in the middle holding the flute to his lips.

    "Let the ritual begin."

    And Hermes started playing.


    Back in his Lair, Legion casually walked the huge three-headed Cerberus with the chains that had bound him in the Underworld. The beast didn't even growl, for it knew it was in the presence of great evil.

    Legion left the great beast in a corner and unhooked the creature's chains.


    "This will stay with me," the demon said as he coiled the Chains of Cerberus around his arm.

    "Watch the place while I pay the torture chambers a visit."

    Legion was planning something...

    And whatever it was, even the watchdog of the Underworld wasn't enough for it...
  11. You a low-key genius brah! *Tips his hat!*
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    Put that in grey! XD (jk; don't need to)

    Thanks ^^
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    Thats quiet interesting :)
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    Thanks my bro :)
  15. Checking in

    @IAmLegion sorry for the ghosting. Not my usually days but unavoidable. Can only check in when I really have time.
    Just want to say, it's difficult to come from some months of flatline into an urge pit, with no way out, yet at least. I am fighting, and I may not be able to come here everyday, but I do think of the team a lot. And the commitment we made to ourselves and to everyone here.

    So... reset da counter lad. Nothing like a Valentine's Day present. I've mention it before; implementing karezza. It's basically no orgasm. Simple as it sounds, no O, is the the real challenge. Also started to hangout with my friends more often. Main reason I decided to try karezza. Saw a video on Youtube, and it helps with with relationships apparently. It's a big step but worth it I suppose. So still no PMO. S without O.

    Hope the team is fine,
    Heyah everyone.
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    Don't worry about the check-ins. I'll extend the requirement period to 5 days.

    The challenge will end on the 20th. Thought I'd let you know
  17. was now gonna DM you. five days it is. Thanks lad.

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