Myths, Legends, Magic & Fairy Tales- A Picture a Day

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  1. I love all kinds of Myth and Legends and Fairy Tales and Folklore. For may years I have enjoyed reading Celtic tales, Norse mythology, Greek Gods, tales of the unexplained, mysterious, legends- you name it! I am also a firm believer in the Loch Ness Monster! In fact I believe in most underwater tales of strange sea creatures :)

    All of these things inspire me greatly, I love to write stories and to read them and so I want to share some of that whimsy and wonder for you guys! If you have similar interests please do contribute :)

    The first "mythical" creature I want to share a picture of today is (unsurprisingly) a Unicorn ;)


    Tales and legends of the Unicorn have persisted for thousands of years, they continue to inspire people and create wonder! :)
  2. Continuing with the Horse theme today's picture is Pegasus.


    In Ancient Greek tales Pegasus is the winged steed that carried Perseus on his mission to slay the gorgon Medusa, who's gaze could turn any living creature to stone, using her head he hoped in order to defeat the Kraken and save the Princess Andromeda.
  3. I love folklore and mythical creatures too! Dragons, unicorns, bards and anything middle earth related really. A lot of my favorite music is based on fantasy. Here’s a couple songs about unicorns from one of my favorite bands.

  4. How amazing! Thank you for contributing these songs! :) How excellent :) I'm glad you like mythical creatures also :)
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  5. Today's mythical creatures are the Centaur- half man and half horse! Originating in Ancient Greek Tales they have persisted in the hearts and minds of us for thousands of years and the show up often in modern literature like Harry Potter or the Chronicles of Narnia.

  6. Yas! Oh man I love this stuff friend! Will be here daily!
  7. Aw I'm so glad :) I like meeting people with this interest :)
  8. Joan River's at the Royal Wedding of Chuck and Di holding her wedding present (a blender)

    So, there's that.

    - L
  9. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  10. China-Fengshui-Guan-Gong-Guan-Yu-soldier-General-Bronze-Statue.jpg

    General Guan Gong (Yu) of the Three Kingdoms now legended (Oxford shows it as a word not seeing it in Merriam) to be a great heavenly warrior deva.
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  11. Wow thank you for that post! @Sôgmô Gray Lock It was really interesting! I love historical figures also :)
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  12. What is that supposed to mean?! Not magical enough for ya?!

    Oh buddy you just asked for it! Bottom of the cauldron time!
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  13. noonoon

    noonoon Fapstronaut

    Cool off topic thread! A little bit of wonder, mystery, and romance makes life all the richer. Well done
  14. Thanks :) I'm glad you like it :) I completely agree with the bit in bold ;)
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  15. LOL No, no not at all :) I do love History as much as I love Myths and legends and such :)
  16. Continuing the Horse theme, todays mysterious creature of legend is the Kelpie

    What is a kelpie you ask? Here are a few images



    You may be thinking what a nice, sweet, water loving horse the Kelpie is- that is what it wants you think...

    The Kelpie is a malevolent water spirit that often takes the shape of an unassuming horse, it will appear to wander lost by the banks of a large lake or Loch... In Scotland, tales and legends of Kelpies are numerous (due the hundreds of Lochs all around)

    The unsuspecting traveller, believing they have found a beautiful horse, alluring and compelling, they would be unable to resist stroking it's main or even climbing up to try and ride the horse home for their own profit - a FATAL mistake- As soon as you climb aboard the Kelpie, you can't move, you can't get off, you are trapped and at it's mercy and then the dark water demon gallops into the water and plunges down into the cold dark depths of a deep Loch drowning the unsuspecting mortal...


    A very mysterious and dark mythological creature, in fact tales of the Kelpie are so well known in Scotland that a few years back a famous architect built a monument- known as "The Kelpies" and it's now a popular tourist destination.


    They look even more impressive at night :)

  17. The Aos Sí or The Sídhe

    LoreoftheAosSí (1).png

    The Sídhe, ‘People of the Mound’. Legend speaks of their kind and the encounters simple mortals have had with them over the course of our time on the island of Ireland. Is there anything more substantial to their existence than just words?

    Author Barry Fitzgerald examines the history of the Sídhe and their modern transformation into their present persona known the world over as ‘Fairy’. Barry selects locations known in the past for activity associated with their presence and spends the night only to encounter phenomenon which reflects the old tales.

    This second edition paperback also includes the story which has been picked up some two years on following the first ebook release in July 2013 and delivers him into the heart of their country and explores history and myth which becomes life threatening.

    Today in a modern revivalism of the ancient traditions knowledge of the old doorways to other worlds and the beings that use them are beginning to surface once again.

    This paperback is an examination of the Irish fairy lore, their history, their changing character, some of their locations where they have been known to appear and of course reveal some of the stories of those that have looked through the film and into a world with eyes that peered back.


    I cannot share all the photos I appreciate as I used to fap to erotic faerie artwork. So here are some less intense ones:

    BeFunky_ToSInterviewJune12.jpg last_of_the_sidhe_lords_by_bobgreyvenstein-d8hx65m.jpg sidhe-04662.jpg sidhe-06765.jpg

    John Matthews book The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld is a landmark in exploring the new territories of life and spirit the Sidhe are presenting to us. These ancient “cousins” of humanity come to help us at a time of planetary challenge and rebirth. Now, aided by the exquisitely evocative art of Will Kinghan, John has produced a new landmark. The Moon Oracle of the Sidhe is a 3″X 4.5″card deck of 29 and 80 page manual rich with insights and hands-on possibilities. It is an outstanding contribution to the collaboration between the Sidhe and human beings, with all the promise this collaboration can bring for the betterment of our world.


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  18. Sorry I missed this one yesterday, but I’ve read about the Kelpie a few times before and it’s one of the most interesting folklore stories I’ve heard! Poor guys can’t let their guard down for a second when it comes to women ;)
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  19. What an awesome post! I love tales of Faeries/Fairys and such :) I also liked how much some of those pictures you posted looked like Tarot cards :)
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  20. Kelpies really are very interesting :) They normally take the form of a horse though, don't think it's necessarily female :p

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