MYSTERY LEAGUE 2.0- The Purge of Legion

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    Sorry to Hear about the relapse Legion, stay strong brother!
    Take care Ginny. You're still in this great community anyway, Take care outside this challenge .

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    That is quite alright miss Weasley ^^
    The story is at the last phase anyway so I'll leave your name intact.

    Don't worry about checking in or anything; you'll still be a part of the plot but you don't have to partake at all :)

    Get well soon sister!
  3. Checking in, feeling a lot better than yesterday. Time to take this Legion guy down!
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    Part 5
    |Major Plot Progression|
    WARNING: Plot Endings Follow. If you aren't up to date with the storyline, do not read. This is a long entry.

    approached Legion within a minute and stood quietly next to the fallen demon. It nodded solemnly at Apollo and pulled the reaper out from within its cloak.

    "I suppose you could say you cheated death, but I'm afraid it just bought you 3 days worth of life."

    Legion laughed painfully at Death's remark but said nothing.

    Death raised its reaper high in the air and prepared to strike.

    "The same trick won't work on me twice, Legion", said Death as he snuck a glance at Hermes.

    The League and all of the Gods except Apollo stood at a distance and watched the proceedings. Nobody wanted to approach Death, even though they were all immortals. Only Hades, Lord of the Underworld, Zeus, God of Gods and Apollo, Master of Truth and Philosophy ever had the courage to stand so close to Death. For all the other Gods, Death represented the very antithesis of their immortality and its existence was a very uncomfortable thought to entertain.

    Apollo had long pondered about of the laws of existence and knew there was nothing to fear. Death was simply an end to life. And yet, Death itself could never die until it had killed every last living being alive. In reality, Apollo pitied the cloaked being. It was such a long and lonely life.

    Legion watched Death closely as it looked him in the eye, moments away from sealing his fate.

    "Any Last words, Legion?
    I am required to ask.

    Your last words will factor into your judgement after death."

    Legion coughed and laughed.

    "Just two for you, Death."

    Death waited patiently, observing Legion's hands carefully lest he invoked The Plague again.

    What Death should have been observing was the scoreboard.


    Apollo was instantly knocked back with vicious force as a surge of Dark Energy enveloped Legion.

    Death was astonished but remained physically unaffected by the shockwaves. Nothing could touch Death because it was simply an embodiment of Law. It just stood in silent hate as its cloak billowed madly in the energy.

    Legion laughed as the Metamorphosis restored him to full power... and beyond.

    In his rage, the demon tore through the swords that had been fixing him to the earth and stood back up again.

    The Gods all gasped in horror as they watched the proceedings helplessly. Zeus erected a barrier to block the harmful waves from reaching the Gods and the League members.

    Similar to the effect Divine Light had on demons, Dark Energy was known for burning through purity.

    And Apollo had been mere feet away from the epicentre of the surge.

    Black flames ignited all over his body and the God writhed in pure agony as his flesh and divine powers were burnt to nothingness. He screamed so hard his throat began to bleed but there was nothing the God could do to stop the flames.
    Dionysus, Hermes, Hyperion and Zeus were the only Gods capable of healing from Dark energy. (Dionysus because he could concoct Holy Wine capable of curing anything, Hermes because he could teleport a bottle of Holy Wine into his hands, Hyperion because he was the embodiment of Light itself and Zeus because he could erect an Almighty Barrier.)

    And yet, the other Gods could do nothing but stand behind Zeus and watch one of their own burn alive.

    "CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING?!", Athena screamed at Zeus.

    "Not without leaving you all vulnerable," he replied, frowning.

    And for two whole minutes, everything and everyone stood still except for Apollo who now rolled in on the ground in agony and cried bitterly as the last of his energy was burnt away.

    "I- I cannot watch this...", Artemis looked away and sobbed.

    The energy around Legion dissipated, revealing Legion's new forme.

    Everyone expected a terrifying transformation.
    More wings.
    More arms.
    More horns.

    And yet, what stood before them now seemed more human than ever... a black knight with wings.

    The Gods voiced their confusion but Hermes spoke up.

    "Size... size does not dictate power..."

    Legion saw Apollo on the ground, still screaming. For a God to die by Dark Energy, it would take many months of burning to void them of all their Divine power.

    Legion laughed behind his armour and turned to face Death.

    "Now, hand over your book and reaper", he said, pointing at Death's legendary weapon.

    Death laughed and walked up to Legion.

    "No mortal can touch Death, fool", it said, passing a hand through Legion's chest.

    Without speaking, Legion raised his left arm and pointed to a black chain coiled around it.

    Death didn't understand.

    "These are the Chains of Cerberus, Death."

    Death drew back its arm quickly and stepped backwards.

    "YOU WON'T DARE!", it shouted.

    The Chains of Cerberus were the most powerful form of restraint in the realm of the Gods. Crafted by Hephaestus and enchanted by Hades, the chains could seal away any form of power in existence that they could be wrapped around.

    Legion walked towards Death as he uncoiled the chains slowly.

    "It really was nice of you to join us, Death. You were the last part of my plan."

    Death turned and ran.

    The League of Purity and the Gods were watching the scene play out and now that the Dark Energy was gone, they all charged straight at the demon, eager to exact revenge and rescue Apollo. The ground shook heavily with their approach.

    Legion ignored their approach, uncoiled the chains completely and dropped them on the black earth below.

    He looked down at them and said but one word: "Bind."

    Instantly, the chains snaked towards Death at bullet-speed and bound its legs together. Death tripped and fell on the ground.

    Behind his armour, Legion smiled contentedly. He turned to face the incoming assault and pointed a finger towards the Gods.

    "What is he doing?!", Tiger Uppercut asked.

    "Just keep charging. He can't do anything if we cut off that hand." Ares replied, smiling with bloodlust.

    But Zeus stopped running.

    Knowing that it would be wise to follow the strongest among them, the League and all the other Gods followed suit and came to a halt.

    "What are you doing, Legion?!", Zeus roared.

    And then everyone realised that the earth was still shaking.

    "Oh no..."

    Poseidon had realised that Legion wasn't pointing at the Gods; rather, directly behind them.

    And when everyone turned around, they finally saw it.
    An entire army of demons and hellish creatures was racing towards them from the horizon.

    Ginny gasped in horror as Aphrodite stood in front of her as a shield.

    "EVERYONE GET BEHIND YOUR GOD!", Zeus shouted.

    Everyone followed the command.

    Batman stood behind Zeus and looked at Apollo. The God that had sworn to be by his side now needed protection himself as he rolled around in agony, unable to extinguish the flames...

    Legion laughed as the League cowered behind the Titans.

    "I'm afraid I can't just let you sit safe on the battlefield. It's high time you lot met your demise", Legion said gleefully.

    A sudden whistling came from behind Legion's mouthplate and within mere seconds, a hellish bark boomed across the warzone.

    Running from Legion's Lair towards the League was Cerberus itself.
    Everyone gasped loudly.

    Legion laughed and walked towards Death.

    By now, the chains had bound it completely and Death was uttely immobilized.

    Legion bent down and pried the Reaper out from its hand.
    He reached into Death's cloak and pulled out the Book of Death as well.

    The demon laughed mockingly as he opened the book to a fresh page and began writing in it with his own blood.

    Death shouted at Legion to stop.


    But Legion ignored Death.

    After a minute, Legion dropped the book in front of Death's face and laughed maniacally.



    I HAVE WON."

    Every God turned at the sound of Legion's laugh and as their eyes collectively fell on the Book of Death, each of their faces reflected the gravity of Legion's action.

    Written on the page were the names of every member of the League.

    Ginny Weasley
    @Gotham Outlaw
    @What I Do That Defines Me
    @Tiger uppercut!
    @Cel mai drept ideal
    @Optimum Fortitude

    Death spoke quietly.

    "Legion. You are, by far, the most horrid being I have ever come across."

    Zeus shouted at Death.


    Death shook its head.

    "It is law, Zeus. They will all fall into oblivion before the minute is complete."

    And when the Gods faced the League with expressions of helplessness, they knew that their time was up...

    Game Over
    Is it?
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    Good to read , but it seems we are all in great peril as death is upon us . :emoji_jack_o_lantern: I hope someone in the league has the best eraser possible .
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    I know exactly how you feel. Stay strong.
  8. These pictures are on point, nice work Legion.I really respect how much time you put into this storyline.
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    Thanks man :)
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    @IAmLegion excellent writing, hope the story remains... barely get to read it and it will come in handy sometime. Hope you recover from the short fall. You, @Eleanor and @Cel mai drept ideal . Not our finest days, but it is not our worst. I think most of us are students of some sort. We are doing this, to help with our eeucation, in a sense moral education.
    Last year was a real challenge in school, I somehow worked through. Have to do the same now. Exams are in June for me. With assignments due in late May. Getting a healthy streak behind me, before that time comes...

    Also saw @What I Do That Defines Me recovering steadily. All the best lad. Hope the back is fine. You still going therapy?
  15. Thanks man. The backs still hurting, but im learning to live with it because right now thats all i can do. Im not doing physical therapy anymore because it wadnt helping and they said that after 4 weeks i should have shown improvement if it was going to help. Its all good though, as i said before it could be worse :)
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    •EVENT: The End•
    Part Six
    One by one, the League members all fell on their knees as a peculiar sense of drowsiness gripped them. The Gods watched them in pity but the danger of the approaching army was imminent and they were left with no option but to say their parting words and head into battle.

    Hermes was the only God who stayed behind. His power level was far too mediocre to make much of an impact in the war. The young God stood in dismay as he watched his friends try to fight off Death's call and fail.

    Legion laughed and swung Death's Reaper in the air, testing out its strength.

    "I'm going to watch you all die and turn to stardust, and when you're out of my way, I'm going to take sincere pleasure in slicing open each of those Gods behind you.

    They may be Immortals but being stabbed with Death's Reaper will force them into a cycle of rebirth. It will create a paradox and leave them in a never-ending state of neither life nor death.

    And in the meantime, I'll be free to reign over the world and create it anew in my image.


    I would say you posed a challenge, but I'm afraid that in the end, everything that you did ended up working in my favour."

    Legion watched the burning Apollo scream and smiled.

    "Let's go for a test-run, shall we?"

    Legion approached Apollo and towered above the burning God, readying to strike.


    Hermes had finally spoken.

    "You have disrupted the balance of the world enough. Lay down your weapon and surren-"

    Hermes never managed to complete that sentence. Legion flicked his finger and within a fraction of a second, Hermes' hand caught fire.

    The God screamed in agony but his shouts were drowned by a sudden flash of thunder in the distance.

    The war had begun.

    Legion laughed contentedly as he watched Hermes burn.

    "You stupid fuck. You never did realise that you were infected with The Plague, did you?"

    In his pain, Hermes could not fully understand what Legion had told him. The black flames were spreading up his arm and Legion's Dark Energy was sapping away at this strength.

    Legion spoke as if nothing had happened.

    "When you shook Sammy's hand wayyy back when you met him, The Plague was transferred to you.
    And so, you burn."

    Hermes screamed and fell down, slapping his hand against the ground but nothing seemed to work. He couldn't use his abilities either because what little energy he had was now being drained into Legion...

    The demon smiled and watched as the flames rapidly enveloped Hermes, leaving him rolling and thrashing like Apollo.

    And then Legion looked at the League, who were all still on their knees.

    "This has got to be the longest fucking minute of my entire life," he said, staring at them in annoyance.

    As if waiting for his comment, a giant holy circle of white light suddenly appeared in the earth and surrounded the fallen League members.

    Legion's eyes narrowed in confusion but before he had the time to react, the light's intensity grew to blinding levels and the demon was forced to shield himself from the supernova that had spontaneously appeared before him.

    And when the light dimmed again, Legion felt fear for the second time in his life.

    Every member of the Mystery League was standing high and facing him, completely alive and healthy.


    Death laughed and Legion turned to look at it.

    Death was still bound and immobilized but was laughing at the
    Book of Death as every name that Legion had written in it was fading away.

    "I have never been this happy to see people survive," it uttered, chuckling softly.

    Legion was enraged because the sudden series of developments made absolutely no sense to him.

    Not a single God could reverse the order of Death.
    Death itself was sealed off from doing anything.
    Death's own Reaper was in Legion's hand...


    Every League member laughed and pointed upwards.

    Legion's eyes slowly followed their direction and when he finally saw the reason his plan failed, he was at a complete loss for words.

    Floating high above the League was an apparition of the angel
    Aventus himself.


    When Fehr quit the challenge, I wanted his memory to remain in the reboot version of the Mystery League, so gave him the choice to pick the effect of an ability I named after him (Aventus' Last Wish). In the interest of transparency, here is the "behind the scenes":
    Screenshot_20190207-011134_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20190207-011152_Samsung Internet.jpg
    We will all leave nofap one day, but our words will live on and I wanted to give him the opportunity to experience that firsthand.

    "This has gone on for long enough, Legion. We took you in as one of our own. We trusted you.

    And you...
    You chose the path of Darkness."

    Everything and everyone was silent.
    The war had stopped as well and every man, woman, demon, spirit, God and Goddess started at the glowing embodiment of
    Aventus' Last Wish.

    Legion was trembling but he held the Reaper close. So long as the weapon was in his hand, he was the master of Death.

    "You see, Legion.

    The thing about righteousness is that it is a cause. You can kill the people who support it, but the cause will always live on.

    So long as there is evil in the world, there will be good as well. You can tip the balance of the world however you like, but in the grand scheme of things, you can never win.

    And now for me to tip the balance in against you, Legion.

    You live by the sword; you die by the sword."

    And with those words, Aventus' embodiment exploded in a burst of white, sending shockwaves everywhere.

    As the waves bathed the entire field, they negated every trace of malice that had been invoked by Legion to harm the Mystery League:

    Apollo and Hermes were purified of their Dark Energy.

    Death's restraints became limp.

    Cerberus used the opportunity to run away in fear of Legion.

    And seeing Legion's plans unravel before their very eyes, the army of evil stopped their advancements and stood cowering before the Gods...

    Zeus laughed at the army of demons as they looked around in confusion and fear, unable to understand their next move.

    "We banished you to hell once and we can do it again", Zeus said.

    Athena, Ares and Poseidon stepped forward, drawing their weapons.

    And that was all the intimidation it took to get the army to surrender. They dropped their weapons, cursing silently and shivering.

    The League laughed as they watched Legion stand still in disbelief as everything he'd worked so hard to achieve immediately fell apart.

    " wasn't happen l-like this...", Legion said in a dry voice.

    Apollo and Hermes got up, aching and groaning in pain and the Gods quickly came to their aid. Ouranos opened up the skies and instantly whisked them off to Heaven. Hermes gave the League a tearful wave goodbye and was gone.

    Zeus spoke for the Gods.

    "It would seem that you no longer need us, League of Purity."

    He pointed at Legion and laughed.

    "You can take care of that problem rather easily. Legion wasn't the only one gaining scores, after all."

    Ares grumbled, "Can't we stay and help them kick some ass?"

    The other Gods voiced their agreement but Zeus pointed at the army behind them.

    "And who do you suppose will herd all of these demons back into hell?", he said.

    There was no arguing after that and the Gods slowly departed, each hugging their respective League member and wishing them the best in their lives.

    And then all that was left was Legion, Death and the Mystery League.

    Randox stepped forward, cracking his knuckles.
    Batman pulled out several Batarangs.
    Tiger Uppercut punched the air in excitement.
    Eleanor picked up a bow and arrow.
    Gotham Outlaw drew out a sword.
    Spaces took a fighting stance.
    Optimum Fortitude wrapped a strip of cloth around his fists.

    Everyone was ready to kick ass.

    And then Death stepped up and cast a spell on Ginny. Purple flames surrounded her and reacted with her Divine Aura to transform it into the Immortality Aura.

    "So long as you are within 30 feet of Ginny, for the next 10 minutes, none of you can suffer harm with the Reaper of Death."

    Batman smiled.
    "Five minutes is all we need."
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