MYSTERY LEAGUE 2.0- The Purge of Legion

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    Check in
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    The Sunset Samurais are currently in stasis due to Eleanor's relapse. Eleanor gained 2 HP from the Red Potion, just enough to make up for the -2 HP she lost as a consequence of a relapse in the Minefield.

    I'm not gonna bother typing out the 2 teams whose members refuse to check in. They know who they are and this is their 4th consecutive failure to check in. Disqualification will occur with the next check in report. It's Sunday today anyway so if they can't log in on a weekend, I doubt they'll be consistent.

    @Loveless-J.R.A I will be allowing you 1 check in every 2 days. You haven't told me how often you can log in but for a long time now, you've been stating that you're busy so I'll just take your word for it.

    For: 5
    @Optimum Fortitude
    @Cel mai drept ideal
    @Ginny Weasley
    @Tiger uppercut!

    Against: 3
    @What I Do That Defines Me
    @Gotham Outlaw

    Congratulations Mystery League!!!
    The Old Man is now your ally!!!
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    The Old Man
    For the best gameplay experience, please play this track in the background.
    The Old Man had been accepted into the Mystery League.

    As soon as the time limit expired, the Old Man smiled and drew both hands out from within the folds of his cloak. He pressed both palms together and green energy began to surround him, geadually growing denser and eventually completely obscuring him from view.

    The League members all took a step back.
    Gotham Outlaw grabbed Optimum Fortitude by the collar and shouted at him:
    But before the altercation could escalate, the green energy exploded violenty, knocking everyone harshly to their feet.

    And as the air cleared to transparency, the features of the Old Man gradually came into view... except he wasn't old at all.


    "HAHA! Surprised to see Hermes, are you?!"

    The League was awestruck at the sight of the Greek God. Nobody could believe the sight that beheld them. They simply stared at the God with their mouths hanging open.

    "Alright then! Since everyone is busy playing Venus Flytrap, I guess I'll do all the talking!

    I am Hermes, God of shepherds, land travel, literature, aaaaaaand good fortune! I act as a messenger between the higher ups and mortals like you lot!
    And I'm also known for being quite clever haha! That Legion better watch out now!"

    The League listened on.

    "I was the one who saved you from Legion's lightning. Like I told you, I've been watching you for quite some time!

    The Gods grow fearful of Legion's power and so I was sent to guide and protect all of you- but not until you let me in!

    No God or demon can affect you until you let them in your heart! That is why I could only do little things like stop external factors from harming you. Boy, I'll tell you- that lightning stung like a *****!"

    Tiger Uppercut stood up slowly. "Y- you saved the Lone Warriors?!"

    Hermes nodded.

    "But enough of that! Now that you've let me in, I can finally use my full power to help you all!"

    And with that, Hermes waved his hand and the following items clattered on the ground ahead of the league:

    Red Potions x1
    •Restores 2HP of the player who consumes it.
    Blue Potions x2
    •Nullifies any added HP loss from any event for the player who consumes it.
    (Example: Relapse in Minefield > Drink Blue Potion > Lose only 1 HP)
    Black Potions x2
    •Nullifies score stasis for the player who consumes it.

    "Consider these gifts from the higher ups! Zeus sends his regards! The League members can now access these items via the Inventory that I will watch over. What that means is that any League member can access these items at anytime so there's no need to scrap over them! But they are limited so watch out! That Eleanor lass already took up one potion!"

    Hermes walked up to @Ginny Weasley and helped her to her feet.

    "Well aren't you banged up, missy! Sorry for knocking you back like that!"

    But to both Hermes' and Ginny's surprise, something unexpected happened.

    Angelic Aura reacted in the presence of the God and drew some of his power, turning into Divine Aura with the following effect:
    •Restores 4HP of the targeted team.

    Hermes smiled as he saw her power grow. "Looks like someone managed to cheat death!"

    And with that, Hermes took the lead and stood in front of the League.

    "Now that I'm with you, absolutely nothing can go wrong."

    And Hermes gave them a very wide grin :D

    And the League was full of hope.
  5. Not bad at all :)

    Batman looked on as the old man transformed his image into that of a helpful ally. He would have regretted his decision to be wary of the man, but his instincts had served him right so often in the past that he couldnt cast them aside now. He may have been wrong this time, but he preferred caution over risk and that motto has kept him alive so far. Still, even he could admit that it was nice to have an ally against so strong a foe and it was good to see the glimmer of hope in the eyes of his comrades.
  6. Cool, it it looks interesting, thats why i asked and i like tyhat guy too. Ill have to see if i can get my hands on it
  7. I would say yes :)
  8. Checking in, Sunday morning
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    Check in!

    Sammy was sorry for his decision taking the old man not in the league...Sammy apologized to Hermes, but Hermes couldn't be mad at him, cause he knew Sammy were surprised recently with that lightning...
    They both became good friends and Sammy probably asked him for more help...But Hermes didn't answer yet...
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    Hermes waved hi ^^
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    Hermes smiled and shook Sammy's hand joyously.

    "You'll kill me with your sadness, you know that?"

    Hermes ruffled Sammy's hair and pointed at Legion's throne far in the horizon.

    "Let's wreck that demon together, shall we?"
  13. Who's Hermes?
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    Hermes laughed.

    "Scroll up, you silly mortal!"
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    Sammy was not that sad [email protected]_lover and Hermes gave Sammy some hope to get up again...

    Sammy was motivated to defeat this demon together with Hermes and the league members...

    "Together we are stronger!"
  16. Aight! Gotcha! Thought it was a new member or something along those lines. lol
  17. I'm sorry, I wasn't able to check in yesterday. I didn't have the opportunity to login.

    Check in! n_n
    Enjoy you Sunday, guys! :) :)

    I have a question @IAmLegion
    You said that gifts are limited. Eleanor already used one, so it means that none of us can use that one again?
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    Nope, that's not what i mean ^^

    Each gift can be used only as many times as the quantity you currently have.

    Right now, you have 1 Red Potion, 2 Blue Potions and 2 Black Potions.
    Any League member can use any potion at any time.

    But please keep in mind that when you run out of a potion, you obviously cannot use one anymore. 1 member using a potion does not impact another member's ability to use the potion. All it does is reduce the stock by 1, the same way food works in real life.

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