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    Hello. It's been brought up before but just wondering where people stand on having and/or taking pictures of your significant other. How do you feel about taking nude photos of your SO? How do you feel when your SO takes nude photos of you?

    I personally find my fiancee amazingly beautiful and stunningly sexy, thus I take photos of her when I can when she is naked. It's never in a sexual situation, mostly when she is changing or in the shower or randomly bends over or just looks sexy. I look at the photos from time to time and I am not usually "triggered" by them but I am turned on, mostly making me want to be with her sexually. I take more photos of her with her clothes on then off and look at those as well, thinking how lucky I am that this amazingly beautiful woman is with me and about to marry me. Honestly I can say that I don't have to look at the photos to have sex with her. I think I look at the photos more the day after we have sex, like I'm still in shock I was able to have sex(sex is still a very new experience for me) with such a wonderful woman.

    At one point I did take a sexually explicit video of her while we had sex, I regretted it the moment it was done. I watched once and realized I loved this woman more than the video and having such a video, even with her consent, was wrong. I deleted the video after and made another about a year later but still it felt wrong so that one got deleted too.

    As for what she thinks? She has said its fine, but does find it annoying at times. Some of this is because she does not see herself as attractive, she hates her body and often says I'm crazy for finding her attractive. This is due to traumatic and abusive past relationships that still haunt her.

    Any advice, personal stories or questions welcome.
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  2. I love to enjoy the person more than the pixels which don't have any value to me. So, it's a no for me. I don't think everyone should be the way I am, though, so make your own choices.
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  3. My wife and I had an
    Xhamster account!
    We shut it down though...although we thought it was kinky, harmless fun I don't think it's worth it in the long run.

    It doesn't add anything to a relationship, and apart from when we're both it a really horny mood it both feel like sh*t aftrr sharing our pics and videos I think.
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    I would say avoid. Even though you say you don't use them in this way, you have the capability of subbing pixels for her which can never feel good for her. The fact that she finds it annoying or borderline creepy can't help the case either
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  5. This should be all you need to stop. Taking pictures, when someone asks you not to, or isn't that comfortable with it is only one step away from other problematic sexual behaviors.
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    I never said she found it creepy or that she was not comfortable with it. I ask her permission everytime i do it, I have never done anything without her consent first and if she says "no", then that's it, it's done, I'm perfectly fine moving on. The times she says no are just moments we are in a hurry for something, we move on. The reason why I started to take pictures to begin with was because she said she liked the idea of me having pictures of her, I never thought about taking pictures before she sent me a few early in the relationship and she said she was fine with me having them.

    The reason why she is sometimes annoyed is usually because of past trauma involving her last long term relationship who used to use photos of her to tell her how ugly she was, that relationship lasted almost 10 years and was filled with mental abuse to keep her under heel. Her family also used to use photos(clothed obviously) of her to beat her down and tell her she was ugly or something was wrong with her, so they could keep bleeding her financially. She had said often that me taking pictures and sometimes sitting with her to look at them, telling her how amazing she looks has been a source of healing past trauma(which is far more deep cutting than you can imagine). She had also said she wanted to make another explicit video, to which I have said "no, not gonna happen again", because its unnecessary I feel and she has agreed after talking about it.
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  7. This feels like a bad idea bud.

    It's not far down the path to porn - I know I would end up going like that. It might not be triggering now, but in the future? With enough other factors?

    Also, it's not totally clear how much she's aware of these videos and pictures. If she's aware I take this back, but if she's not then that's really not cool.
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