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  1. Guest Post From Reboot City!
    Hello fellow NoFappers this is Newgirl. For those who don't know me I was a participant in the original Mystery League Challenge (Season 1) That challenge was a game changer for me it motivated me a lot to exercise more discipline in my life. I also got much support from it and the accountability factor made it a great tool to use against my addiction.
    Quote of the day:
    "Each microsecond you delay the invasion will be invaluable I need not stress the importance of your mission! There is nothing left to say but goodbye and Godspeed! Now go--quickly!"
    Charles Xavier

    For quite some time I've been seeing NoFap as the X-Mansion and us NoFappers as the X-Men mutants and every challenge leader as Professor Xavier in this case @Aventus.
    We are one of a kind people (mutants) bc we are going against what most people consider normal or acceptable well at least if it doesn't become an addiction. We are facing reality and exposing PMO for what it is: a tyrant against mankind. We all have special abilities inside of us to conquer this beast and Professor Xavier aka Fehr is helping us to find what those abilities are so they can be harnessed and used. Our mission is to invade our minds with good life building thoughts to counteract and overthrow the PMO stronghold which we allowed to set in our minds. We will defeat this tyrant but we must act quickly so the beast doesn't continue to grow in size and reach into our hearts, cos once it's there the battle becomes harder. We have to continue fighting for ourselves but also for each other. The battle is hard to wage but not impossible to win. Stay strong!
    P.S. Thank you Fehr for the invitation :)
    Joke of the Day:
    What's the difference between a hippo and a zippo?
    One's really heavy. The other's a little lighter.
  2. I like the analogy, awesome post!
  3. Oh, and nice joke :p
  4. Nah, no guillotine, we'll lower a rope so you can climb back up ;)

    "Dont look to where you landed, look to where you were when you fell"
  5. What a amazing post, thank you so much for motivational words for my xmen. Stay awesome.
  6. You did great, i know you dont feel probably good right now but 38 days is really impressive streak. So its time for painful choice or not yet?
  7. CTRL + DEL

    CTRL + DEL Fapstronaut

    Not yet Fehr. (Painful Choice)

    And thank you. I'm trying to stay positive.

    Batman has been a huge help ♡
  8. Thanks Bats! Sorry but as you can see I'm a Marvel girl but DC is also somewhat cool lol
    Hope we can still be friends :)
  9. Thank you @Aventus :)
  10. Thats alright lol, im more of a marvel guy myself, Batman excluded. Im not sire how well Batman will fit into the xmen though ;)
  11. Awesome! WhatIDo and Newie can continue being friends :)
  12. Your words are amazing and so motivational for us. I missed your wonderful quotes
  13. Of course :)
  14. Thank you Cami :)
  15. Sammyforthewin

    Sammyforthewin Fapstronaut

    1 point left...
    Oh hell no... :(
    I'm 18 years old, but I'd like to cry now...
  16. Stay strong dude! Don't give up. We've made it so far, let's keep it going. It's one insignidicant slip. This year we will prevail!! (Btw I sae u just MOed for 2-5 minutes, it's not a big deal in the big picture!, dont beat yourself up please!)

    I recommend yall to download OFFTIME and put your phone under total lockdown as soon as you feel urges. I am actually going ro pur my phonw on total lockdown in 5 minutes for the next 10 hours. I'm staying at a friend who has super high speed Internet and I used to PMO when I was staying over at his place. With the lockdown I'm sure I won't even be remotely tempted.

    Check in Saturday.
  17. spaces

    spaces Fapstronaut

    Checking in Saturday morning , @Newgirl nice post Miss NG :)
  18. Well I had an unusual day and a busy night. Nothing short of a miracle that I did not relapse. The urge wave i was expecting for retaining so long, hit today, harder than you could imagine. Really... me thinking about using porn?!? What the hell... its been a good while i felt this. Even in my last relapse, i did view P but was not aroused to the point of getting a chased effect. Its really been a while since i actually had urges.

    Safe to say, i now know what some of you are really going through. This shit is difficult. Im typing this and thinking of something else.

    My goals are in my journal... in my heart... gonna shove it in my mind, because giving in is not a fucking option. I do not know if this is a weak state... but hell lads, I going through and getting stronger. Fuck PM and to hell with O in my sleep. Not giving in... not doing it.

    writing this here and not my journal, because I read some post before and saw some relapses. Thats discouraging as hell, but same time, it was i am fighting against. Hope you lads get an easy recovery. I feel like I am on the edge. Falling is very easy. And the its a long road away from the cliff, but i am not leaving that road.

    So checking in!
    Fighting it head on... not the best move and not recommended. Using no music, no stories, no anything. Just me fighting myself, my mind. You already know who is the winner. This is difficult. I'm here, yet seeing other things. Damn... its been a while. Nothing like a good old fight to warm up the muscles huh...

    Heyah and checking out for some time. Not sure how the days ahead are going to be, other than no relapses from me. Stay strong, motivated and have the best!
  19. Randox

    Randox Fapstronaut

    Welcome back NG :)

    Sorry to see the relapses, Rise again stronger guys!
    Check in
  20. CTRL + DEL

    CTRL + DEL Fapstronaut

    Thanks partner.

    I can't figure out where exactly I lie rn but I'm sure as hell not moping about it like I used to.

    It's my choice to decide how this relapse affects me and i'm choosing "empower" over "discourage".

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