Mystery League ( every check matters)

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  1. Good job fighting it off, thats what its all about
  2. Correct, decision is yours now, do you wish sacrifice each you and Ultimate 1 HP or let bomb explode, it cant be worse than loosing 2HP right.

    So whats your final answer?
  3. 30/01/2019
    3:10 pm
    Check in :)

    Good day to everyone!
  4. Eleanor

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  6. She went awol, how many days does she have left to check in? 1 or 2? Im hoping she makes it back in time
  7. Checking in

    Keep on working towards your goals. No matter how small they me seem, its still progress away from PM. TRY...
    'and you fall, get up and give some more' Start being the person you need to be... Make the change, for the better.
  8. Good Night... well morning actually.
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    Checking in... :)
    @Aventus bro I will be away for a week, so I would like if you will excuse my absence and don't penalize my teammate for it by deducting our points... @Gotham Outlaw is working hard and I don't want him to suffer from my inactivity.

    Good luck everybody, I expect to see you all standing taller when I get back at it.
  11. This is last day, than you will stand alone.
  12. Okay then, fingers crossed
  13. Cel mai drept ideal

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    Checking in.
    @Aventus Ah, I think I'm too late, I'll assume the bomb has already exploded. I was willing to give away 2 of my own HP, I didn't want to involve TheUltimate as I didn't want him to pay for the mistake I made, but I guess that's not how it works.
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