Nearly 19 - after years I have to stop

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    Hi all,

    I started watching/looking at porn when I accidentally stumbled across it at the age of 10 - I was looking for chess pawns but didn't know how to spell... After 6 years of escalation, I began to delve into Sissy Hypno - this coincided with a time where I was told I was going to move country when I was in love with a girl at school (and I really do mean love). After going through a series of rejections with other girls, I was ecstatic to find that this girl liked me back but then the news of me moving hit me like a train. I felt lonely and worthless - especially because I was a virgin and still am to this day while all my friends slowly but surely all got with people. I am now pretty much the only one. All this hasn't helped my self-confidence and has led me to delve even deeper into hypno that I struggle to get hard watching vanilla porn and have to turn to hypno or other sissy stuff to masturbate. However, once I finish I always feel guilty, angry and frustrated with my self because I know that I am not a sissy and that I am attracted to women. I'm not even 19 and I am seriously concerned that I have ruined my sex life. I'm even talking to a girl that I really like and she's like a 9 and everything is great with her but when I get horny I just can't get off on normal porn.

    I'm trying to quit porn for a year as many other people have suggested on other links. Here is to Day 1!
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    Hello and welcome! :)

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