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    Many people may have heard of the references regarding sexual transmutation. And I am here to tell you that whatever you are struggling with regarding sex addiction you have the power to change where you are now. You have been put on this path because you have been called upon by the intelligence of the universe to make a change and you have been called to action in your life. This is probably the most toughest path to walk. In this society we are constantly bombarded with inappropriate media and ignorance of our sexual power. No More! This is our time to prove ourselves as men, not animals. We are men, human beings with emotion and infinite potential to create what we were out on this planet to create! When we create from a place of self control, self love and self discipline we will become an unstoppable force. The more we talk with those who understand the better, and the more we share our support, the more we can help inspire people to become free of a wicked industry which serves only to show us how dis-aligned we are from our true nature. Use your sexual energy to create a better life, it takes just making that first step to slowing down and addressing how you really feel. Your desire can be used in another way, to do good in your life and for those around you. Addiction can be a crippling thing, but it can also make you into a warrior and a survivor.
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