MYSTERY LEAGUE 2.0- The Purge of Legion

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    Sorry to hear that my bro.

    Take some meds, drink lots of water and go to bed early tonight :)
  2. Checking in

    The usual, busy day at school later. Getting a degree sound like fun at first. No one mentioned the challenging part. Cannot imagine how my Masters is going to be...

    Well, at least I'll have you lads and ladettes to turn to when its tougher than I can handle. So far so good. It's like a mild flatline. I think that's progress.
  3. Checking in. I love that last passage :D
  4. I feel you haha getting a degree is really hard
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    Part Four
    Please play the following track for an Optimal Gameplay Experience:

    Legion stepped out of a portal, back into his Lair. He let the demons take the long route back to the realm of the living. There were a few things he needed to do firs-

    "What in the- ?!"

    The first thing that he noticed was the brilliant radiance that bathed the world. As far as the eye could see, flowers and shrubs were rising from the soil and there was no trace of malevolent activity whatsoever.

    Legion's scales granted him protection from being burnt alive in the Divine Light, but that was the least of his concerns. He knew that the light could only mean one thing: the Gods had descended into the realm of mortals.
    Legion looked around wildly, watching in disbelief as the world around him was purified.

    "This is madness... How the HELL did this happen?!"

    "The Gods are all but one," somebody said in a confident voice

    Legion turned around in horror to see the entire League standing behind him, each member accompanied by his own God.

    Legion didn't speak.

    He couldn't speak.

    The sight was too much for him to bear.

    The League had been waiting for him.

    Starting back at him were Gods and Titans of unimaginable strength, each accompanied by a member of the League. Last he remembered, there was only Hermes to deal with. It was clear that while he was venturing into the Underworld and Hell, the League was enacting measures of their own.

    And then the onslaught begun.

    Hephaestus flung a giant hammer straight at Legion, which caught the demon in his abdomen and knocked him through a stone wall.

    Hyperion followed suit, flying high in the skies and directing a Sun Beam right on top of the demon. Ouranos cleared the sky of any clouds so the beam was at maximum intensity. Legion coughed blood and threw the hammer aside in rage, only to be struck by holy light of blinding intensity. He felt his power diminish by the second as the sun beam drained him of his very dark essence.

    The attack ended after a few seconds and left him weak in his knees. The demon tried to gain his composure but Athena didn't let him. The goddess charged at the demon and smashed her aegis against his face, sending the fiend stumbling back in agony.

    Ares and Zeus took advantage of the vulnerability. Ares drew two twin blades out from their sheaths and rushed ahead at full speed, jumped over Athena and stabbed Legion right through the palms of his hands, sending the demon crashing into the ground as he tackled him and nailed his hands to the earth with the swords.

    "NOW! MOVE!", Zeus exclaimed.

    Ares jumped off just in time as a massive bolt of blue lightning struck Legion straight in the chest.


    And that was it.

    Legion was left burnt and smoking on the ground, unable to move because of the swords that fixed him to the earth.

    Apollo approched Legion and looked down at the demon.

    "This, Legion, is the consequence of evil. You are alone and dying. Those are the fruits of treachery: an easy journey to a tragic end."

    Legion laughed hoarsely, coughing blood as he did. But he just didn't care; the demon still laughed.


    Apollo frowned.

    "This fate humors you?"

    Legion watched the God with his flaming eyes and smiled bitterly.

    "You're supposed to be the guy who sees all right? The Lord of the Truth?

    Legion laughed.

    "And yet you fail to see that so far all that you Titanic Jackasses have done is walk head first into your own undoing."

    The God frowned. From the distance, Aphrodite shouted at him to get back but Apollo ignored her in his rage.

    "I am the Master of Truth, Legion. You cannot lie to me. You did not expect our attack."

    "Oh but that is exactly what I've done, you idiot."

    Apollo drew out his sword.

    "Watch your tongue, Legion or else I shall remove it."

    The God was enraged but Legion continued to laugh weakly, staring at the God with his unblinking eyes.

    "It's not a lie if I believe it."

    Apollo's eyes widened in shock.

    "You mean... you planned this?"

    Legion laughed maniacally.



    Apollo finally took a step back.

    "E-explain yourself NOW!"

    Legion was still staring at him, smiling and seemingly oblivious to the extreme pain he was in.

    "Who the fuck do you think instructed Persephone to warn Hermes of my plan?"

    Apollo was weak in his knees at the revelation.

    "No! THAT IS A LIE!




    And then Apollo noticed that the demon had been pointing a finger towards the horizon the whole time.

    When Apollo looked in the direction, he finally understood why Aphrodite had warned him to come back.

    Approaching quickly from the distance was a black cloaked figure holding a large reaper.


    Death had come for Legion yet again but Apollo didn't understand why the demon was so happy at the sight of its approach.

    Legion smiled as he saw Apollo's confusion.

    "I can't kill you but he can."

    Apollo looked at Legion with a mixture of horror and anger.

    "That's bullshit, Legion!

    Death is coming for you, not us!

    Enough lies already!"

    Legion smirked nastily.

    "You'll know who's lying and who isn't when I gut you alive and hang you by your innards."
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    I died.
    @IAmLegion Sorry. The storyline is very awesome and the sheer amount of work you have put into creating it is greatly appreciated. However, being the weak fuck I generally am, I didn't bother putting enough effort and taking this whole thing as seriously as I should have. :(
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    I've relapsed guys.

    I won't be a pussy and person about it but I've already written up most (95%) of the remaining storyline so I'll just keep continuing it.

    I am so extremely ashamed of myself rn but I will not let the rest of your efforts go to vain. You will get the story you came for.

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

    Have a PMO free day ahead. Please.
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    You have an amazing talent for story telling my friend !!! Be strong now !
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    Its ok bro keep trying thats why you are in a challenge , it tests you , you either pass or fail , but you learn something each time !
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    Oh yeah I forgot.
    You didn't "die". Your HP was set to 2.
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    Oh yeah, damn, I forgot about that. Well, I better not relapse now, it's freaking pissing me off.

  15. Sorry to hear that, but dont be ashamed, weve all been there. Youre putting up a good fight and youll do better next time. Good luck :)
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  17. I feel like rubbish doing this but I have to leave the challenge @IAmLegion due to health complications, I'm especially sorry since I was given another chance and I have to leave again... If I could transfer my angelic ability to Batman I would but I don't think that would be possible.

    I hope everyone looks after each other and gets through this addiction, and thank you mates for making it fun while I was here especially Legion for his hard work and great writing. It's a shame I won't be around when it ends as I was having a good time.

    Carry on like you're the bloody Royal Guards.
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