Nearing 30 days and feeling AMAZING

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Daxos, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Daxos

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    Hello my friends,

    I wanted to make this thread to give some early warnings for awesomeness. Last 27 days felt like an eternity, and the next 30 will feel even longer I could presume. And I know you feel the same. So I will take the time to make you excited and enjoy the ride by giving you a brighter future by my story.

    So to start of direct, I have already made great improvements in the last 27 days. I have been in the run for over 5 months now, but from the 16th of july I finally got consistent. I did not realise this sh*t was so hard.... Well.... let me tell you, after around 21 days (3 weeks) it gets easier. Your brain acknowledges that you are on a new path. The first week and second week off are the hardest since it has the greatest dopamine drop you have experienced in life...

    So, let me tell you what I have improved on until now.

    #1: Confidence levels rising. I do more random things, since I don't care about the opinions of others. I look people dead in the eye. I feel like I am strong and Alpha and I am not afraid anymore of ANYTHING. Nervous around gorgeous women? Only the second I walk up to them. When I have made contact with that sweet little ass I get into hook-up mode and will flatter her with my broad smile.

    #2: Skin is clearer. My skin looks gorgeous. It seems to glow. And this makes me feel amazing. AND I AM :)

    #3: I am definitely recovering from PIED already. Boner intensity increasing, random boners returning, morning wood sometimes as well. Morning wood quality is not great, random boners go away either fast or not at all (this is weird ah), but I am seeing results already. This makes me so happy and confident. I sometimes even got a random boner that is strong and won't go away for 10 minutes. This is a new problem entirely. I think I need some porn right now! (That is a joke ofc).

    #4: More in touch with emotion. I literally nearly cried over the cute little romance between the teen-age lovers in the new movie Baby Driver. Trust me, before NoFap I would be indifferent and caring a flying frick. Now I feel like thins move me emotionally. And this is good by the way....

    #5: Little things give more joy. The wind in my hair, the music in my ears, the sight of a woman in a beautiful dress and much more. Dopamine levels are returning to normal.

    #6: I am socializing more and doing more. I have been a fervent gamer for nearly 10 years, and now I don't even care about gaming anymore. All I care about now is 'have I socialized today?', 'Did I learn something new?' or 'Have I meeted some new women and have I randomly talked to some cute girlies?'.

    #7: Burning sexual energy. This is a good thing and feels good. I feel a powerful drive to do things and be awesome. This sexual energy gives great confidence and power.

    #8: Cravings decrease each day. Luckily I had flatline only a couple of days. I now have new cravings, healthy cravings. I crave for the warmth of a woman, not the warmth of my chair and hand. I long for a woman's gaze and touch, not the 1920x1080 pixel rate on my monitor and so much more. I feel intense joy when I think about kissing a cute girl. COULD YOU IMAGINE WHAT I WOULD FEEL WHEN ACTUALLY KISSING A GRILL?

    #9: Life is feeling like life again.

    Curious as to how I got so many great results so fast? To be honest, it is probably due to me being me and not you. Everyone re-wires differently and at different lengths. But I do can give helpful tips on how to speed up the recovery. See my other post for that or message/mail me.

    You Will Make it.

    Daxos, 20 year old Dutch nursery student
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  2. hoping to quit

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    Congratulations bro huge achievement. Keep the good work :)
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  3. ImQuittingNow

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    That sounds awesome! Keeping going at it!
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  4. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    Sounds like the brain fog lifted from you.
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  5. plant goodness

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  6. ConstraintsTheory

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    dude! we are both rounding up on day 30 soon! we almost got this lets get there together and revel in our victory!

    good job on your progress! keep it up and stay moving! ill see you at the day 30 line!
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  7. Alex Clear

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    Great job. Thanks for sharing your story.
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  8. Leonidas_de_Sparte

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    Congrats! Awesome post !
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  9. Endlessknight

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    Congrats man! Glad to hear that I'm not the only one finding Nofap highly enjoyable. It often seems like every post on here is doom and gloom.
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  10. Anonymous101_

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    Keep up the good work man.
  11. Daddyfats23

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    Spartan Mode!! I did 27 days no O
    Edged and peeked a few time but no full PMO! 27 day had amazing sex 2 times and then again 2 days later ! But thatvshit went into Coolidge effect causing me to relapse and PMO !!
    So don't be too hard if it happens !!
    Just go with it!!! 3 days in last O from sex!!!
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  12. Daxos

    Daxos Fapstronaut

    Boyka is a great motivation for me, in the ring as out of the ring :p
  13. Daxos

    Daxos Fapstronaut

    We do this together! With all of our members on this forum. No one gets left behind.
  14. Daxos

    Daxos Fapstronaut

    That is because many people do NoFap while sitting at home playing video games etc haha. You need to get out and actually do productive things to make the re-wiring possible :D.
    I think i will make a post about this since so many people do this wrong...
  15. HeadAche

    HeadAche Guest

    30 days? Really now?
    Have you ever been through flatline?
  16. HeadAche

    HeadAche Guest

    Listen man, I am glad you are doing great with your reboot and hopefully you will continue in the same beat till the end but why call out all other people who are actually having a hard time through it when you don't know each one of them? Including me?
    I take this as a personal offense, man! Man, shit since day 10 I got to doing productive shit...I was in the first line of fire, doing all kinds of shit. Breaking my comfort zone and still doing things I didn't like. I went out, socialized. Did the impossible in many cases and made lots of changes to my life.
    And now I feel like shit, even though, I do all the things.

    I understand all the people being excited about this journey. It's great in the beginning, I have been there multiple times. All this things you mention...BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!
    Pick up chicks, gain some muscle, clear face, confidence bla bla bla...YEP, DONE ALL OF THEM!

    It's easy to cruise on these waters and talk in dismay about other people feelings. It's easy to be brave when things are great for you, and you are in the high of testosterone and you haven't been tested yet by the flatline and all that shit brings.

    To you and all the people who think that we just keep whining and bitching how this is tough...we do it because it is tough, because it is so hard it feels just impossible to do. You haven't been in our shoes, haven't tried our pain, our depression, our temptations, our urges ....the flatline, the inablity to have sex because we don't feel a thing.

    But guess what?
    Me and many others like me, we whine in these forums but in real we go head on. I do what it needs to be done. I feel like shit, I still workout, go out, do my job even though I would rather do nothing.
    If you think you are the men this quote is for you:
    The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

    Have a nice day!
  17. Daxos

    Daxos Fapstronaut

    I had my flatline around day 15 or so. My libido then was dead, my dick was numb and women had no impact on me. Today i felt huge intimate desire when talking with 2 very cute girls. Desire in a healthy way though, not the 'i want to fuck you way'. So yeah, i guess i am doing pretty fine for 30 days.
  18. Daxos

    Daxos Fapstronaut

    Wow dude, hold on 1 second. I am not trying to offend anyone. I really am not. That was and will never be my goal. I also don't look down on others who have a harder time than me. I care about you and them. I am not talking in dismay about others. I am surprised you seem to know how i think and feel after only 1 sentence i replied to.... I do understand why my reply gave you a certain feeling. What i wanted to make clear with my statement was that some people who have a harder time with NoFap, have that because they are not out as much as needed to make the best of the re-wiring process, thus prolonging the process. I have been there before. I was not able to break through with NoFap until i moved to the city and had no more time for sitting at home and playing video games.

    so your judgement is misplaced, and you being offended by me is not the way to go. I have permission to talk about 'those guys' because I WAS ONE OF THOSE GUYS.
    You should not care what i say, even if i say bad things, which i do not to be clear about that again.
    I would be more acceptable that i am actually offended that you think YOU are the man and can tell me what i meant with my 1 sentence statement.
    So please do not think you can tell from 1 statement what someone's perspective is on a certain topic. I made this account because i wanted to help others experience my successes as well.
  19. This is just a beginning.
    Wait for a reboot & you'll see something more awe..
  20. Daxos

    Daxos Fapstronaut

    I am eager and impatient for seeing what 90 days will achieve :).
    Thank you for sharing a bright future! What did you experience after 90 days?

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